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China can't improve product safety alone

12-Dec-2007 - Companies outsourcing to China need to go well beyond price and delivery terms to ensure that their products are not toxic, warned the Investor Environmental Health Network (IEHN) as trade...

Cream Perfume Company goes organic

12-Dec-2007 - Niche becomes even more niche, as the California Cream Perfume Company taps into a key industry trend with the launch of it first certified organic fragrance range.

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Union formed to encourage ethical trade in natural ingredients

06-Dec-2007 - The Union for Ethical BioTrade could help cosmetics companies negotiate the regulatory 'minefield' of trading with local producers in Africa, South America and Asia, whilst ensuring ethical trade that benefits...

Cosmetics consumers looking for reassurance

06-Dec-2007 - Faced with a constant barrage of health scares and growing fears about the environment, the consumer is seeking reassurance when buying cosmetics, said marketing expert Micheal Gutsatz at the Natural...

Countdown to harmonisation of organic and natural standards

04-Dec-2007 - Representatives of Europe's leading natural and organic certification bodies told delegates at the Natural Beauty Summit that they are on course to develop a common standard by June 2008.

Estee Lauder group president resigns

03-Dec-2007 - Estee Lauder has announced the resignation of group president Philip Shearer who currently holds responsibility for some of the company's most prestigious brands including Clinique and Aveda.

FDA extends feedback period on new sunscreen regulations

03-Dec-2007 - The FDA has extended the feedback period on the sunscreen regulations proposed this summer, in response to calls from industry for time to complete laboratory tests.

High double-digit growth expected in nanotech cosmetics market

03-Dec-2007 - The market for cosmetics using nanotechnology is expected to grow significantly over the coming years despite continued concern about the safety of the technology.

Mintel lifts the lid on cosmetics trends for 2008

30-Nov-2007 - Eco-friendly, ethical personal care products are likely to prove one of the biggest worldwide trends in 2008, alongside toiletries that smell good enough to eat, masstige personal care products, mineral...

Pearlescent pigments for personal care

29-Nov-2007 - Sun Chemical, an international producer of inks and pigments, has released a range of pearlescent pigments in shadow form, for use in cosmetics and personal care products.

Natural cosmetics lobby group formed

29-Nov-2007 - The formation of NaTrue, a lobby group that will represent the interests of the natural cosmetics industry, was announced today at the Natural Beauty Summit in Paris.

Market for teens and tweens boosted by more pocket money

28-Nov-2007 - Increased spending power is having a knock-on effect on personal care spend for teens and tweens, and market analysts are expecting the growth to continue.

Male skin care range targets testosterone

27-Nov-2007 - Industry expert Didier Rase has launched a new men's anti-ageing skin care range, claimed to be the first to feature a plant derived ingredient that inhibits testosterone deficiency.

Gold and diamond lipstick costing $62,000 hits US market

26-Nov-2007 - French luxury firm Guerlain has released its KissKiss Gold and Diamonds lipstick in selected stores in the US, with the impressive price tag of $62,000.

Athena withdraws its eyelash enhancer

21-Nov-2007 - Athena cosmetics has withdrawn its eyelash enhancing product from the market in response to the FDA's seizure of similar products last week, adding to the controversy surrounding the regulation of...

FDA seizes $2m worth of confusing cosmetics

19-Nov-2007 - Regulators seized about $2m worth of an eyelash lengthening product, one of a new breed of beauty goods that fall into regulatory no-man's land between drugs and cosmetics.

Cappuccino extract as the latest anti-aging ingredient

19-Nov-2007 - Cappuccino extract is claimed to have anti-aging benefits for both skin and hair, adding to a growing number of nutraceutical supplements with cosmetic claims currently on the market.

Dermatologist support for UV filters in hair care

15-Nov-2007 - Hair care products that contain UV filters to protect against sun damage have been championed by dermatologists at the American Academy of Dermatology.

Skin care brands seek out counterfeit protection

15-Nov-2007 - Two leading skin care brands have turned to OpSec Security to help them tackle the growing problems of counterfeiting and gray market online sales.

EU-US talks focus on harmonizing animal testing

15-Nov-2007 - European cosmetics industry association Colipa says that last week's Transatlantic Economic Council meeting helped the EU and US to move one step closer towards streamlining regulations governing animal testing.

Dermitage launches anti-aging products for the hands

14-Nov-2007 - Skin care specialist Dermitage has launched an anti-aging foaming cleanser and skin cream for the hands, underlining the increasing segmentation of the fast maturing market for anti-aging products.

Organic chocolates double as antioxidant facemask

14-Nov-2007 - A new organic dark chocolate sweet that contains superfruit extracts can be melted down and used as a facemask, according to the manufacturer, Phytobase.

Dow Corning releases guide for hair care formulators

14-Nov-2007 - Dow Corning has released a hair care product selection guide in an effort to help formulators find their way through the company's extensive range of hair care ingredients.

EU-US talks focus on trade barriers

12-Nov-2007 - Following on from the first ever meeting of the Transatlantic Economic Council, EU and US officials say that renewed efforts over trade barriers, security, accounting standards and labeling are likely...

Cosmetics on agenda for US-EU trade talks

08-Nov-2007 - The first meeting of the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) takes place in Washington this week, with the freeing up of cosmetics trade on the cards.

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