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Zoning in on sensitive skin - Sederma Inc.

18-Aug-2014 - 50% of women and 30% of men claim to have sensitive skin, frequently feeling unpleasant sensations, such as stinging, itching or even burning. Scientists uncover and target multiple pathways, including sensory receptors that effectively limit messages that trigger skin hypersensitivity...
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Zinc citrate as anti plaque agent in oral care - Jungbunzlauer

21-Jul-2014 - High performance and multi-functionality have become key success factors for oral care products. One ingredient with increasing popularity in toothpaste and mouthwash is zinc citrate where it displays anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects and has the ability to inhibit the formation...
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Heat is getting to you more than you know! - Sederma Inc.

14-Jul-2014 - As you bask in the sun with your UVB/UVA sunscreens you assume you are well protected from the sun’s rays, but with more than half of the sun’s energy being in the form of Infrared (IR), the more heat you...
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Top 3 Anti-Aging Trends (and how to top them!) - Bonicel (Ganeden Biotech)

07-Jul-2014 - There’s no missing the exploding anti-aging skin care category and the message it sends: More than ever consumers want to look young and are willing to pay for it. With the anti-aging skincare market projected to hit almost $300 billion...
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Technigraph can label your most challenging bottles. - Alpha Packaging

13-May-2014 - Technigraph has just purchased a new rotary labeling system with auto-feed and vision inspection. It is capable of decorating a wide range of bottle and jar sizes (from 1 ounce to 32 ounces) and a variety of shapes, including ovals...
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SLIMEXIA, the body slimmer to help cellulite fly away! - Solabia Group

16-Jun-2014 - A few weeks before THE event of the spring/summer for many of us, the World Cup in Brazil is coming soon! How about becoming inspired by your favorite soccer player, whoever you are, a man or woman, and scoring a new...
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Multi-functional Ingredient for Sensitive Skin - Active Organics

09-Jun-2014 - Active Organics® ActiGuard™ S Natural Performance Ingredient (NPI) helps prevents and relieve uncomfortable skin reactions by reducing the release of interleukin 8, a potent promoter of the inflammatory response, as well as neutralizing a number of free radical species in...
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IBR-ProPhyDerm®: botanicals synergism for DERMAL RELIEF and BEAUTIFICATION of SENSITIVE SKIN - IBR Ltd

01-Jun-2014 - IBR-ProPhyDerm®:SYNERGISTIC EFFECT OF IBR ACTIVES FORDERMAL RELIEF and BEAUTIFICATION of SENSITIVE, DISCOMFORTED SKIN Over 40% of the population tends to suffer from skin sensitivity and discomfort, increasing in winter, struggling with manifestations that affect both self-esteem and lifestyle. For this significant...
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DermCom - Cell2cell communication - Mibelle Biochemistry

28-May-2014 - DermCom is the first cosmetic ingredient that uses cell to cell communication for repair deep in the skin. DermCom triggers in the skin surface cells the release of messenger compounds in order to instruct the dermis cells to activate the...
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Target Adult Oily & Acne-Prone Skin via Cosmetogenomics - Sederma Inc.

19-May-2014 - Scientists have uncovered a new approach to address key causes of sebum overproduction and associated blemishes. Use of a novel predictive sebocyte model lead to a distinct path to mitigate these factors, which was then clinically validated to visibly lessen...
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Burns fat and achieves centimetric reduction - Provital Group

05-May-2014 - The latest in fat reducing. Lipout™ is an ingredient that activates browning process of adypocites and thermogenesis to burn fat . In vivo tests show amazing centimetric reduction in hips, thighs and abdomen in women and men.
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Under the Skin - SCHOTT AG

05-May-2014 - Cosmetic counseling as a point-of-sale and marketing service is a unique opportunity for direct, value added contact with your clients.Selecting the optimum skin or hair care solution will build trust and increase customer satisfaction. Analysis with scoring provided before and...
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Enhancing Performance by Formulating Robust and Efficient LCE Skin Care and Sun Care Systems - Lubrizol

05-May-2014 - Liquid Crystal O/W Emulsions (LCE) mimic the organization of lipids in human skin. Such emulsions are known to give more flexibility in challenging conditions (extreme pH and electrolytes tolerance) and to improve skin moisturization.Our latest studies demonstrate that with the...
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Revitalizing the Skin with Molecular Oxygen - Air Products PLC

05-May-2014 - Upper layers of the skin rely on and are largely supplied by atmospheric oxygen. This molecular oxygen is vital to support the normal structure and activity of cells and plays a crucial role in the production of collagen, which is...
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IBR-CalmDeAge® - relief of dark circles & rosacea via vasoconstriction - IBR Ltd

01-May-2014 - IBR-CalmDeAge®:GLOBAL ANTI AGINGRELIEF of DARK CIRCLES and ROSACEAvasoconstriction, optimizing blood microcirculation, reducing irritation IBR-CalmDeAge®INCI name: Glycerin (and) Water (and) Phoenix Dactylifera (Date) Seed Extract GLOBAL ANTI AGINGreduction of DARK CIRCLES and RELIEF of ROSACEA  Allow your skin to rest, relax, revive and rejuvenate as under the...
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Snow Algae Powder activates longevity genes - Mibelle Biochemistry

30-Apr-2014 - Snow Algae Powder is a novel active based on an extremophile algae living on glaciers. The cosmetic ingredient is produced in a sustainable way in special bio-reactors. The algae extract offers a new anti-aging approach by mimicking calorie restriction mimetic...
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Protection of skin’s natural defense system - Merck KGaA

30-Apr-2014 - This webinar opens up new opportunities for innovative sun protection by supporting skin’s own defense systems.Find out how to create a variety of multifunctional skin and sun care products meeting consumer needs of rediscovering sensorial empathy with their bodies in...
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Facial Skincare Begins MultiTasking - Bonicel (Ganeden Biotech)

21-Apr-2014 - What’s hot in facial skincare can be summed up with one word: Multitasking! Why buy 5 products when one can do the trick? It all began with BB creams a few years back that promised a myriad of benefits.They really...
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Improve Water Resistance and Skin Feel in Sunscreens - Dow Personal Care

21-Apr-2014 - Sun care products offering enhanced water resistance and better skin feel are possible with new solutions from Dow.  View an example of an emulsifier-free, water resistant sunscreen offering excellent SPF protection and minimal tackiness on the skin.
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Reduce wrinkles and Illuminate your skin with Superox-C™ ! - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

14-Apr-2014 - Southern Cross Botanicals, now a subsidiary of Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, has developed Superox-C™.The powerful antioxidant activity of Superox-C™ fights against cell oxidative stress to reduce free radical-induced skin damages and preserve skin youthfulness and beauty aspect.Superox-C™ induces the synthesis of...

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