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European Commission further delays long-awaited nano inventory

17-Jan-2017 - A nanomaterials inventory was due from the EC three years ago this month, however, it is still yet to appear.

Color cosmetics brand Mineral Fusion sets an EWG record

12-Jan-2017 - The vegetarian, natural makeup company now has over 100 beauty products verified by the Environmental Working Group for being made according to certain manufacturing protocol and without select ‘ingredients of concern.’...

Consumers value sustainability, shows Unilever data

10-Jan-2017 - The multinational consumer goods company recently released the results of its global consumer survey on sustainability, results which indicate that shoppers in the US are highly motivated to make ‘purpose-led’...

Beauty news you may have missed over the holiday break

03-Jan-2017 - Several transaction of note took place over the past weeks, including the FDA issuing new guidance on lead in lipstick, Glansaol making its debut by acquiring key beauty brands, and...

Canada adds three new materials to toxic substances list

03-Jan-2017 - In effect since early 2000, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act exists to safeguard the natural environment and human health. Following recent CEPA assessments, three materials—one of particular interest to cosmetic...

The Leaping Bunny Logo turns 20

20-Dec-2016 - It was in 1996 that the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics debuted its rabbit logo for so-called cruelty free products, those made without testing on animals.

EWG puts pressure on FDA with hair care lawsuit

15-Dec-2016 - This week the Environmental Working Group along with Women’s Voices for the Earth filed suit in the US District Court for the District of Columbia in an effort to motivate...

P&G settles patent infringement lawsuit with Edgewell Personal Care

14-Dec-2016 - The suit, filed in August, was about P&G’s Mach3 and Edgewell’s newly launched, similar Schick PL. This week’s settlement deal comes closely on the heels of an announcement that P&G...

China’s cosmetics production license deadline approaches

14-Dec-2016 - Chinese cosmetics manufacturers must exchange or obtain a Cosmetic Production License before 31st December 2016 to continue manufacturing activities.

EWG calls for pressure on ‘outdated’ cosmetics laws

12-Dec-2016 - The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has made a renewed call to update laws governing cosmetics products, claiming the FDA still has little authority to review the safety of chemicals in...

FDA to publish adverse event data for cosmetics

08-Dec-2016 - In doing so, the agency brings a whole new level of transparency to the beauty and personal care industry, though completeness and accuracy of the reported data is at issue...

China’s Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics now in full effect

06-Dec-2016 - The Safety and Technical Standards for Cosmetics (STSC) came into full effect on 1st December, prohibiting the manufacture and import of any cosmetics that do not comply with the STSC...

Are P&G and Unilever using child labor to source palm oil for personal care and cosmetic products? Amnesty International says ‘yes’

30-Nov-2016 - The human rights NGO released a new report today calling out nine multinational corporations that Amnesty found to be buying oil from a company with documented child labor, as well...

California Department of Toxic Substances Control takes a closer look at the chemicals in nail products

29-Nov-2016 - This month the State’s Priority Product Work Plan moved into its next phase. Now, tryclosan as well as the chemicals is nail products are both categories where the Department is...

Canada to instate microbead ban

29-Nov-2016 - This month the country’s government proposed regulations that will prohibit making, selling, and importing personal care products that are formulated with the plastic beads.

FDA announces new sun screen guidelines

23-Nov-2016 - To expedite the review and approval process for over-the-counter sun care, the US Food and Drug Administration issued new guidelines this week, outlining the data required to demonstrate that sun...

Sephora caught up in trademark lawsuit

08-Nov-2016 - The beauty retailer has been named in a suit this month after neither the company nor the brand Drunk Elephant, which the store carries, removed the mark in question despite...

Japan bans 19 ingredients used in medicated soaps

20-Oct-2016 - Following the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision that antibacterial wash manufacturers must ban 19 ingredients from their products within one year, Japan has announced it has already put...

New data on the financial cost of cosmetic chemical exposure in the US

19-Oct-2016 - According to newly published research, daily use of consumer goods and packages made with endocrine-disrupting chemicals results in hundreds of billions of dollars in health care expenses and lost wages...

Aluminium salts study claims ingredient can be linked with cancer

11-Oct-2016 - A new study by the University of Geneva claims to show that aluminum salts, widely used in antiperspirants and deodorants, could be environmental breast carcinogens.

Trish McEvoy files suit against Too Faced Cosmetics

06-Oct-2016 - The legal dispute between the two makeup companies is an issue of trademark, and by extension brand identity, messaging, and consumer loyalty.

Alternatives to animal testing: ECHA launches multi-language guide

30-Sep-2016 - The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has launched guides to alternatives to animal testing and the REACH regulation, available to download in 23 languages.

PCPC conference will tackle California Proposition 65 updates

28-Sep-2016 - The Personal Care Products Council will hold its 2016 Emerging Issues Conference in November, with one of core focuses of the agenda likely to be the overhaul of Prop 65.

Congressmen move to strengthen cosmetic product regulation

26-Sep-2016 - A bi-partisan proposal has been made through the House of Representatives that aims to strengthen the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) ability to regulate cosmetic products.

Landmark court case upholds EU ban on animal testing: no exceptions

22-Sep-2016 - An EU court has ruled there are to be no exceptions in the region’s ban on cosmetics products that are tested on animals.

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