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Survey finds 22 million US women willing to use cosmetic filler

By Simon Pitman , 15-Jan-2007

A new survey conducted by a maker of cosmetics filler finds that the number of US women aged 35-plus either willing to use cosmetic fillers, or considering it, accounts for more than one quarter of the population.

BioForm Medical, which makes and markets Radiesse, a filler with a calcium-based microsphere technology, says a survey it commissioned showed that over 22 million women aged over 35 would be more willing to use 'an injectable filler for facial wrinkles if it were more affordable, longer-lasting and stimulated the body's growth of collagen'.

The survey also found that the average woman looks at her face in the mirror almost five times a day, or once every three hours - a fact that is further emphasized by the fact that more than 45 million US women, around 60 per cent of the population, said they were more likely to worry about signs of aging on their face than their bodies.

Likewise, 60 per cent of the women who responded to the survey also said they thought men would find a beautiful face more 'kissable' than a beautiful body.

Focusing on specific categories within the 35-plus age group, the survey also found that 34 per cent of women between 35 and 44 reported feeling less when facial wrinkles appeared, while 17 per cent of those aged 45 to 54 and 22 per end of those aged 55 and older reported the same feeling.

"This finding is hardly a surprise," said Susan Weinkle, M.D., a cosmetic dermatologist in Bradenton, Florida, and guest speaker at a kick-off luncheon in New York City where the 'Face of Beauty' survey results were released.

"We are seeing a real shift in women's attitudes from 10 years ago. Today's woman is looking for the next generation, cost-effective solution to help fight the visible signs of aging. She is not content to wait for the appearance of tell-tale folds and wrinkles before investigating cosmetic fillers."

The market for anti-aging products is continuing to grow at well into double figures every year, defying far lower growth figures for other areas of the skin care segment.

In parallel with the growth of anti-aging creams, dermal fillers have also grown tremendously. Botox was seen as the pioneering dermal filler and continues to grow tremendously in popularity, both in North America and Europe.

Following this growth there has been a plethora of newly launched dermal filler products on to the markets. BioForm Medical claims that its product is differentiated by the fact that it contains calcium to help stimulate the growth of collagen and is competitively priced.

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