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Ascendia relaunches baby toiletries brand

27-Jun-2006 - In an attempt to tap into significant opportunities in the baby personal care sector bought about by shifting demographics, Ascendia Brands is relaunching its Baby Magic baby toiletries range by...

Southern Cosmetics fights spam to protect its investors

27-Jun-2006 - California-based Southern Cosmetics has introduced a spyware and spam analysis program that claims to have protected the company from the potential threat of spam campaigns spreading rumors concerning business dealings...

Beauty industry blamed for making women feel bad about themselves

26-Jun-2006 - According to a new survey from YouGov, women are pointing the finger at marketing and advertising campaigns conducted by the beauty industry featuring unrealistic female images for giving them a...

Brazilian cosmetic industry eyes up US market

23-Jun-2006 - The Brazilian cosmetics industry is targeting the US market in an effort to increase imports, with a business promotion event in Miami, Florida, together with the promotion of its participation...

EU and US step up fight against counterfeiters, importers

22-Jun-2006 - EU and US officials will take joint action worldwide against counterfeiting and intellectual property theft, an illegal trade that includes millions of items of fake foodstuffs and drinks.

Sex wins Americans back round to deodorant

21-Jun-2006 - After two years of falling deodorant sales, it appears Americans have been won back to deodorant by a sex-infused marketing campaign by leading global brand Axe.

Advitech finalises France deal, secures financing

19-Jun-2006 - Advitech has secured two-part interim financing totalling C$350,000 to assist in ongoing commercialisation of its psoriasis product from sweet whey, Dermylex. The boon for the Canadian company coincides with the...

French naturals market shows industry-leading growth

19-Jun-2006 - The French market for naturals is showing the highest growth rates in Europe, attracting international companies eager to carve out a slice of what is already Europe's leading cosmetic and...

Crest launches new multi-purpose toothpaste

16-Jun-2006 - P&G-owned Crest says that its latest toothpaste, Crest Pro-Health, is the culmination of ten years of development work and should prove to be one of the most comprehensive and far-reaching...

Swiss skin care specialist expands into US market

15-Jun-2006 - Feelgoods International says it is focusing future expansion on the US market, having developed its name as a provider of facial cosmetic products in both the Swiss and German markets...

Cosmetics industries harmonise global sunscreen testing

12-Jun-2006 - Cosmetics industry bodies in Europe, the USA, Japan and South Africa have signed an agreement to unify sunscreen product testing - a move that takes the industry one step closer...

Jujube fruit features in revitalizing skin care products

09-Jun-2006 - A US firm has launched a new range of products containing the popular Chinese fruit jujube, which is believed to slow down the aging process.

Gucci and P&G Beauty join forces for fragrance alliance

07-Jun-2006 - France-based PPR's have announced the start of a long-term licensing agreement with P&G Beauty to produce, sell and distribute Fine Fragrance products under the Gucci brand.

Next generation Botox approved by FDA

06-Jun-2006 - A "next generation" of facial wrinkle correction formulas, from Allergan, the makers of Botox, has been given the all-clear by the FDA.

China steadily increasing presence in C&T raw materials

05-Jun-2006 - Multinational suppliers for the cosmetics and toiletries industries are facing increasing competition from China, while Japan continues to offer innovation, says a new report from Kline and Company.

Tahitian Noni develops natural-based hair care range

03-Jun-2006 - Noni has been long known as a health and juice ingredient but increasingly it is being included in cosmetic and toiletry products, as evinced by the latest hair care line...

Banana Boat targets kids with tear-free sunscreens

02-Jun-2006 - A new line of tear-free sunscreen products for children have been launched in the US by Playtex subsidiary Banana Boat Suncare.

US market to see more natural baobab for use in cosmetics, food

02-Jun-2006 - A Canadian and an African company are set to tap the emerging market for baobab ingredients for use in cosmetic and functional food applications. The two firms recently teamed up...

RPC pioneers biodegradeable colour cosmetic packaging

01-Jun-2006 - RPC Cresstale, part of the RPC Group, claims to be the first company to produce a lipstick that is 100 per cent biodegradeable thanks to a breakthrough of a polymer...

Colipa opens the doors to its AGM

01-Jun-2006 - Estoril, Portugal is the venue for this year's Colipa AGM - one of the European industry's primary forum. The CosmeticsDesign team will be covering the event, which this year centres...

Middle East beauty market set for big growth

29-May-2006 - Latest market research suggests that the Middle Eastern market for cosmetics and personal care products is set to experience major growth this year as the region's economy and retailers continue...

Online spending on cosmetics increases by more than 30 per cent

25-May-2006 - Online sales of cosmetics and fragrances in the US remains small but are continuing to grow well in excess of average market rates. While the total market passed the $100m...

Could a dental brace prove to be the next big thing in anti-ageing?

24-May-2006 - A London-based dentist is claiming that a specially-developed brace can make people look up to 20 years younger, just by wearing it for a few minutes a day.

Brazil set to be world's third largest beauty market by 2007

23-May-2006 - Strong growth in sales of beauty products continues to see the Brazilian market powering away. In 2005 the market grew at 34.2 per cent to become the world's fourth largest...

Skin care sponsorship extends to males

23-May-2006 - Lancome has taken the brave step of becoming one of the first major cosmetics companies to sponsor a leading male star to promote male skin care products.

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