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Anti-aging range promises surgery-like results

By Katie Bird , 22-Oct-2007

NutraLuxe MD releases its micro-encapsulated anti-aging range, which includes seven products that promise surgery-like results without pain or the use of harsh preservatives.

The US-based company's newest range has been made available to consumers via the company's website, with plans to release the range in Europe mid-November. The NutraLuxe MD Plus range consists of seven products, including a muscle freezing face lift product, a skin firming product and a wrinkle repair serum. In addition all the products in the new range, designed in collaboration with cosmetic surgeon Dr Andrew Hawrych, are paraben and pthalate free. spoke to Peter VonBerg of NutraLuxe MD who explained that as all of the active ingredients are micro-encapsulated, and the products are oil- rather than water-based, there is no need for chemical preservatives. In addition the micro-encapsulation of ingredients ensures that they remain active over time. The company's skin firming product utilises the micro-encapsulation technique in order to include vitamin C in the form of pure L-ascorbic acid into its products. "L-ascorbic acid is not stable, if added to a cream it will disintegrate within 10 hours. We are the first US company, to our knowledge, to use pure and active L-ascorbic acid in their products," VonBerg told The face lift product from the same range, to be topically applied, contains two key ingredients, myoxinal and agiriline, both classed as neuropeptides. The chemicals block the signal from the neuron to the muscle, thereby stopping it from contracting - the same effect that is achieved through botox injections. VonBerg explained that the chemicals have both an immediate and a cumulative effect. "The skin has a memory. As the muscle contracts less frequently the skin will flatten out and the wrinkles will get significantly smaller", he explained. After one to two months of daily topical application the consumer will begin to see the cumulative effects on the wrinkles, claimed VonBerg. The neuropeptides are a relatively new addition to the cosmetics market and NutraLuxe is the second company in the US to use them in its cosmetics products, according to VonBerg. Their popularity is likely to increase as the trend for surgery-inspired cosmetic products advances. The trade show Beyond Beauty, held in Paris this October, provided a launching pad for many new products of this kind. A significant number of these products come from relatively new companies, suggesting this development may play an important role in the cosmetics market of the future. The popularity of such products illustrates the nature of the modern consumer who is increasingly demanding of cosmetics products with high levels of efficacy. Simple anti-ageing and moisturising claims are not sufficient. Now it seems that cosmetics claiming to mimic the effects of surgery without the pain appear to be the way forward. NutraLuxe is looking to tap into this growing market worldwide. The company is currently applying for European registration for the range, through its sister company in Munich and plans to have the range available to consumers through its website in mid-November. NutraLuxe MD ultimately plans to release the range in high end pharmacies across Europe.

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