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Power to the peptides

16-Jan-2008 - Peptide based ingredients that promise to have similar muscle freezing effects to botox are the hot trend to watch in 2008, as they appear in the new wave of ultra-scientific...

NSF plans to introduce new organic personal care standard

16-Jan-2008 - NSF International plans to introduce new organic personal care standards in the coming months to meet rising demand and offer a different level of certification.

Sustainable manufacturers reaping consumer rewards

15-Jan-2008 - US consumers are becoming increasingly concerned over social and environmental implications when choosing packaged food and beverage brands, according to a new report by Information Resources, Inc (IRI).

Ayurvedic ingredients hit US market

14-Jan-2008 - US-based company Nutraceuticals International has formed a joint venture with India's Amruta Herbals to develop and market Indian plant extracts for use in the cosmetics and nutraceuticals market.

Enhanced water drives US beauty food market

14-Jan-2008 - Functional water is leading the US market for beauty foods whilst the dairy industry is failing to recognize the opportunities of this growing sector, according to a report by journal...

Colour cosmetics firms seek out latest trends

14-Jan-2008 - Manufacturers of colour cosmetics are tapping into trends from other segments of the beauty industry and seeking to provide convenience for the busy consumer to prevent sales from stagnating, according...

Nextera launches super food cosmetics

14-Jan-2008 - With beauty foods tipped as one of the biggest growth markets for the coming year, new product launches featuring super food ingredients like the new skin care line from Nextera...

Fruit juice and dairy hold beauty promise

10-Jan-2008 - Fruit juices and dairy products promise to deliver sales growth for companies looking to exploit the beauty from within trend.

Skincare leads the way in China's prestige beauty market

10-Jan-2008 - Anti-ageing and whitening products drive China's prestige beauty industry whilst colour cosmetics may prove to be the sector to watch in 2008.

NuSkin expands its direct selling in China

10-Jan-2008 - US based skin care and cosmetics company NuSkin has been given permission to expand its direct selling activity in China.

Regulatory confusion over eyelash enhancer

09-Jan-2008 - Jan Marini Skin Research (JMSR) has removed its eyelash lengthening product from the market due to fears over the FDA's standpoint on products that blur the line between cosmetics and...

Lip gloss claims to help you slim

09-Jan-2008 - A new slimming lip gloss modelled on a range of energy drinks takes the collaboration between the food and cosmetics industries to a new level.

Online marketplace to promote ethical consumerism

08-Jan-2008 - A new online ethical marketplace affiliated with eBay is to be launched in the Spring attempting to promote ethical consumerism in a wide range of industry sectors.

Beauty supplements look set to boom

07-Jan-2008 - As women go for increasingly sophisticated anti-aging and skin care treatments, beauty supplements look poised to be one of the top growth trends for 2008.

Consumer group expects sharp rise in organic certification

07-Jan-2008 - The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) expects the number of organic certified personal care products in the US to rise sharply during 2008 as consumers pick up on the importance of certification.

Indian spend on big brands remains low

07-Jan-2008 - Despite significant growth in the Indian cosmetics and toiletries market in recent years, per capita cosmetics consumption still remains the lowest in Asia, according to the Associated Chambers of Commerce...

Cuban cosmetics company targets France

04-Jan-2008 - Suchel Camacho, one of Cuba's leading cosmetic and fragrance manufacturers, says it plans to expand its reach into global markets with a new line of natural-based products.

Holiday retail sales look unsteady as inflation bites

03-Jan-2008 - Although official retail figures showing holiday spend in the US are not out until the middle of January, it looks as though personal care companies are facing up to further...

Transdermal Cosmetics poised for big US launch

03-Jan-2008 - The maker of what is claimed to be the first ever anti-ageing cream to deliver collagen to the skin, Transdermal Cosmetics, is set to make a big launch on the...

Prestige skin care and make-up look strong for 2008

02-Jan-2008 - The prestige beauty market continues to out-perform an otherwise flat market as US consumers rush to treat themselves to expensive anti-aging creams and metallic effect color make-up.

Sun care for sports enthusiasts

20-Dec-2007 - A sun care range designed specifically for outdoor sports enthusiasts will be rolled out in the New Year, illustrating further segmentation within the sector.

Palm oil price fears rise with flood waters

20-Dec-2007 - Severe flooding in Malaysia looks likely to affect palm oil supplies for November and December, sparking a shortage that would drive up prices.

Marketing efforts step up in time for Christmas

19-Dec-2007 - Marketing machines have been put into top gear as companies look to grab the maximum number of beauty dollars during the spending frenzy of Christmas.

Calls for investigation into cumulative risks of phthalates

19-Dec-2007 - Interest group calls for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to perform a cumulative risk assessment on phthalates, as the only way to ensure public safety.

Dermitage taps into interactive online trend

17-Dec-2007 - California-based Dermitage has launched a new, more interactive website to market its cosmeceutical range, tapping into the trend for websites that involve consumers with more product details.

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