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Published: 27-May-2008 | Format: Web page | Document type: Product Presentation
Related applications: Color Cosmetics , Hair Care , Skin Care

Instant Remodeling For a long time, collagen causes multiple attentions: protected, repaired, stimulated... But until today, few studies had taken into account the environment around collagen. Today Gattefossè targets cellular dynamism to reinforce the architecture of the dermis and fight the signs of age. By stimulating the biomechanical functions of the fibroblasts, GATULINE IN-TENSE will reorganize the architecture of the dermis. The density and firmness of the skin are then rapidly enhanced, leading to a reduction in skin roughness. Applications GATULINE® IN-TENSE through its stimulating action on cellular dynamism, helps to restructure the dermis architecture. It is the ingredient of choice for all anti-aging skin care, body care, body sculpting or anti-stretch mark treatment. Its oily based nature and the resistance of alkylamides to heat make this extract ideal for treatment make-up, plumping lipsticks and lifting foundations.

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