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Skin care entrepreneurs give comfort and care to those in cancer treatment

26-Mar-2015 - Brands like Skin In Treatment from Pharmacist’s Daughter as well as Skin Therapeutics are looking to reach a broader market and gaining a bit of traction.

Skin Cancer Awareness

We are aware of the risks so why are skin cancer cases still on the rise?

26-Mar-2015 - Despite being aware of the risks of sun exposure and of developing cancer when exposed without protection, the levels of people using sunscreen and taking precautions is still quite alarming with incidences of melanoma still on the rise.

Special newsletter - Men's grooming

How to keep male grooming products on the right side of the law

25-Mar-2015 - We talk to an expert about regulation in the male grooming category, throwing light on some of the specific challenges that anti-aging, hair loss and shaving products present in the U.S. and Europe.

Special Newsletter – Men’s Grooming

Men’s trends: natural, youthful, primal

25-Mar-2015 - Underlying the latest men’s grooming product trends here in the States is a longing for wellness. Be they topical skin care items, anti-aging creams, facial hair care essentials or nutraceuticals, men’s toiletries tend toward organics.

Biofabrication will produce cosmetic ingredients of the future

24-Mar-2015 - Living cells, organic molecules and the like will be the raw materials that produce both living and nonliving biological ingredients for personal care products, according to scientists working in the field.

US Consumers trust Pantene, Neutrogena, Maybelline

23-Mar-2015 - Market researcher BrandSpark announced the results of its 2015 most-trusted brands study on Friday, with rankings in 39 personal care and beauty categories.

Muscat… Tasty wine, BUT also anti-ageing properties in skin cream

19-Mar-2015 - Muscat, commonly known for its sweet floral aroma when in wine form, can also reduce skin redness and acne when used in a grape-based cream, according to a new study.

Special edition: Beauty from within

Beauty From Within turns ugly for L’Oréal and Nestlé

17-Mar-2015 - It promised so much – the globe’s biggest cosmetic and food players L’Oréal and Nestlé applying serious marketing, research and NPD clout to drive a nascent category into the mainstream public consciousness. It was going to make beauty from within (BFW) or nutricosmetics a mainstream proposition.

Arizona scientists develop sugar-based surfactants for cosmetics

17-Mar-2015 - A University of Arizona startup, GlycoSurf, has finalized an exclusive agreement for a chemical synthesis of glycolipids technology, which the scientists say is a greener replacement for surfactants in cosmetics. 

Private equity escalates market share of rebranded beauty company

16-Mar-2015 - Previously known as Parfums de Coeur, pdc brands relaunched to the mass market with product portfolios in the fragrance, bath and first-aid segments.

Hydroquinone-free products on the rise in US professional skin care, says Kline

12-Mar-2015 - Non-hydroquinone–based products are driving sales in the hyperpigmentation and sun damage skin care concern category, outperforming total market growth in 2014 and pushing on the professional skin care market.

Seaweed demand sees Chilean company target Europe with development agreement

12-Mar-2015 - As the demand for seaweed extracts increases around the world, Chilean company Gelymar enters into a commercial and development agreement with Eviagenics, focusing on developing natural and sustainable products and solutions for the personal care and food industries.

'Sephora effect' - beauty retailer changing the game in the US

12-Mar-2015 - The importance of the in-store experience has not been wasted on Sephora, as can been seen with its 'Innovation Lab', which the retailer says will feature programs that encourage the next generation of digital leaders.

Amopé's pedi pop-up pampers New Yorkers on the go

11-Mar-2015 - Premium foot care line Amopé has invested in a pedicure pop up station at Grand Central Terminal to pamper New Yorkers on the go.

FTC raps US app marketers for claiming they could detect melanoma

05-Mar-2015 - The Federal Trade Commission has barred the marketers of 'MelApp' and 'Mole Detective' from claiming they could detect symptoms of melanoma, even in its early stages.

Japanese 3D printing of human tissue has cosmetic potential

04-Mar-2015 - Cyfuse Biomedical, a Japanese 3D printing developer has raised ¥1.4 billion ($11.8 million) for its work with producing human tissue, which has the potential for cosmetics firms testing out new products.

Ready-to-drink beauty is ready to change everything

03-Mar-2015 - Analysts anticipate that the nutricosmetics market will reach $7.4 bn in the next five years, and ready-to-drink beauty beverages are the strongest growing product in the segment.

Cosmetics Design's color cosmetics forum kicks off tomorrow!

03-Mar-2015 - There's still time left to register for Cosmetics Design's multifunctional color cosmetics forum, where our panel of experts will discuss the latest innovations and challenges of a segment where alphabet creams are just the tip of the iceberg...

Unilever to acquire REN Skincare and take it to the next level

03-Mar-2015 - Unilever has signed an agreement to acquire iconic British skin care brand REN, with plans to extend its footprint in existing and new markets and make it global.

Bliss skincare is Kohl’s latest cosmetics partner

26-Feb-2015 - Body treatment products from the spa brand will be available online and in stores next month. And come mid-May, Bliss plans to launch an exclusive beach body treatment kit with the retailer.

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