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Increasing knowledge and proof will help skin care devices sell

By Andrew McDougall+

Last updated on 05-Aug-2014 at 16:03 GMT2014-08-05T16:03:55Z

Increasing knowledge and proof will help skin care devices sell

When it comes to the success of skin care devices the most important thing is knowledge and proof that they work say a vast majority of consumers.

At-home beauty devices are evolving as a significant product category driven by new technologies and product launches, with skin care and hair removal being the primary areas of focus for these products.

Over the years the beauty device market has built on a solid foundation, yet is still waiting to fully be accepted by all. The potential is certainly there though.

According to research firm Kline Group, marketers continue to lure consumers in 2014 with improved technologies on existing products, new entries altogether, and high-priced anti-aging devices that utilize laser technology.

However when it comes to increasing popularity with consumers, it seems that increasing knowledge and proving efficacy are the most important factors.


According to Kline’s recently published consumer insights report conducted in six key markets, the penetration of the at-home beauty devices market is the highest in China, followed closely by the United States.

Almost 83% of the respondents surveyed indicate that the most important factors that contribute to the overall credibility of a device are: clinical trials, a brand’s reputation, and FDA approval.

Additionally, the vast majority of consumers who do not use devices said that they did not know about them. This signals the need for greater awareness and education amongst brand stewards in order to build sales.


Most people in the Kline survey said that they have anti-aging skin care concerns, so the research firm has highlighted two new product introductions, the Illuminage Beauty’s Skin Smoothing Laser and TRIA Beauty’s Age-Defying Laser device, as ones-to-watch.

Kline also points to the re-entry of an FDA-NuSkin Galvanic Spa which treats anti-aging signs using microcurrent technology, as a highlight of 2014 so far.

The information Group says that the well-known skin care brands promote new devices with well-known existing skin care regimen, increasing awareness through association.

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