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Marketing the anti-aging message in the US - For Men

By Andrew McDougall+

Last updated on 30-Jul-2014 at 17:10 GMT2014-07-30T17:10:53Z

Marketing the anti-aging message in the US - For Men

Getting a clear distinction between products for each gender and making sure to market grooming products specifically for men is of the utmost importance in the US.

When it comes to grooming, men are starting to invest more time, attention and money than ever before, and new research from Affinova suggests that in the US men want simple products that do the job and are targeted.

In 2013, the men’s personal care market hit $3.9 billion and NPD Group’s Karen Grant says, “Men have become increasingly conscious of the perks associated with looking good and they have a heightened awareness that looking good may provide them with an advantage in the workplace, as well as their personal lives.”

US men demand

The Affinova study, in which male consumers evaluated 88 million unique skin care concepts, finds that US men are more likely to see the value in having facial care products specifically to address aging effects.

Two of the top three optimized concepts chosen by US men promised the benefits of anti-aging in the product name and one of the products specifically promised the benefit of wrinkle removing.

Interestingly, these age-focused products were as likely to be chosen by younger men (ages 25-34) as they were by older men (35 and older), suggesting that younger US men are already looking for preventative solutions.

One of the big take-homes from the study, was also that brands need to make sure they ‘keep it manly’ in order to attract male consumers with targeted products such as Dove for Men, L’Oreal for Men, and Nivea for Men.


When it comes to the choice of ingredients in men’s products, Affinova finds that US men prefer product concepts that promoted familiar vitamins and antioxidants rather than newer natural ingredients.

For example, men in the US strongly preferred antioxidants and Vitamin D.

The multifunctional trend is also one that is prevalent in the States,with men opting for a 3-in-1 shaving cream with face wash and soap.

Affinova also says it is surprising that maintaining confidence and sex appeal were not the primary benefits men seek in anti-aging facial care products. Instead, men in the US most preferred concepts that centered on “feeling and being healthy.”

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