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Attentive to the appearance of their skin, of which they take good care, consumers are increasingly demanding. As the years pass, they wish to have a firmer, more toned and smoother skin. That's why, in addition to long-term preventive treatments, they now want to get instant results and ask their daily care product to be also immediately and visibly efficient. SILAB now launches OSILIFT&reg, its new spearhead in the field of tensor active ingredients. Thanks to its overall action, this active comes as the right answer. A purified fraction of 100% natural polyoses derived from oats, OSILIFT® is a three-dimensional high-molecular weight network made of complex sugars linked by intra- and inter-chains hydrogen bonds. Being both elastic and flexible, OSILIFT® strongly and durably adheres to the skin and spreads on it to form a continuous and cohesive lifting film. Moreover, as a tensor ingredient, OSILIFT® really distinguishes itself in being gifted with all the required qualities for an easy formulability. It has indeed the advantages of non-charged saccharide molecules, that is to say a fully solubility in aqueous media that enables it to be readily formulated in a broad range of formulas. Not very sensitive in variations to pH, temperature and salinity and with very little color, OSILIFT® can on top of that be incorporated in the whitest emulsions and the clearest serums. Other cosmetic plus, OSILIFT® does not have the disadvantages of synthetic polymers and has neither a shiny nor a sticky effect when applied on the skin. Regardless of the formula (gel, emulsion, emulsified gel,...) and regardless the zone of application (face and body), OSILIFT®'s lifting properties are efficiency-proved (dose-dependent, maximal 2 hours after application and still significant after 4 hours). OSILIFT® has immediate lifting properties : Subjective studies conducted on both trained and untrained panels showed the immediate lifting power of OSILIFT®. Sensations felt by the volunteers of the trained panel were determined using auto evaluation questionnaires (see results below). The sensation of a firmer skin and significant tensor effect was also confirmed by 86% of the untrained volunteers who reported a tensor effect at the crow's foot greater than that obtained with the placebo, and comparable to that felt with 10% BSA (bovine serum albumin). Besides, a long-term profilometry study showed that OSILIFT® also has an anti-wrinkle effect after 28 days of twice daily applications. Number of wrinkles is reduced, and so are the total wrinkled surface and the total length of wrinkles. The reduction in the total wrinkled surface was observed in 67% of the volunteers. OSILIFT® improves the hold of make-up : Formulated in a make-up foundation and compared to a placebo foundation, OSILIFT® significantly improved the hold of make-up up to 6 hours after application of the product. This effect was observed in 72% of the volunteers. OSILIFT® is SILAB's new spearhead in the field of tensor ingredients. Records are broken: skin is firmer, smoother, brighter ! OSILIFT® is recommended in all tensor and remodelling face and body care products. With its fully integrated R&D, Production and Marketing, SILAB is the perfect partner for the development of your next innovative, trend catching and effective active cosmetic products.

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