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Cosmetics Design's color cosmetics forum kicks off tomorrow!

03-Mar-2015 - There's still time left to register for Cosmetics Design's multifunctional color cosmetics forum, where our panel of experts will discuss the latest innovations and challenges of a segment where alphabet creams...

Cosmetics Design editorial calendar - Your industry needs you!

02-Mar-2015 - Cosmetics Design has plenty of dedicated webinar events and special newsletterslined up for you in 2015. This article highlights what we have in store and also serves as an invitation...

in-cosmetics Brasil gears up for a much bigger second event

26-Feb-2015 - Building on the success of last year’s first ever in-cosmetics Brasil, the organizer has changed venues in anticipation of a significantly bigger event.

Natural look trend presents beauty industry with an opportunity not a problem

26-Feb-2015 - The ‘natural look’ trend and campaigns such as the #nomakeupselfie can present an interesting opportunity to cosmetics companies rather than be a threat, providing the industry figures out how to...

Multimedia retailer HSN teams with Bluemercury CEO on natural skincare

25-Feb-2015 - Marla Malcolm Beck launched the M-61 skincare line 5 years ago to meet consumer demand for products formulated without parabens and sulfates as well as free from particular fragrances and dyes.

Skin Cancer Awareness

Ever wondered what sun damage looks like on your skin? New Nivea video shows you

24-Feb-2015 - Nivea is launching an international campaign to increase awareness about the risks of UV radiation with a video showing the effect that UV light has on the skin.

Hispanic men spend big on fragrance and grooming

23-Feb-2015 - Data from Nielsen analysts suggests that Latino consumers are making a big impression on the US personal care and cosmetics markets.

US consumers frustrated as media reports claim 'pink tax' is real

23-Feb-2015 - US female consumers expressed their frustrations last week following reports that the same toiletries marketed at men and women - such as deodorant, are more expensive for women. Cosmetics Design looks into...

Cosmetic brands facing more pressure on multifunctional credentials

20-Feb-2015 - As today’s modern consumer seeks to simplify their beauty routines, the general perception is that this simplicity comes at the cost of efficacy, placing more pressure on brands to boost...

Hemp biotech company branches out into cosmetics

19-Feb-2015 - Axim Biotechnologies, a specialist in cannabinoid research and industry hemp product development, has established a Cosmetics Division that will lead to a line of cannabinoid-based products.

When women are most fertile they seek variety, so brand marketers take note

19-Feb-2015 - When women are at their most fertile they often seek more options in men, and this also leads to them seeking greater variety in consumer products such as what make-up...

Moroccan oil sneaks into shaving product

18-Feb-2015 - Moroccan oil, also known as argan oil, has been profiled as a hair care ingredient, but increasingly it is popping up in skin care products, too, and has now been...

Good hair and teeth will help you find love, says Harley Street clinic

17-Feb-2015 - What do you look for in the perfect partner? According to a new study, British women value hair and teeth as the important features in prospective partners, and men agree...

Beauty marketers falling short when it comes to advertising

16-Feb-2015 - Beauty market advertising spend is down this year, but is also targeted wrongly meaning it is missing the point, according to information firm Nielsen, which highlights what needs to change.

Non-GMO cosmetics, a trend in the making

12-Feb-2015 - Non-GMO cosmetics are soon to be a hit, according to analysts, as cosmetic formulations are incorporating more truly natural ingredients, and often follow developments in the supplement markets, which already...

Canadian consumers trust L’Oreal, Revlon, Sally Hanson

12-Feb-2015 - Recent BrandSpark research on Canadian consumer trust of CPGs identified which beauty brands shoppers rely on in each product category.

L’Oréal turns its attention to potential of Russian market

12-Feb-2015 - L’Oréal has given the Russian cosmetics market the once over and highlights the potential of the market in a new study, dissecting the market.

Pantene earns social capital sponsoring grants to colleges

10-Feb-2015 - The brand’s Shine Strong program continues this year with funding recently awarded to 11 US campus action projects in partnership with the American Association of University Women.

NO-AD brand launches multifunctional skin care line

10-Feb-2015 - The sun care product company will soon be selling two anti-aging body lotions that integrate the SPF protection NO-AD is known best for.

Nonie Creme Colour Prevails launches at Walgreens

05-Feb-2015 - Nail care and make-up collections from the former founding creative director at beauty brand Butter London will go on sale at the mainstream retail locations over the next two months.

L'Oreal Professionnel to launch Wet Domination styling products

04-Feb-2015 - The product line will be for use in salons by hairdressers and promises wearable wet styled looks.

Multifunctional color cosmetics - are you up to date?

04-Feb-2015 - While the 'alphabet cream craze' undoubtedly epitomizes multi-functionality; BB, CC, and DD creams are just the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, Cosmetics Design has dedicated a forum to keep the industry up to...

‘Truly natural’ positioning to boost global market, says Kline

03-Feb-2015 - The global natural personal care market could be due a boost in the coming years as brands begin to look at positioning themselves as ‘truly natural’ in order to gain...

With color, it’s all about the face, not nails

02-Feb-2015 - It used to be nails that were the top focus for color, but that has changed in the last year as eyes and lips have become the in-demand area for...

Private label brands get creative to land loyal consumers

27-Jan-2015 - Exclusive personal care brands use multiple strategies to keep consumers repurchasing and coming back for more.

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