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Maesa develops ‘book-packaging’ for Aloette

Last updated on 08-Jun-2009 at 12:25 GMT

Maesa has developed packaging that can be read as a book for Alloete’s Cosmetics's new colour line.

Maesa was given a brief to produce packaging which would facilitate the educational, instructive element of the brand, in which the consumer is given application advice, with a stylish appearance.

Maesa came up with a double-hinged paper wrapped with an interior swivel card system, giving the package the appearance of a book. Jack Rodriguez of Maesa packaging said: “by using paper as our primary packaging substitute, it allowed Aloette to photographically portray the brand”.

Tom Judson, President of Aloete, is pleased with Maesa’s solution. “The book system along with swivel card component is the perfect medium for the consultant to provide clear step-by-step instructions and application tips”.

Aloette has published three ‘books’ in the collection, for eyes, lips and face.

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