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Health Canada attempts to lift cosmetic regulation confusion

15-Jun-2007 - Health Canada has published a guidance document in order to counterattack confusion regarding the regulation of ingredients in cosmetics - a hot topic in the cosmetics industry at present.

Cosmeceutical partnership to commercialise skin care range

14-Jun-2007 - Health care provider Alltracel this week launched a cosmeceutical skin care range, part of a six-month product development programme.

UV light protector hits colour cosmetics industry

12-Jun-2007 - A new formulation will protect ingredients in cosmetics products from UV light, the manufacturer claims.

Faces Cosmetics sets sights on Indian market

12-Jun-2007 - Aiming to tap into India's booming cosmetics and personal products market, Canadian firm Faces Cosmetics plans to set up a series of stores across the country.

Personal care leads the US naturals segment

11-Jun-2007 - A new market reports claims that the naturals and organics market is being led by very strong growth in the personal care category, as consumers continue to seek products without...

UK company highlights need for low-cost organic cosmetics

07-Jun-2007 - A UK organic cosmetic manufacturer spoke out yesterday about the cost of natural cosmetic products - suggesting that price bands should mirror the need for products that are beneficial to...

FDA advises against buying toothpaste from China

07-Jun-2007 - In light of the recent scare over poisonous chemicals found in toothpaste exports from China, the US Food and Drug Administration has advised consumers to avoid buying any toothpaste labeled...

Worthington revamps to profit from Canadian market

07-Jun-2007 - Leading hair stylist Charles Worthington has revamped his hair care range in a bid to branch out of the UK and make his mark on the booming hair-care industry in...

Colipa market report highlights strong growth

07-Jun-2007 - Colipa's AGM, held last week in Stockholm, Sweden, highlighted the fact that, with the European Union continuing to expand, and the market for cosmetics and toiletries also growing fast, finding...

Hilton skin care range extended with new partnership

06-Jun-2007 - A new beauty patch will be added to the Kathy Hilton skin care line following the collaboration between two skin care specialists working on the brand.

Medical organization airs caution over cosmeucitcals regulation

06-Jun-2007 - A US-based medical organization has advised caution over the use of cosmeceutical products, outlining the fact that they are largely regulated as cosmetic products and not medicines, despite the powerful...

Avon to build Ohio distribution centre

06-Jun-2007 - Direct sales beauty giant Avon says it is constructing a new distribution center in Ohio that will deal with 50 per cent of the company's total distribution requirements in the...

Natural and anti-aging formulations drive makeup market

04-Jun-2007 - The two major preoccupations in the cosmetics world at the moment - anti-aging and naturals - are driving the US makeup segment as women pay more attention to what they...

Opportunities in Vietnam and Pakistan, but beware!

04-Jun-2007 - Manufacturers hoping to cash in on Pakistan and Vietnam's booming markets need to tread carefully, says a new report.

Sugar-free range developed to target chronic dry skin

31-May-2007 - A Portland-based personal care manufacturer has developed a sugar-free skin care product to treat consumers suffering with chronic dry skin.

Pressure increases on China over trading standards

30-May-2007 - The recent scare over tainted toothpaste imported from China is forcing US authorities to mount pressure on the China government to impose restrictions and increase vigilance over imports of gray...

Internet aids US bath and body company's expansion into Canada

30-May-2007 - Esscentual Brands is using the Internet to expand its presence in the Canadian cosmetics market.

BioGin to launch resveratrol for weight loss

29-May-2007 - BioGin Biochemicals has announced it is launching resveratrol products primarily targeted at weight loss for the United States market.

More international companies target Latin American market

29-May-2007 - A Finnish cosmetics company is making in-roads into the Latin American market by striking up a new partnership with Farmacias Ahumada (FASA), a leading pharmaceutical chain in the region.

Show highlights latest spa personal care trends

28-May-2007 - The Ex-Tracts expo, which will be highlighting the latest personal care trends in the rapidly growing spa, salon and specialty retail sector, is set to open its door in New...

Alima Cosmetics receives German naturals certification

28-May-2007 - Tapping into the fast-growing market for natural cosmetic and personal care products, Texas-based Alima Cosmetics has received the BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics Seal for its line of 240 mineral make-up products.

Canadian lobby groups increase pressure over labeling

24-May-2007 - Mirroring campaigns run by lobby groups in the US, cancer groups in Canada are putting pressure on industry to update the labeling of personal care products in a bid to...

Male grooming backlash turned around by male cosmetics?

24-May-2007 - With the male grooming trend taken to the heart of many a marketing campaign, sales growth figures are said to have plateaued, with industry insiders now hoping that new innovations...

FDA blocks imports of China-made toothpaste

24-May-2007 - Following reports that imports of toothpaste from China to Central America and Australia contained a potentially lethal chemical, the US FDA says it has closed its border to all toothpaste...

Sunless tanner taps into new dispensing technology

24-May-2007 - Texas-based Mystic Tan says it has enhanced the delivery of its sunless tanning product with the incorporation of MyMyst System, a dispenser that relies on single-use cartridges to provide a...