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P&G research makes new discoveries concerning the hair aging process

By Simon Pitman , 27-Nov-2012
Last updated on 27-Nov-2012 at 17:35 GMT2012-11-27T17:35:27Z

Procter & Gamble says a significant research program into the hair aging process in women has resulted in a new hair care line designed to counteract visible signs of hair follicle deterioration.

The newly launched Pantene AgeDefy products has been developed to include a shampoo, conditioner, masque and thickening treatment that have been developed around what the company has determined are the seven signs of aging for women’s hair.

Hair aging process is more than just extrinsic

“Understanding what really happens to hair as we age has been a big effort for us at Pantene,” said the principal scientist for the Pantene brand, Emily Overton.

“We’ve come to realize that, like skin, there is much more to it than just extrinsic hair aging. Hair also ages intrinsically. This means that the hair we are producing changes as we age.”

The comprehensive research program concluded that the seven signs of aging affected different aspects of the hair, contributing to an overall degradation of the hair quality, with those seven signs being:

  • Breakage
  • Split Ends
  • Frizz
  • Unruly Grays
  • Lackluster Color
  • Thin look
  • Dryness

The research program partnered with experts in the hair care field, compiling clinical data from more than 1,000 women to give what the company describes as ‘a much better picture of age-related changes in density and diameter’ of hair.

Pantene AgeDefy range

Hair aging begins before the menopause

Perhaps most interestingly, the research also revealed that the process of hair aging begins before menopause, at around age 35, with many of the signs going beyond simply graying and thinning, as underlined by the seven identified signs.

P&G is currently in the midst of a significant restructuring program that aims to turn around the company’s less that dynamic financial performance during the course of the last year.

CEO Bob McDonald has stated that an integral part of this restructuring program is a significant pipeline of new and highly innovative product launches, aimed at reinvigorating consumer interest in the company’s brand portfolio.

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