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11-Sep-2014 - What drives innovation in today’s multi-billion dollar anti-aging beauty market? Ingredients. But there’s no room for ingredients that don’t deliver results and don’t have valid science backing them. Discover why and learn about a new breakthrough in probiotic technology that...
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Technigraph can label your most challenging bottles - Alpha Packaging

08-Sep-2014 - Technigraph has just purchased a new rotary labeling system with auto-feed and vision inspection. It is capable of decorating a wide range of bottle and jar sizes (from 1 ounce to 32 ounces) and a variety of shapes, including ovals...
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Top 3 Anti-Aging Trends (and how to top them!) - Bonicel (Ganeden Biotech)

07-Jul-2014 - There’s no missing the exploding anti-aging skin care category and the message it sends: More than ever consumers want to look young and are willing to pay for it. With the anti-aging skincare market projected to hit almost $300 billion...
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Target Adult Oily & Acne-Prone Skin via Cosmetogenomics - Sederma Inc.

19-May-2014 - Scientists have uncovered a new approach to address key causes of sebum overproduction and associated blemishes. Use of a novel predictive sebocyte model lead to a distinct path to mitigate these factors, which was then clinically validated to visibly lessen...
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Technigraph can label your most challenging bottles. - Alpha Packaging

13-May-2014 - Technigraph has just purchased a new rotary labeling system with auto-feed and vision inspection. It is capable of decorating a wide range of bottle and jar sizes (from 1 ounce to 32 ounces) and a variety of shapes, including ovals...
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Facial Skincare Begins MultiTasking - Bonicel (Ganeden Biotech)

21-Apr-2014 - What’s hot in facial skincare can be summed up with one word: Multitasking! Why buy 5 products when one can do the trick? It all began with BB creams a few years back that promised a myriad of benefits.They really...
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microRNA: The answer to eternal youth? - Sederma Inc.

13-Jan-2014 - For the first time, scientists have successfully used plant cells to reverse years of skin aging through a new approach targeting microRNA. Their select modulation dramatically boosted collagen, elastin, etc. and visibly reversed signs of skin aging such as age...
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Cosmetics Vision 2014: Programme Download - Cosmetics Vision

18-Dec-2013 - Cosmetics Vision is the ultimate global event connecting leading innovators and senior business executives in the cosmetics design industry by combining strategic content with in-depth analyses of critical market trends and developments.Cosmetics Vision takes place on 5-7 March 2014 in...
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Claims & Regulation - William Reed Business Media

05-Nov-2013 - Garrett Moran will briefly introduce the safety requirements of the new EU Cosmetics Regulation and compare this to other global regulations. This will be followed by an overview of the Oriflame safety process from bench to market place for hair...
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Protecting Hair from Thermal Damage - Dow Personal Care

14-Oct-2013 - With the increasing use of heat styling tools such as flat irons, consumers are seeking new ways to protect their hair from thermal damage.  Learn more about solutions to provide conditioning and thermal protection in leave-on styling products.
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PhytoflORAL® Sun Protection & Lightening Innovation - IBR Ltd

01-Oct-2013 - PhytoflORAL® Revolution in Photo-Protection, Lightening and Evening of Skin Tonea NutriCosmetics Innovation for Beauty from Within PhytoflORAL®, a natural dietary supplement for beauty from within comprising phytoene and phytofluene, the colorless carotenoids. A new clinical study shows that, PhytoflORAL® has an...
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Glucamate™ CCO Thickener and Sulfochem™ ES-70DXS Surfactant - Lubrizol

25-Sep-2013 - Create cleansing products with claims consumers can get excited about. New Glucamate TM CCO thickener is vegetable-derived and non-ethoxylated, so you can develop cleansing systems that are gentle on the skin and have a high naturally derived ingredient content. Glucamate TM CCO is an...
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Permanent push-up bra effect with Adipofill’in™ from Lucas Meyer Cosmetics - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

23-Sep-2013 - In order to feel more attractive and confident, many women try to enhance the allure of their bust by using push-up bras, or by getting breast implants.With Adipofill’in™,  from Lucas Meyer Cosmetics,  cosmetic manufacturers can now propose breast care products that complement...
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AnaGain™ – new ways to stimulate hair growth - Mibelle Biochemistry

23-Sep-2013 - Thanks to its double action, AnaGain™ stimulates hair growth at the root and prolongs the life cycle of hair. AnaGain™ -  a natural active based on pea sprout - is a clinically proven solution ensuring fuller and thicker hair –...
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microRNA: The answer to eternal youth? - Sederma Inc.

23-Sep-2013 - Scientists have uncovered a direct link between the recently discovered microRNA and skin senescence. New studies demonstrate how the select modulation of microRNA dramatically boosts collagen, elastin, etc., and visibly reverses key signs of skin aging such as age spots,...
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Make it Mild with New GlucamateTM CCO Thickener - Lubrizol

02-Sep-2013 - Introducing New Glucamate TM CCO, a non-ethoxylated thickener designed to help meet consumer demands for mildness.  Now you can develop cleansing systems that are gentle on the skin, are made with non-ethoxylated ingredients and have a high naturally derived ingredient content. ...
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Counteracting the force of gravity - Lipotec

30-Aug-2013 - A multifunctional approach to improve dermal quality of mature women with saggy skin through UPLEVITY™ peptide, which acts in several directions by targeting key components of skin firmness. At the end of the webinar, Dr. Juan Cebrian will give answer...
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Frizz Under Control with Phytenso™ a natural hair straightener! - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

01-Jul-2013 - Phytenso™ is a natural and soft hair straightener proposed as an alternative to aggressive chemical relaxers. Phytenso™ fights frizz, locks out humidity, controls and straightens unruly and rebellious hair and improved their manageability.
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Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is launching two new ingredients: Elix-IR™ and Phytenso™! - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

06-May-2013 - Elix-IR™ is the first botanical active ingredient designed to fight Infra’Aging™ (infrared-induced skin aging) a breakthrough concept in skin photoprotection and photo-aging. With outstanding clinical results on sun exposed skin, Elix-IR™ provides a new strategy for a global action against...
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Natural moisturising solutions by Jungbunzlauer - Jungbunzlauer

06-May-2013 - Looking for new skin benefits for your rinse-off products? New clinical studies confirm that natural moisturising ingredients from Jungbunzlauer enhance the skin moisture content by more than 125 % compared to glycerine in skin shower and bath products.

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