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Cosmetics and Personal Care Packaging: sustainable materials

03-Sep-2015 - Sustainability has become integral to the beauty business since environmentally intelligent packaging design can benefit the plant, satisfy consumers, and bolster a brand’s bottom line.

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Cosmetics and Personal Care Packaging: outside inspiration

02-Sep-2015 - Packaging design that’s functional, compelling, and elegant seems intuitive but requires a special combination of powers: observation, creativity, technical knowledge, and an historical appreciation for the cosmetics industry.

Personal care replenishment programs bring consumers online

02-Sep-2015 - Thanks to ecommerce platforms, 38% of beauty and health consumers are now signed up for a subscription service, according to a new report from Business Insider Intelligence.

Oil and clay-based skin care textures on the rise

02-Sep-2015 - Mud packs and skin care oils have long been used for their beauty benefits for hundreds of years, and now it seems clay and oil-based skin care is trending in Europe, as consumers are rediscovering age-old beauty secrets for face care.

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Cosmetics and Personal Care Packaging: top trends

01-Sep-2015 - Being on trend in the fast-paced business of beauty has its advantages and its challenges. We caught up with Leslie Sherr, co-author of the forthcoming book Material Innovation: Packaging, to discover the top packaging trends in beauty and personal care and find out what’s coming next.

Givaudan acquires Induchem as Cosmetics Actives strategy continues

01-Sep-2015 - Swiss ingredients player Givaudan has continued its efforts to build its science-based active cosmetics ingredients business with the acquisition of Induchem.

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Cosmetics and Personal Care Packaging: material solutions

31-Aug-2015 - The physical properties of packaging material can have as much to do with the success of a beauty product line as the formulation, distribution, and marketing do. Design expert Leslie Sherr weighs in on packaging material options.

IBE launch event in New York City attracts droves of brands, buyers, and consumers

31-Aug-2015 - The 2015 Indie Beauty Expo showcased 80 independent beauty and personal care brands during a full-day event in the city last week. Every product shown was formulated without 20 “potentially toxic ingredients” because, as event co-founder Jillian Wright told Cosmetics Design, “indie brands have a higher level of responsibility,” and “clean beauty” should be the indie standard.

From waste prawn shells to shampoo - scientists develop new polymer

28-Aug-2015 - So you have made a lovely prawn cocktail, but what to do with the waste? Well, scientists have looked into producing shampoo using polymers found in seafood shells in a bit to make the whole process more environmentally friendly.

Skin care device market shines bright

27-Aug-2015 - Andrea Van Dam, CEO, of Women’s Marketing, Inc., spoke with Cosmetics Design about how significant Hispanic women, crossover trends, and word-of-mouth marketing are for the category.

Global market for organic personal care driven by production innovation and certification

27-Aug-2015 - The global market for organic personal care is continuing to grow at an average rate of almost 10% as the maturation of the category leads to enhanced production and more effective certification.

Estée Lauder aims to target millennials with focal brands

27-Aug-2015 - Beauty behemoth Estée Lauder is aiming to target millennials with company CEO Fabrizio Freda saying it is an important focus, and has lined up the Lauder and Clinique brands to do this.

New eye and skin irritation test guidelines for make-up and personal care products

26-Aug-2015 - The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has published two novel eye irritation testing protocols and updated several skin testing guidelines.

Unprecedented indie beauty event launches tomorrow in New York

26-Aug-2015 - Brand leaders, company founders, and industry experts take the stage Thursday in New York City for the first Indie Beauty Expo, and in addition to their presentations the event connects buyers, press and passionate consumers with leading independent makeup and personal care players.

Cosmoprof Las Vegas: Bliss Skincare reveals plans to break into color cosmetics

26-Aug-2015 - Bliss World skincare and spa company president Mike Indursky spoke to Cosmetics Design about the evolution of the business into a broader range of products that will include a full range of color cosmetics as part of its development as a lifestyle brand.

NBTY's acquisition of Dr Organic mirrors trend in supplement industry toward personal care

26-Aug-2015 - Dietary supplement manufacturing giant NBTY has acquired UK skincare line Dr Organic, a move that mirrors a trend in the supplement industry toward higher margin personal care offerings.

New York City beauty retailer sells only makeup discovered on Instagram

25-Aug-2015 - If recommendations from friends, experts and influencers sell beauty products and social media is hosting the biggest consumer conversation ever, why not curate a collection based on all that valuable banter?

Scientists develop 'liver-on-chip' device to help with cosmetic product development

25-Aug-2015 - According to scientists from Israel and Germany, tighter EU regulations prohibiting the use of animals in safety testing, although more humane - is ultimately hindering new cosmetic product development.

What does the Hand MD skin care acquisition mean for anti-aging?

24-Aug-2015 - The anti-aging skin care category has gone a bit quiet lately, but one consumer products company is betting that hand care will lead the category going forward.

New database helps formulators quantify long-term ingredient exposure

24-Aug-2015 - Just how much personal care and cosmetics product are loyal consumers in contact with? That’s what a team of researchers from the US and Europe – including two pros from P&G – set out to discover.   

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