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Market Trends, Developments and Insights

Market Trends

Are you looking to know which markets are the most lucrative, emerging and how the developed markets are getting on? Or maybe what segments are doing best or which areas are tipped for future growth?

Here you can stay up speed with the latest consumer trends, expert insight and market developments.

Nutricosmetics set to be the next big niche

21-Sep-2006 - First there was cosmeceuticals, now there is nutricosmetics. The big difference is that these products are taken orally to improve health and beauty, and according to the latest market study,...

Oriflame gets China go ahead

20-Sep-2006 - Oriflame has become the third foreign cosmetics company to be granted a direct sales license in China, putting it on track to carve out a slice of the country's fast-growing...

Are Botox users becoming dependent?

19-Sep-2006 - A new study suggests that the continued rise in the use of Botox injections to prevent wrinkles might be partly attributable to the fact that many patients find the injections...

Nordic cosmetic player mulls IPO

19-Sep-2006 - With a number of companies said to be interested in buying up the company, an executive of Finland-based Lumene Cosmetics says that a stock market listing could be a strong...

Fujifilm poised to become major cosmetic player

19-Sep-2006 - Fuji Photo Film says it has entered the health and beauty business through the expansion of its existing life science business, marked by the launch of a functional skin care...

Kyowa Hakko brings back its CoQ10

18-Sep-2006 - Kyowa Hakko has re-launched sales of its patented coenzyme Q10 following a six-year break, and is one of many companies entering this fold as supply increases following bottlenecks.

Beiersdorf launches new anti-aging treatment targeting DNA

08-Sep-2006 - Scientists at Beiersdorf research and development laboratories have created a new anti-ageing formula containing a combination of cell-active Folic Acid and Creatine to target skin's DNA.

Could donkey milk hold the secret to skin health?

06-Sep-2006 - Cleopatra swore by it, bathing daily in asses' milk as part of her beauty regime. But now, following the death of the world's oldest women - another devoted fan of...

First ever consumer anti-aging mag launched

04-Sep-2006 - The world's first anti-aging magazine is about to be launched, tapping into the phenomenal growth of a market that has been largely defined by cosmetic products such as anti-wrinkle treatments.

Facial brightening - the next big thing in anti-aging?

04-Sep-2006 - A new anti-aging treatment could be set to turn the market on its head. If facial brightening manage to tap into the incredible growth in the same way as other...

US cosmetics market bucks downward trend

30-Aug-2006 - Growing interest in both premium end products and anti-aging products has helped give the cosmetics and toiletries market in the US its first significant boost after five years of falling...

Can you really eat this stuff?

29-Aug-2006 - Once dismissed as a fad, edible cosmetics are starting to make their mark on the global market as an increasing number of launches hone in on consumer desires for natural...

BAA says cosmetics restrictions here indefinitely

28-Aug-2006 - Tough restrictions on the carrying on board of cosmetics products will remain firmly in place as long as the UK government maintains the current security status for the country.

The New York Times appoints first ever perfume critic

24-Aug-2006 - Capitalizing on the growing interest and demand for luxury fragrances, The New York Times has appointed Chandler Burr as its first columnist to review and rate fragrances.

Direct seller launches campaign to find innovative beauty product

22-Aug-2006 - Product Partners, a Los Angeles company concerned with the marketing and distribution of health and wellness products, is launching a global campaign, 'Breakthrough in Beauty', to find the world's top...

Political turmoil turns luxury cosmetics market on its head

18-Aug-2006 - Security threats have already made the headlines this week, but now it seems that general global political instability is affecting consumer confidence relating to luxury cosmetic and fragrance purchases.

China rapidly emerges as a worldwide hub for cosmetics

18-Aug-2006 - With exports of cosmetic products from China expected to rise 20 per cent during the course of 2006, China is rapidly emerging as a world-wide hub for the cosmetics industry....

Terror threat presents double whammy for cosmetic industry

17-Aug-2006 - The recent terror threats that caused disruption to flights world-wide are also expected to have an impact on the cosmetics industry, caused by the combination of airport closures and restrictions...

Janson Beckett introduces new anti-aging skin care products

10-Aug-2006 - In answer to rising demand for natural-based skin care products imbued with active ingredients, Janson Beckett Cosmeceuticals has launched four new anti-aging skin care products with moisturizing, firming, and protection...

P&G files patent infringement against Olay 'mimic'

10-Aug-2006 - Procter & Gamble has taken a tough line against a product line manufactured by Perrigo New York, which the cosmetic giant claims closely imitates its core Olay brand.

Chocolate - the delicious skin care ingredient

07-Aug-2006 - Sensation Chocolat Paris is due to launch a new skin care range on the market this winter that taps into increasing demands for exotic, natural and effective ingredients.

No one's doing their nails at home any more

03-Aug-2006 - Women are apparently abandoning the habit of doing their nails in the privacy of their own home in favor of professional nail care services, a move that is hitting domestic...

HBA to include first annual regulatory summit

28-Jul-2006 - In response to growing regulatory legislation on a global level the organizers of this year's HBA event will hold the first Regulatory Summit, a day long seminar that will include...

DNA-tested cosmetics come to Europe

27-Jul-2006 - Genelink's Dermagenetics brand has been making a big splash in the US with its DNA-tested and tailored anti-ageing treatments. Now available in Europe, the company is claiming that its approach...

FDA approves Mexoryl in L'Oreal sunscreen

25-Jul-2006 - The FDA's controversial decision not to approve Mexoryl, an ingredient that provides valuable protection from the sun's UVA rays, looks uncertain after US regulators decided to approve a L'Oreal sunscreen...

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