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Provital Group

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Provital Group is a trusted supplier of natural active ingredients for skin and hair care across the world. We provide a complete range of natural actives and extracts to fit the needs of your formulations and meet your product requirements. Our expertise in innovative products is parallel to our respect for the environment and the commitment with the people. We understand our business as creating a bridge between the invisible world and the visible one, between the in-vitro and in-vivo, from the cells to the skin to make visible and perceptible beauty and wellness.


The role of natural actives in preventing and repairing pollution damage to skin and hair

Research has linked pollution to the accelerated aging and structural damage of the skin and hair. Efforts are now underway to use natural actives to counter these effects.

Preventing and repairing skin against photoaging caused by UV and IR radiation

By preventing and repairing skin against photoaging caused by UV and IR radiation, we can visibly improve our appearance and look younger

This is a story about the peony and how we have unveiled its beauty secret

How mitophagy detoxifies and energizes the skin for a visible anti-aging effect.

Contact Details

  • Phone: +34937192350
  • Website: Provital Group
  • Address: Polígono Industrial Can Salvatella Gorgs Lladó, 200, 08210, Barberà del Vallès Barcelona, Spain