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Fair Trade certification spreads to cosmetics

31-Jan-2008 - Shea butter has become the first cosmetic ingredient to be certified as Fair Trade in Canada but others are likely to follow as ethical consumerism catches on.

Consumer mega trends and the cosmetics industry

31-Jan-2008 - Peering into the future and guiding businesses through the hottest emerging trends from infomania to maturalism is the theme of James Harkin's Big Ideas: The Essential Guide to the Latest...

US trade association helps manufacturers cope with REACH

30-Jan-2008 - The Personal Care Products Council is holding a seminar in Washington next week to discuss the implications of Europe's REACH legislation for American manufacturers.

Economy concerns lead to slower growth of indulgence cosmetics

30-Jan-2008 - US Consumers are spending less on indulgence mass market beauty products, which is likely to lead to slower market growth rates, a new market study finds.

Elizabeth Arden will make perfumes for Italian fashion house

29-Jan-2008 - Elizabeth Arden has entered into a licensing agreement to make fragrance, cosmetics and skin care products with Italian fashion designer Alberta Ferretti.

Medical distribution channel booming, says Kline

29-Jan-2008 - Physicians' clinics have been identified as the new booming marketing channel for cosmetics and skin care products in the US, says market research company Kline.

Mineral make-up brand aims for global reach

29-Jan-2008 - California-based BellaPierre Cosmetics says it is aiming to turn its mineral-based make-up line into a global brand through the development of a worldwide family of franchises.

UK and US catch up on Asian-led nutricosmetics trend

25-Jan-2008 - Although the Asia Pacific region continues to be the main launch pad for new nutricosmetics products, latest market movements show that the UK and US are catching up.

Clinique and Allergan collaborate on new skin care line

24-Jan-2008 - A skin care line from Estee Lauder's Clinique brand in collaboration with botox-manufacturer Allergan is the latest in surgery inspired cosmetics.

L'Oreal will ask suppliers for data on carbon emissions

22-Jan-2008 - Global personal care companies will ask suppliers to provide information about their carbon footprint as part of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Customization goes mass market

21-Jan-2008 - Customizable products are hitting the world of color cosmetics and mass market skin care, illustrating a unique product niche for packaging manufacturers.

Anti-aging body care products hit US consumers

21-Jan-2008 - Body care is the latest product category to tout anti-aging benefits as manufacturers attempt to tap into this ever expanding market.

Perfume industry goes beyond scent

18-Jan-2008 - Perfume manufacturers are reaching out to women looking for more than an attractive scent with fragrances that promise to improve skin appearance and even spread happiness.

News brief: National Starch Personal Care, Allergan, Bee Movie

17-Jan-2008 - National Starch Personal Care strengthens its marketing team in response to demand for natural products, Allergan has dropped its lawsuit against DermaQuest Skin Therapy, and the makers of the recently...

Organic personal care ingredients target US market

17-Jan-2008 - Ceapro has signed two US distribution agreements in an attempt to increase supply of its range of organic ingredients to cosmetics and personal care manufacturers.

Latest trends: scientific imagery and customisation

17-Jan-2008 - Products marketed with scientific imagery, botox inspired names and customisation is the trend to watch in 2008, says Mintel.

Power to the peptides

16-Jan-2008 - Peptide based ingredients that promise to have similar muscle freezing effects to botox are the hot trend to watch in 2008, as they appear in the new wave of ultra-scientific...

NSF plans to introduce new organic personal care standard

16-Jan-2008 - NSF International plans to introduce new organic personal care standards in the coming months to meet rising demand and offer a different level of certification.

Sustainable manufacturers reaping consumer rewards

15-Jan-2008 - US consumers are becoming increasingly concerned over social and environmental implications when choosing packaged food and beverage brands, according to a new report by Information Resources, Inc (IRI).

Ayurvedic ingredients hit US market

14-Jan-2008 - US-based company Nutraceuticals International has formed a joint venture with India's Amruta Herbals to develop and market Indian plant extracts for use in the cosmetics and nutraceuticals market.

Enhanced water drives US beauty food market

14-Jan-2008 - Functional water is leading the US market for beauty foods whilst the dairy industry is failing to recognize the opportunities of this growing sector, according to a report by journal...

Colour cosmetics firms seek out latest trends

14-Jan-2008 - Manufacturers of colour cosmetics are tapping into trends from other segments of the beauty industry and seeking to provide convenience for the busy consumer to prevent sales from stagnating, according...

Nextera launches super food cosmetics

14-Jan-2008 - With beauty foods tipped as one of the biggest growth markets for the coming year, new product launches featuring super food ingredients like the new skin care line from Nextera...

Fruit juice and dairy hold beauty promise

10-Jan-2008 - Fruit juices and dairy products promise to deliver sales growth for companies looking to exploit the beauty from within trend.

Skincare leads the way in China's prestige beauty market

10-Jan-2008 - Anti-ageing and whitening products drive China's prestige beauty industry whilst colour cosmetics may prove to be the sector to watch in 2008.

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