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LuxePack 2015 spotlights ingenuity

20-May-2015 - Packaging and design industry leaders take bold steps, spending on technology, innovating truly new containers, and shrewdly reinventing the way brands communicate with consumers.

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Plant stem cells are a natural way to speak about anti-ageing, says expert

18-May-2015 - Younger consumers in particular, prefer plant stems cells to traditional ingredients like retinol, giving brands an opportunity to tailor their messaging for different age groups in South Korea.

Botanical oils persistently popular with formulators and consumers

18-May-2015 - Product lines that feature natural oil ingredients appeal to shoppers across personal care categories, and in the hair removal category one prominent brand sees room to expand.

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Age Before Beauty: Sustainability

14-May-2015 - Stress is a huge factor in daily life and inevitably impacts the bottom line. Forecasters caution beauty brands to look beyond 2020 and plan for the best, long lives of their brands, their consumers and the planet.

Artistry mixes men’s grooming with direct-sales beauty

14-May-2015 - Scientific research and ingredient formulations developed in-house led up to this month’s launch of a new line of men’s grooming products from the Amway brand. 

Cosmetics company wins Caribbean exporter of the year award

14-May-2015 - Sacha Cosmetics’ owner Kama Maharaj says he is “humbled and honored” after his firm was named winner of the inaugural Caribbean Exporter of the Year Award.

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Age Before Beauty: Activity

13-May-2015 - Anti-aging is out. Fitness is the way of life. And, beauty is moving fast.

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Age Before Beauty: Curiosity

12-May-2015 - Successful cosmetic companies of the future will drive sales by facilitating DIY beauty solutions and innovating at the extreme ends of scientific possibility—in short, by quenching consumer curiosity.

Mintel expert discusses how beauty routines are moving to new extremes

12-May-2015 - The latest Mintel beauty research was showcased by Vivienne Rudd at the recent in-cosmetics Barcelona event. Rudd gave a presentation that highlighted global beauty rituals and how the growing trending for extremes in beauty habits is hoping to create a new wave of hyper segmentation that is being seen in all beauty categories.

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Age Before Beauty: Longevity

11-May-2015 - Consumer behavior is adjusting to correspond more closely with lengthier life expectancies, flat-age demographics and the wellness that’s expected to come with longevity.

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Natural WAS associated with performance compromise, that’s changed now!

08-May-2015 - In the past there were discussions over the use of natural ingredients and this meaning there may be a compromise on performance, but sitting down with Shona Bear, Bulldog Skincare’s new head of NPD, she says this has all changed now.

L’Oréal corners the market on bioprinted skin

07-May-2015 - The 3-D human tissue company Organovo filed a current report this week with the SEC stipulating the conditions of that company’s arrangement with L’Oréal USA, which is a game changer for cosmetics testing, biotech, and the nutraceutical market.

Changing the face of luxury skin care with consumer genetics

30-Apr-2015 - GeneU is offering what may be the definitive personalized skin consultation, and the biotech community is paying careful attention to how beyond-the-lab genomics are playing out in various industries.

Analysing the motivations behind sun tanning and UV exposure

30-Apr-2015 - In Europe and the West, tanned skin can be seen as desirable and a sign of good health or wealth, and even beauty, and according to a university researcher, the motivations behind tanning can be influential between using safer product alternatives or risking high exposure to UV rays.

Probiotic products gaining traction in the anti-aging marketplace

29-Apr-2015 - The live bacteria cultures popular as supplements in the wellness industry are becoming more common place in topical personal care products.

Charlotte Tilbury continues international growth with summer launch in Canada

28-Apr-2015 - In June, Holt Renfrew department stores in Toronto and Vancouver will begin carrying the company’s makeup and skin care products as part of Charlotte Tilbury’s expansion into the North American market.

Dow Corning multifunctional skin care blend gets off to an award-winning launch

28-Apr-2015 - Ingredients supplier Dow Corning launched its new Liquid Satin blend at the in-cosmetics event in Barcelona and it couldn’t have got any better having won the gold for the event’s Best Ingredient (Functional) Award.

P&G focuses on natural skin care ingredients to fight pollution

27-Apr-2015 - Procter & Gamble has joined forces with botanists at Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London to find effective natural-based ingredients for its latest range of anti-pollution skin care products.

Gold Rush: skin care with nanomaterials

27-Apr-2015 - The California-based company KollagenX launched in 2008 with a focus on nanogold technology and now sees demand for its skin care products expanding beyond wholesale to include retail consumers.  

Adjusting the melting point of cocoa butter

23-Apr-2015 - Researchers at Penn State University identified the gene that determines the temperature at which the cosmetic ingredient melts.

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