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Natural product producer targets tween market

By Andrew McDougall , 14-Sep-2010
Last updated on 14-Sep-2010 at 16:56 GMT2010-09-14T16:56:57Z

Good For You Girls (GFYG) has produced a range of skin care products for the tween market, using natural and organic ingredients.

The tween market, said to be children aged between 6 and 12, is the target focus for the natural brand and its two founders, who set up the company based on a lack of products available specifically for children and young adults.

“We could not find any products we felt were effective or age appropriate. While beautiful natural products existed, they were focused on anti-aging with a very adult price tag as well,” Kim Grustas, founder of GFYG, told

Rapidly growing interest in tween market

Children may suffer from loss of confidence due to poor personal care, explained Grustas, in addtion to health and skin care problems, and this is the driving force behind so many companies expanding into this demographic.

Indeed, P&G recently introduced a range of oral care products to rival Colgate in the tween market, with evidence of poor health and psychological damage amongst children in the US as the catalyst.

Grustas told she finds it sad that girls may feel embarrassed or ashamed because of blemishes on the skin and the goal of GFYG is to offer them the chance to use a natural product to solve these problems.

“We keep things simple because they should be. We promote the use of gel cleanser and blemish wash with the use of both our toner and moisturizer.”

“Our blemish wash has specifically created a nice following because it has gentle jojoba beads that help exfoliate but do not damage the skin.”

Specific requirements for younger audience

The GFYG range is specifically created to address the unique needs of younger skin. Its formulas contain an extensive list of natural ingredients all selected for their positive effects, particularly for younger skin.

Organic arnica is used for its anti-inflammatory and healing purposes. Organic lavender extract and organic avocado oil are used for their revitalizing and regenerative properties.

Other prominent ingredients include organic rose hip oil which has moisturizing components and organic sunflower seed oil which nourishes the skin and unclogs pores.

The developing trend appears to lie with consumers demanding safer options for themselves and family members, and GFYG believes it targets one specific demographic with the commitment to produce intelligent and healthy products.

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