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Reduce wrinkles and Illuminate your skin with Superox-C™ ! - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

14-Apr-2014 - Southern Cross Botanicals, now a subsidiary of Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, has developed Superox-C™.The powerful antioxidant activity of Superox-C™ fights against cell oxidative stress to reduce free radical-induced skin damages and preserve skin youthfulness and beauty aspect.Superox-C™ induces the synthesis of...
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Explore how Snow Algae Powder stimulates longevity genes - Mibelle Biochemistry

09-Apr-2014 - Snow Algae Powder is a novel active that not only offers a new source and technology but also a totally new anti-aging approach by mimicking calorie restriction, the only proven mechanism to expand lifespan of organism. It is a key...
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Burns fat and achieves centimetric reduction - Provital Group

07-Apr-2014 - The latest in fat reducing. Lipout™ is an ingredient that activates browning process of adypocites and thermogenesis to burn fat . In vivo tests show amazing centimetric reduction in hips, thighs and abdomen in women and men.
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Say goodbye to droopy eyes – Globally - Sederma Inc.

24-Mar-2014 - Up until now, droopy eyelids could only be corrected with the surgical excision of excess eyelid skin.  New studies demonstrate, for the first time, a new ingredient that can beautify the entire contour around the eye; visibly lifting the upper...
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actiVLayr® - new anti-wrinkle skin care technology - New Zealand Extracts Limited

17-Mar-2014 - actiVLayr® is a patch that has been especially shaped to concentrate treatment on around-eye wrinkles and under-eye darkness.  Using patent pending technology the patch has a proprietary blend of natural kiwifruit and grape extracts, and marine collagen immobilized on to...
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Hit the Snooze on AGE - Sederma Inc.

03-Mar-2014 - Like sunlight, glycotoxins created from our diet are a major cause of skin aging. When sugars bind to proteins, advanced glycated end products accumulate and fatigue cells, affecting the natural repair processes that occur during sleep. By reversing  glycationFor more...
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Et-VC™: The New Generation Multi-functional Vitamin C Derivative -

19-Feb-2014 - Et-VCTM (previously known as Corum 9515) is a new generation of Vitamin C derivative that provides superb whitening effects, also serves as a potent anti-aging active that boosts collagen synthesis and protects skin from DNA damage. It exhibits strong inhibition...
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PhytoflORAL® Sun Protection & Lightening Innovation - IBR Ltd

01-Oct-2013 - PhytoflORAL® Revolution in Photo-Protection, Lightening and Evening of Skin Tonea NutriCosmetics Innovation for Beauty from Within PhytoflORAL®, a natural dietary supplement for beauty from within comprising phytoene and phytofluene, the colorless carotenoids. A new clinical study shows that, PhytoflORAL® has an...
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Mastering formulation by combining sensoriality and efficacy with Lecigel™ - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

10-Feb-2014 - Try a new way to formulate with Lecigel™ which combines sensoriality and efficacy in a single ingredient! With 3 actions in 1 (gelifying-emlulsifying, moisturizing, efficacy booster), Lecigel™ becomes a major and versatile ingredient for all kinds of formulations.
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IBR-Dormin® Delays Hair Re-Growth, 5 O'clock Shadow - IBR Ltd

01-Feb-2014 - IBR-Dormin®  Delays Hair Re-Growth, 5 O'clock Shadow and your next shaveMen's Grooming & Other Body Hair IBR-Dormin®INCI: Narcissus Tazetta Bulb ExtractTimeless Concept for Preservation of Youth.Captures and Transform Flower Bulbs Dormancy and Beauty to the Skin.Slows down cell proliferation to delay aging...
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microRNA: The answer to eternal youth? - Sederma Inc.

13-Jan-2014 - For the first time, scientists have successfully used plant cells to reverse years of skin aging through a new approach targeting microRNA. Their select modulation dramatically boosted collagen, elastin, etc. and visibly reversed signs of skin aging such as age...
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At home beauty devices: market trend, review of available products and professional evaluations - William Reed Business Media

21-Dec-2013 - The objective of this lecture is to provide a brief overview of home use devices for skin rejuvenation in the consumer driven cosmetic market. At the same time the number of cosmetic dermatology procedures performed by a physician continues to...
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Cosmetics Vision 2014: Programme Download - Cosmetics Vision

18-Dec-2013 - Cosmetics Vision is the ultimate global event connecting leading innovators and senior business executives in the cosmetics design industry by combining strategic content with in-depth analyses of critical market trends and developments.Cosmetics Vision takes place on 5-7 March 2014 in...
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Seboxyl®, a new direction for oily skin prone to acne! - Solabia Group

09-Dec-2013 - The products commonly used in the cosmetic industry to treat oily skin and acne are focused on the regulation of sebum secretion by modulating the activity of the 5α reductase at the hormonal level. SOLABIA Research offers a new complementary...
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Phospholipids: Natural Functional Ingredients and Actives for Cosmetic Products -

25-Nov-2013 - Phospholipids can be used in cosmetic products in several ways. As a technical ingredient, phospholipids can be used as an emulsifier, a liposome former, a solubilizer and a wetting agent.In this paper the characteristics for the use of soybean phosphatidylcholine...
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Sleep Deprivation: Counteracting its Aging Effects - Sederma Inc.

11-Nov-2013 - Lack of sleep creates stressful conditions that raise internal toxins, including glycotoxins.  These toxins are a major cause of skin aging, deregulating natural repair processes that occur during sleep. To counteract these negative effects, enhance the natural repair processes, ...To...
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RESISTRESS® the Anti-Oxid'Aging® ally to battle Skin "Burnout"! - Solabia Group

15-Oct-2013 - The skin has its own defense mechanisms, among these being an anti-oxidant barrier. Nevertheless, faced with daily aggression, the skin's protecting capacities are progressively reduced, moving from temporary and reversible oxidative stress to a state of acute distress. Unable to...
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Improve Water Resistance and Skin Feel in Sunscreens - Dow Personal Care

14-Oct-2013 - Sun care products offering enhanced water resistance and better skin feel are possible with new solutions from Dow.  View an example of an emulsifier-free, water resistant sunscreen offering excellent SPF protection and minimal tackiness on the skin.
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Moringa Butter: The Better, More Functional Butter - Floratech

07-Oct-2013 - Floralipids® Moringa Butter is derived from Moringa oleifera whose commercially available seed oil (Floralipids® Moringa Oil) has the highest oxidative stability of any vegetable oil used in cosmetics. Unlike some butters, Moringa Butter contains no trans-fats. Clinical data shows that...
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Glucamate™ CCO Thickener and Sulfochem™ ES-70DXS Surfactant - Lubrizol

25-Sep-2013 - Create cleansing products with claims consumers can get excited about. New Glucamate TM CCO thickener is vegetable-derived and non-ethoxylated, so you can develop cleansing systems that are gentle on the skin and have a high naturally derived ingredient content. Glucamate TM CCO is an...

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