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MWV introduces sustainable security pack

By Andrew McDougall , 11-Jan-2011
Last updated on 11-Jan-2011 at 17:53 GMT2011-01-11T17:53:49Z

Packaging company MeadWestvaco (MWV) has introduced its latest sustainable security carton designed to help retailers prevent shoplifting and decrease the costs associated with theft.

According to the Virginia-based company, Natralock is the smart choice for sustainable security packaging and can be used for a variety of applications from personal care and pharmaceuticals to consumer electronics and small outdoor equipment.

MWV claims it is a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic clamshells and provides improved security qualities to protect products.

Protect against thieves without deterring consumers

And its use in the cosmetics industry will provide retailers the chance to securely protect their products whilst ensuring it does not deter consumers from purchasing it, Jeff Kellogg, vice president of security products for MWV told USA.

“In the cosmetics industry, expensive items like premium brands and innovative formulations in anti-aging treatment are typically more susceptible to retail theft and are therefore kept in locked cases or wrapped in spider devices,” Kellogg said.

“Unfortunately, this can deter a potential consumer from purchasing the product,” he added.

Eliminates application and removal hassle

Unlike other security packaging, the Natralock pack also eliminates the in-store hassle for retailers of placing and/or removing security devices at retail stores.

“We designed the security carton with our proprietary tear-resistant paperboard also used in our Natralock clamshell alternative packaging. It provides the necessary level of security but keeps the product and brand more accessible and visible on the retail shelf,” said Kellogg.

Thieves usually remove the item from its secondary packaging before taking it, so MWV's security carton has been designed so that it cannot be torn open easily or quickly.

According to research carried out by MWV it takes would-be thieves more than six seconds to tear into a package and steal the product in the store environment.

“This level of ‘liberated security’ gives brands more flexibility in promoting their product, and our premium paperboard is the ideal billboard for specialized printing techniques and other attention-getting printing treatments,” concluded Kellogg.

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