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FutecNZ – a very small company with very big news

FutecNZ – a very small company with very big news

FutecNZ is a company that has been created to serve as a vehicle to make available this remarkable new skincare technology to the skincare companies of the world, with full authority from the owner.  We like to call this innovation the “iPhone of the cosmetic industry” and once established we believe has potential to make existing products obsolete.  The FutecNZ skincare technology is unprecedented producing outstanding products coming from the platform product.  We encourage your further investigation via our website or via contact and one on one discussion.

This technology is:
 A platform from which many skin care products can be produced & is suitable for the cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, drugs & veterinary industries.
 A very efficient delivery system for topically applied drugs in a wide range of skin care products, & has the ability to greatly boost performance of actives included in the matrix.
 Not an emulsion technology – perhaps best described as “an anhydrous vegetable oil gel” - based on vegetable oils.
 No water, no preservatives, no emulsifiers, no surfactants
Major Features are:
 One application lasts all day, regardless of user activity.
 Products are truly waterproof - not eroded away from the skin by body fluids or water substances & can be applied to wet skin even under water or inside the mouth (i.e. for mouth ulcers)
All raw materials used in the matrix are listed in the internationally accepted C.F.T.A. listings, & as such automatically qualify as cosmetics.

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