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GenoWhiteTM: Advanced Spot Correcting Peptide -

26-Mar-2015 - GenoWhiteTM is a new and patented spot-correcting technology with fast dermal penetration feature. A series of extensive studies have proven that this whitening peptide, other than possessing excellent safety and stability profile, can also target multiple steps of skin pigmentation....
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Pycnogenol® Improves Visible Signs of Aging - Horphag

23-Mar-2015 - Nourish the skin from the inside out withPycnogenol®, French maritime pine bark extract.Decades of research on Pycnogenol® have shown it effectively improves visible signs of aging by improving skin hydration and elasticity, reduces the appearance of over-pigmentation and skin inflammation....
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A Carnivorous Plant to Reshape the Body: Adipo-Trap - TRI-K Industries Inc.

16-Mar-2015 - Adipo-Trap is a carnivorous plant from the sundew family that works as an active ingredient to reshape and slim the body.  A patented, non-solvent extraction process is used to recover the complete bioavailable phytocomplex active ingredient.  Adipo-Trap has 2 main...
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09-Mar-2015 - Introducing Fision Hydrate, a solution targeting long-lasting hydration and overall skin wellness. Fision Hydrate delivers immediate and long-term moisturizing properties.  Additionally, there is a reduction in TEWL compared to the placebo to support barrier function.  Based on a consumer evaluation study,...
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New discovery – Anti-Glycation power of Rosamox™ - Kemin Personal Care

24-Feb-2015 - Don’t let the youthful appearance of your skin diminish due to excessive consumption of sugar anymore! Recent research at Kemin unveiled results on the ability of Rosamox™ to reduce the effect of glycation.  An In vitro assay with Rosamox-Z, in...
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Fight the signs of fatigue - Sederma Inc.

23-Feb-2015 - Sleep deprivation enhances the production of pro-aging glycotoxins and AGEs that accumulate in the skin.  These toxins prematurely age skin and fatigue cells, slowing the repair processes that occur during sleep and further reducing melatonin levels.   Panellists scored their global...
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How to optimize efficiency in the cosmetic R&D lab - Coptis Software Solutions for Cosmetic R&D

23-Feb-2015 - Attend this webinar to learn how your company can take advantage of innovative solutions to optimize performance and reduce time-to-market. Cosmetic product development generates large amounts of data and documents. Proper integration of raw materials, ingredients, formulas, test results in one...
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Rinse off the day. The hydration will stay. Milk Tein NPNF™ - TRI-K Industries Inc.

16-Feb-2015 - It is a challenge to develop a product that prevents dry skin caused by the use of daily surfactants, especially in rinse-off products.  Milk Tein NPNF™ defies the odds by instantly nourishing, deeply moisturizing and enhancing the feel of skin. ...
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Happiness in a Jar: New results on positive emotion & pleasure upon LMC emulsifiers application - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

09-Feb-2015 - Lecigel™ offers sensoriality, efficacy and now happiness upon application in one single ingredient!  Consumer behavioral (facial microexpressions & voice intonation) and physiological (pupil dilation & skin conductance) analysis proved that Lecigel™ triggers positive emotions and provides moments of happiness upon...
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Hormesis Holds a Key to New Anti-Aging Technologies - Sederma Inc.

12-Jan-2015 - Through hormesis, the body creates specific mechanisms to fight against toxins, arming itself against subsequent exposure. By understanding and enhancing these mechanisms, one can effectively build the skin’s “immunity” against pro-aging toxins to delay the visible signs of aging…  To request...
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08-Dec-2014 - Like the skin, hair needs attention; adapted, daily care in order to make it stronger and more beautiful.Hair beauty depends on 3 essential pillars which are scalp equilibrium, hair growth and hair repair.Leave it to Solabia to present a winning...
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08-Dec-2014 - SIMULGEL™ EPG is the new affordable ECO Polymer Generation. This ECO friendly, Prop-65 friendly polymer will be perfect for any EO free concept and cold process formulations. It is the perfect ECOnomical solution to thicken and stabilize all formulations while...
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SEPIMAX ZEN: boost your creativity & formulate with serenity! -

25-Nov-2014 - SEPIMAXTM ZEN a globally compliant powder polymer that delivers robust electrolyte resistance and makes formulating a breeze. The leading thickener/stabilizer for extreme formulations with elegant touch. Stressful actives and stability problems are things of the PAST!
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For beautiful skin and silky hair: choose our precious cranberry oil - Naturex

24-Nov-2014 - Around the world, oils have always played a part in beauty rituals, handed down from one generation to the next. Ethnobotanist Chris Kilham scoured the globe in search of unique oils with traditional cosmetic uses. Through his careful selection, and...
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Enter the world of NAT oleis™ - Naturex

18-Nov-2014 - Around the world, oils have always played a part in beauty rituals, handed down from one generation to the next. Ethnobotanist Chris Kilham scoured the globe in search of unique oils with traditional cosmetic uses. Through his careful selection, and...
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Peptan®Collagen peptides: Anti-age effects in action - Rousselot

10-Nov-2014 - Nutricosmetics are nutritional supplements which support the structure of the skin from the inside. As the body of research demonstrating the numerous unique healthy skin benefits of nutricosmetics grows, this ‘Beauty from Within’ approach is becoming increasingly popular across the...
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microRNA: The answer to eternal youth? - Sederma Inc.

20-Oct-2014 - For the first time, scientists have successfully used plant cells to reverse years of skin aging through a new approach targeting microRNA. Their select modulation dramatically boosted collagen, elastin, etc. and visibly reversed signs of skin aging such as age...
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15-Oct-2014 - What are skin imperfections? Most people will answer undoubtedly by wrinkles, this iconic sign of aging that ultimately no one can avoid…Just slow them down or prevent them by acting against environmental factors. Beyond wrinkles, the skin is exposed to...
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The Minimalist Cosmetic! Because less is more - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

13-Oct-2014 - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is presenting The Minimalist Cosmetic concept, all about using the minimal amount of ingredients while achieving sophisticated but cost-efficient formulas.Discover our “Essential Bases” comprising 5 Minimalist formulations with amazing skin feel – Thanks to our Emulsifying Systems,...
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Smart Enzyme for Targeted Single-Cell Exfoliation - Active Organics

13-Oct-2014 - Actizyme™ E3M-M Natural Performance Ingredient (NPI), from Active Organics®, is a mushroom derived, water-soluble acid protease class enzyme. When topically applied in the presence of an acidic buffer, Actizyme E3M-M NPI has proven to be an effective method for skin...

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