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P&G campaign focuses on stubble rash from kissing

Last updated on 16-Jan-2013 at 17:09 GMT

P&G has launched a marketing campaign aimed at drawing attention to the hazards of stubble rash from kissing.

The campaign is aiming to raise consumer awareness over how a clean-shaven individual can avoid this problem by remaining close-shaven.

Promoting the Gillette brand, the campaign is called The Kiss and Tell Live Experiment and will entail a roadshow that will travel to 15 US cities to discover 'if women prefer to kiss stubble or smooth shaven skin'.

The campaign kicks off today, with simultaneous events in both Los Angeles and New York City, and will involve real couples who will be invited to participate.

According to a P&G survey, approximately one in three women would avoid kissing a man because he had facial hair.

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