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By Mibelle Biochemistry

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Rejuvenation through epigenetic science

Epigenetics is not just a new cosmetic trend, it is an important mechanism that contributes to our appearance which can be influenced with the right ingredients. 

By DSM Nutritional Products, Ltd

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Facing up to pollution: The need for relevant skin care

DSM in personal care is meeting anticipated consumer demand for skin protection against pollution with a concept featuring five of its leading actives 

By In-Cosmetics North America

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Biological pathways, natural products: How science is accelerating cosmetic innovation

The cosmetics industry is going through a period of innovation based on understanding of molecular aging pathways and what makes natural products biologically active

By Provital Group

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Preventing and repairing skin against photoaging caused by UV and IR radiation

By preventing and repairing skin against photoaging caused by UV and IR radiation, we can visibly improve our appearance and look younger