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Zyleris develops screening technology for cosmetic development

By Michelle Yeomans , 29-Jan-2013
Last updated on 29-Jan-2013 at 17:16 GMT2013-01-29T17:16:54Z

Zyleris develops screening technology for cosmetic development

The Illinois-based research service company has developed a high-throughput skin permeation testing service to help with the development of cosmetics and personal care products.

According to Zyleris founder and CEO Jerry Zhang, the move to develop the technology came after "various researchers told us that with so many potential combinations of ingredients and choices of galenic forms, identifying suitable formulations for development is often quite tedious and expensive.”

In light of this, Zhang and his team designed the application to screen skin absorption and the penetration of ingredients in cosmetic products at a fast turnaround rate.

We understood the main issues and the market is ripe for a high speed and yet cost efficient solution so we developed a truly innovative solution for this challenge and brought speed and cost efficiency to the process," explains Zhang.

How it works

According to the CEO, the technology has been developed based on industrial standard 'Franz Cell principle', but without its' limitations as it features a 108-cell screening platform with 0.5 cm2 diffusion area in each cell as well as precision mixing and a temperature control.

"The current Franz Cell technology has got limitations, such as low speed and high cost, and only a limited number of candidate formulations can reasonably be screened and evaluated."

The cell is also said to be applicable with animal and human tissues as well as synthetic membranes and the platform is able to conduct any type of absorption and/or penetration study.

"It offers the best of both worlds – speed and cost efficiency associated with high-throughput experimentation and yet data compatibility with the standard Franz Cell technology," says Zhang.

Skin care technology

Of late, various companies have been developing technologies that help the industry in the area of skin care.

Recently, US based Nova Technology developed a singerie software (DPM 9003) featuring Bluetooth technology that measures skin impedance while also providing a non-invasive, reproducible method to quantify biophysical characteristics and hydration of the skin.

As research expands into areas like the impact of active ingredients on the skin, Nova says it has specifically designed applications like this to cater to the personal care industry in formulation development or clinical testing areas.

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