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Survey shows sunscreen is still not a priority

05-Apr-2007 - A new survey carried out by dermatologists in the US shows that consumers are still not aware, or else don't take seriously, the importance of using sunblock or sunscreen to...

North American-wide recall for anti-wrinkle cream

05-Apr-2007 - California-based Woodbridge Labs has announced that it is recalling certain DermaFreeze 365 anti-aging products in Canada and the United states after samples tested positive for potentially dangerous bacteria.

Canadian health and personal care player restructures

04-Apr-2007 - Trillium Health Care Products has restructured its operations, in an effort to more clearly define its liquid and bar soap manufacturing operations for the North American market.

Demand for non-traditional hair dyes leads to new player

04-Apr-2007 - In response to consumer demands for quality non-traditional hair dye brands in North America, two personal care providers, Italy-based Hair Styling Application (HSA) and Canada-based LEK have formed Italhair to...

World's first 'spiritual' perfume launched

04-Apr-2007 - Niche fragrance provider IBI has launched what is claimed to be the first ever 'spiritual' perfume, a product that its creators claim has been formulated and marketed to remind wearers...

Camel's milk cosmetics, coming your way?

04-Apr-2007 - One of the world's leading producers of Camel's milk says it is considering venturing into the production of camel's milk to take advantage of its rich source of vitamins and...

China proposes to ease import requirements

02-Apr-2007 - China has long-proved a difficult market for personal care players to crack, but after the government recently announced that it was relaxing personal care import regulations from countries with BSE,...

Mass market serum innovates anti-aging market

30-Mar-2007 - A mass-market anti-wrinkle cream by the UK's leading health and beauty store, Boots, is hitting headlines today, as sales for the product rose by 2000 per cent following an independent...

Japanese cosmetics players creep up on global rivals

29-Mar-2007 - Western cosmetic manufacturers are becoming increasingly threatened by up-and-coming Japanese players - who are slowly but surely rising in popularity, according to a new report.

Halal cosmetics spell big opportunities

29-Mar-2007 - The market for Halal cosmetics is growing on a global basis, but nowhere is this trend more pronounced than in the Middle East, where conscientious consumers are specifically searching out...

Popular dermal filler can regenerate collagen

28-Mar-2007 - Claims that anti-aging treatments can help regenerate collagen have been proliferating of late, with a new independent study adding the popular dermal filler Restylane to the list

Novelty ingredients set to innovate cosmetics industry?

27-Mar-2007 - As the cosmetics industry becomes over-run with plant and fruit extract ingredients - manufacturers are beginning to diversify with 'novelty' ingredients that capitalise on the growing desire for alternative products,...

China: full of opportunities, but investors beware

26-Mar-2007 - With China consumers buying up personal care and cosmetic products at unprecedented rates opportunities for abound for investors, but a new financial report advises caution.

New skin care line features preservative-free formulation technology

22-Mar-2007 - Mannatech has launched a new skin care line featuring a proprietary water technology that means the formulation has no need for any preservatives - giving it a head start in...

Mass retailer targets organic personal care market

22-Mar-2007 - Mirroring the trend already seen in Europe for mass market retailers to start stocking organic personal care lines, Target, one of the biggest retailers in the US, is about to...

New York state mulls expiration dates for sunscreens

22-Mar-2007 - New York assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg and state senator Charles Fuschillo are co-sponsoring a bill that is aimed at introducing expiration dates on sun care products.

Phillips-Van Heusen signs IZOD fragrance agreement

21-Mar-2007 - The design apparel brand owner has signed an agreement with Gemini Cosmetics that will see it market and distribute fragrances for men and women under the PVH IZOD brand.

Coke-L'Oreal rumours show beauty beverage potential

15-Mar-2007 - Beauty foods are hotting up as an area of interest for multinationals, if rumours about a Coca Cola-L'Oréal collaboration for a tea-based skin care drink prove founded.

Putting the personal into skin care

15-Mar-2007 - A Florida-based company claims to be one of the first to address the area of penis skin care having launched a cream specially formulated for the specific needs.

New Zealand skin care lines goes American

14-Mar-2007 - Parrs Products, a New Zealand-based maker of natural-based skin care products, has signed a deal to distribute throughout North America, driven by interest in its indigenous plant extracts and other...

Russian cosmetic sales achieves high growth

13-Mar-2007 - Cosmetic sales in Russia - and Western manufacturers active in the market - are on the up thanks to a booming economy, GDP increase and a decrease in unemployment.

Courts amend decision over Arch and Active Concepts

12-Mar-2007 - The New Jersey Superior Court has refined part of its decision against Arch Personal Care, conceding that product formulas purchased on a specific date from Active Concepts are not a...

New fragrance range combats harmful hair maintenance regimes

12-Mar-2007 - Canada based Pure and Petal has launched a new hair fragrance line that taps into the growing consumer desire consumers for products that allow their hair to maintain a fresh,...

Oriflame launches a natural anti-aging range using a Tri-peptide content

08-Mar-2007 - Direct sales agent Oriflame has created an anti-aging skin care line that targets the lucrative baby boomer generation, whilst also capitilising on the growing trend amongst manufacturers using ingredients to...

Natural food business makes jump into personal care

07-Mar-2007 - A Florida-based natural foods business has made the jump into the fast-growing organic personal care segment with the launch of a full range of honey-based skin and hair care products.

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