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IMAN cosmetics angling for South Asian consumers

By Lucy Whitehouse + , 08-May-2014

IMAN cosmetics angling for South Asian consumers

IMAN cosmetics is set to sponsor the 2014 New York Indian Film Festival, in what the company is calling an effort to target South Asian women.

The sponsorship of the five day event will include an exclusive screening backed by the brand, of three Bollywood films to mark ‘100 years of Bollywood’.

Beginning their focus within the US, IMAN, which was founded in 1994 by the supermodel of the same name, hopes ultimately to attract the South Asian demographic globally, and set itself up as the go-to brand for women from the region.

Entertainment partnerships

The move comes as the latest in a series of marketing partnerships by the cosmetics brand with entertainment industry players.

Our goal is to help Iman achieve visibility and status as the cosmetics brand of choice for women with skin of color internationally through strategic entertainment partnerships,”  Olivia Scott-Perkins, founder of the marketing brand behind the campaign, Omerge Alliances, has said.

The marketing head confirmed the strategic emphasis on growing their consumer base.

We are excited to be able to help a brand with such a tremendous offering to women connect with their audience around consumer passion points such as film via the 2014 New York Film Festival," says

Wide reaching

The marketing head put forward IMAN’s belief that it holds the position as a forerunner of brands catering for ethnically diverse consumer groups.

"IMAN has the broadest range of colors for women with skin of color globally for eyes, lips and face, bar none,” she stated.

The film festival partnership suggests this is a reputation the brand is now moving to expand, coming at a time when many sources are predicting a boom in sales for cosmetics products which respond to multi-ethnic consumer concerns.

IMAN’s focus on the South Asian consumer group is timely: according to market research company Kline, African-American, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, and other people of color already account for over one-third of the U.S. population, and this is set to rise.  

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