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TCH acquires beauty-from-within company Organic Holdings

08-Oct-2015 - The category continues to evolve as consumers equate wellness with beauty and brands pair up topical products with ingestibles. And, deals like this one suggest that there is a wider market for nutritional beauty product.

New packaging from reclaimed plastic

08-Oct-2015 - One social enterprise organization has masterminded a supply chain to keep discarded plastic from harming the environment by salvaging it to make new injection molded containers and other items.

Clarisonic makes the leap to men’s grooming

07-Oct-2015 - The L'Oréal brand, based in Redmond, Washington, has begun a campaign to market its Alpha Fit tool to men with and without beards.  

Chemical company Wilshire Technologies expands US headquarters

07-Oct-2015 - Amid a wave of growth in the specialty chemical sector, the manufacturer is relocating its New Jersey facility to enlarge its capacity on multiple fronts.

Unilever calls for a hygiene indicator in global sustainable development goals

07-Oct-2015 - Unilever CEO Paul Polman recently announced his support for a hygiene indicator to be added into the list of global goals which are set to shape the sustainability agenda for the next 15 years.

Mobile purchases are rising fast and driving cosmetics sales, says PayPal

06-Oct-2015 - Cosmetics Design checked in with Katie Ochieano, SMB Merchant Marketing for the online payment company, to find out just how valuable mobile shopping and contextual commerce are for beauty brands.

Beauty Business Trend: celebrity entrepreneurship trumps endorsement

05-Oct-2015 - Today’s consumer identifies with ambitious and successful stars that challenge themselves and the status quo. So while celebrity-endorsed products are losing their charm, celebrity owned brands have stepped into the spotlight.

Ethnic personal care on the rise: Walker & Co $24 million funding

05-Oct-2015 - In the US, ethnic or multicultural consumers will soon become the majority, according to market researcher Kline, with people of color already accounting for over one-third of the US population.

Reserveage Organics founder credits Gelita with firming up science supporting beauty-from-within

02-Oct-2015 - Reserveage Organics, a company built first upon the benefits of the antioxidants found in wine grapes, is expanding rapidly into the beauty-from-within category, which founder Naomi Whittel says is finally taking off in the US.

L’Oréal reformulates foundation for women around the globe using ultramarine blue pigment

01-Oct-2015 - Chemist Balanda Atis, head of L’Oréal’s Women of Color Lab, has revolutionized makeup and is at work developing a full spectrum of color cosmetics for women from an array of backgrounds.

Millennial Beauty: it’s not a generation, it’s an imperative

30-Sep-2015 - Today, women of all ages shop for cosmetics with a fresh curiosity and digital sophistication. This week in New York City, CEW brought together industry experts to analyse how leading brands and modern consumers interact in real time.

North American market for thioglycolates to skyrocket

30-Sep-2015 - The ingredient, central to hair removal products and useful in other personal care items, will be increasingly in demand through 2023, according to new data from Transparency Market Research.

Will small packages sell more cosmetics?

29-Sep-2015 - New data suggests that consumers stockpile beauty products, neither repurchasing nor disposing of makeup that has expired, and one color cosmetics brand is betting that half-size volumes are the answer.

Beauty brands send too many emails!

29-Sep-2015 - One marketing services company has new data on open rates and send volumes that could help beauty brands adjust their consumer email strategies to greater effect.

D.C. ban on microbeads proposes strict fines

28-Sep-2015 - The District of Columbia has taken one of the strictest stances on state-wide proposals to ban mircobeads in personal care products.

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Developing naturals for an upscale market

24-Sep-2015 - Cosmetics Design caught up with Katharine L’Heureux, founder of Kahina Giving Beauty, to take a closer look at where the naturals category is headed, how big brands are getting involved, and what formulators can do to keep pace.

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Packaging naturals for an upscale market

23-Sep-2015 - Well ahead of any trend, Katharine L’Heureux, the enterprising founder of Kahina Giving Beauty, saw the opportunity to elevate natural skin care. She spoke with Cosmetics Design about distinctive packaging, where the naturals category is going, and how formulators can keep up.

Amore Pacific targets unique positioning in the Colombian skin care market

22-Sep-2015 - As part of plans to expand beyond Asia, South Korean cosmetics player Amore Pacific says Colombia is a likely contender as a new market to enter, and the skin care category should prove the primary aim.

In Brazil, beauty and health purchases account for over 10% of ecommerce spending

17-Sep-2015 - Combined sales of cosmetics, perfume and health products make this the fourth largest category, and ecommerce growth in all categories is up 16% for the first half of the year, according to marketing strategies firm E-bit.  

New oil-in-water emulsifier and freeze-fracture technology are advancing sun care

16-Sep-2015 - DSM’s latest sunscreen ingredient—which the company is demonstrating this week at The Sunscreen Symposium—promises to improve product stability and simplify development.

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