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How to prevent and reverse sun damage? - Sederma Inc.

30-Mar-2015 - The papillary dermis is a good indicator of a person’s age and sun exposure, as its components are repeatedly exposed to UV light and forces that degrade them. By analysing the structure of the papillary dermis, researchers were able to...
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Fight the signs of fatigue - Sederma Inc.

23-Feb-2015 - Sleep deprivation enhances the production of pro-aging glycotoxins and AGEs that accumulate in the skin.  These toxins prematurely age skin and fatigue cells, slowing the repair processes that occur during sleep and further reducing melatonin levels.   Panellists scored their global...
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How to optimize efficiency in the cosmetic R&D lab - Coptis Software Solutions for Cosmetic R&D

23-Feb-2015 - Attend this webinar to learn how your company can take advantage of innovative solutions to optimize performance and reduce time-to-market. Cosmetic product development generates large amounts of data and documents. Proper integration of raw materials, ingredients, formulas, test results in one...
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Happiness in a Jar: New results on positive emotion & pleasure upon LMC emulsifiers application - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

09-Feb-2015 - Lecigel™ offers sensoriality, efficacy and now happiness upon application in one single ingredient!  Consumer behavioral (facial microexpressions & voice intonation) and physiological (pupil dilation & skin conductance) analysis proved that Lecigel™ triggers positive emotions and provides moments of happiness upon...
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The CosmeticsDesign Multifunctional Colour Cosmetics Forum - William Reed Business Media

30-Jan-2015 - In this unique discussion, our panel will explore how BB, CC, and DD creams have been the tip of the iceberg in this constantly evolving multifunctional colour cosmetics segment.  Join our experts from the market research, consultancy and regulatory fields for...
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Hormesis Holds a Key to New Anti-Aging Technologies - Sederma Inc.

12-Jan-2015 - Through hormesis, the body creates specific mechanisms to fight against toxins, arming itself against subsequent exposure. By understanding and enhancing these mechanisms, one can effectively build the skin’s “immunity” against pro-aging toxins to delay the visible signs of aging…  To request...
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08-Dec-2014 - Like the skin, hair needs attention; adapted, daily care in order to make it stronger and more beautiful.Hair beauty depends on 3 essential pillars which are scalp equilibrium, hair growth and hair repair.Leave it to Solabia to present a winning...
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SEPIMAX ZEN: boost your creativity & formulate with serenity! -

25-Nov-2014 - SEPIMAXTM ZEN a globally compliant powder polymer that delivers robust electrolyte resistance and makes formulating a breeze. The leading thickener/stabilizer for extreme formulations with elegant touch. Stressful actives and stability problems are things of the PAST!
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microRNA: The answer to eternal youth? - Sederma Inc.

20-Oct-2014 - For the first time, scientists have successfully used plant cells to reverse years of skin aging through a new approach targeting microRNA. Their select modulation dramatically boosted collagen, elastin, etc. and visibly reversed signs of skin aging such as age...
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The Minimalist Cosmetic! Because less is more - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

13-Oct-2014 - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is presenting The Minimalist Cosmetic concept, all about using the minimal amount of ingredients while achieving sophisticated but cost-efficient formulas.Discover our “Essential Bases” comprising 5 Minimalist formulations with amazing skin feel – Thanks to our Emulsifying Systems,...
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11-Sep-2014 - What drives innovation in today’s multi-billion dollar anti-aging beauty market? Ingredients. But there’s no room for ingredients that don’t deliver results and don’t have valid science backing them. Discover why and learn about a new breakthrough in probiotic technology that...
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Crocus Bulb Extract to Visibly Reduce Stretch Marks - Mibelle Biochemistry

08-Sep-2014 - Induction of the formation of new growth factors in the epidermis which communicate to synthesize more collagen and elastin fibers in deeper skin is the mechanism of action of the crocus bulb extract in the improvement of stretch marks.
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Zoning in on sensitive skin - Sederma Inc.

18-Aug-2014 - 50% of women and 30% of men claim to have sensitive skin, frequently feeling unpleasant sensations, such as stinging, itching or even burning. Scientists uncover and target multiple pathways, including sensory receptors that effectively limit messages that trigger skin hypersensitivity...
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Heat is getting to you more than you know! - Sederma Inc.

14-Jul-2014 - As you bask in the sun with your UVB/UVA sunscreens you assume you are well protected from the sun’s rays, but with more than half of the sun’s energy being in the form of Infrared (IR), the more heat you...
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Top 3 Anti-Aging Trends (and how to top them!) - Bonicel (Ganeden Biotech)

07-Jul-2014 - There’s no missing the exploding anti-aging skin care category and the message it sends: More than ever consumers want to look young and are willing to pay for it. With the anti-aging skincare market projected to hit almost $300 billion...
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Target Adult Oily & Acne-Prone Skin via Cosmetogenomics - Sederma Inc.

19-May-2014 - Scientists have uncovered a new approach to address key causes of sebum overproduction and associated blemishes. Use of a novel predictive sebocyte model lead to a distinct path to mitigate these factors, which was then clinically validated to visibly lessen...
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Facial Skincare Begins MultiTasking - Bonicel (Ganeden Biotech)

21-Apr-2014 - What’s hot in facial skincare can be summed up with one word: Multitasking! Why buy 5 products when one can do the trick? It all began with BB creams a few years back that promised a myriad of benefits.They really...
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Reduce wrinkles and Illuminate your skin with Superox-C™ ! - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

14-Apr-2014 - Southern Cross Botanicals, now a subsidiary of Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, has developed Superox-C™.The powerful antioxidant activity of Superox-C™ fights against cell oxidative stress to reduce free radical-induced skin damages and preserve skin youthfulness and beauty aspect.Superox-C™ induces the synthesis of...
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Say goodbye to droopy eyes – Globally - Sederma Inc.

24-Mar-2014 - Up until now, droopy eyelids could only be corrected with the surgical excision of excess eyelid skin.  New studies demonstrate, for the first time, a new ingredient that can beautify the entire contour around the eye; visibly lifting the upper...
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Hit the Snooze on AGE - Sederma Inc.

03-Mar-2014 - Like sunlight, glycotoxins created from our diet are a major cause of skin aging. When sugars bind to proteins, advanced glycated end products accumulate and fatigue cells, affecting the natural repair processes that occur during sleep. By reversing  glycationFor more...

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