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China bans toxic substance found in toothpaste

02-Aug-2007 - China has recently announced a ban of diethylene glycol, the toxic ingredient found in the widely banned toothpaste - representing one of a number of moves attempting to reassure its...

Grayson launches evaluation service for cosmetics ads

01-Aug-2007 - A newly launched assessment system pledges to solve the problem of creating effective personal care print ads with smaller and smaller budgets.

International manufacturers seek EU organic certification

31-Jul-2007 - Due to the shortfall in legislation and regulation in the ever growing US organic and naturals market, manufacturers are increasingly looking to EU certification for product ranges.

Disney targets fragrance at Latin American boys

30-Jul-2007 - Disney's launch of a range of fragrances aimed at boys as young as four marks the development of an emerging trend.

Colgate reports double-digit sales and profit growth

26-Jul-2007 - As savings from restructuring kick in, oral and personal care giant Colgate-Palmolive has reported a robust quarter, with sales significantly boosted by a raft of international product launches.

Misleading L'Oreal mascara adverts banned in the UK

26-Jul-2007 - The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) in the UK has ruled that L'Oreal remove both the TV and the press adverts for their Telescopic mascara setting a new precedent for the...

Is magazine revenue from cosmetic ads really rising?

26-Jul-2007 - Recently published figures showing strong revenue growth from magazine advertising for cosmetic goods paint a misleadingly rosy picture, say industry experts.

Rapidly growing nanotechnology product inventory

25-Jul-2007 - A nanotechnology product inventory shows a rapidly growing cosmetic products sector from a widening geographical base - underlining the increasing need for nanotechnology regulation on an international scale.

Questions still remain over market potential in Africa

25-Jul-2007 - The failure of the Tanzanian regulatory authorities to curb the spread of harmful cosmetic products raises the issue of Africa's suitability as an export market.

Is the cosmetics industry going back-to-basics?

24-Jul-2007 - The micro-segmentation trend that has led to confusion among consumers is headed for a change, or will die out altogether as manufacturers go 'back-to-basics' a new report claims.

Listerine launches dissolvable whitening strips

23-Jul-2007 - Oral care giant Listerine is to be the first major brand to market whitening strips that are dissolvable and quick to use.

Tough competition forces retailers out of stores

23-Jul-2007 - A stagnant market and fierce competition from direct sellers have forced beauty retailers to resort to cut-throat behavior, according to a new market report.

Special interview

CTFA targets misinformation to counteract lobby groups

20-Jul-2007 - The increasing number of attacks by lobby groups on the US cosmetics and personal care industry means that it is time to fight back. spoke to Dr John Bailey,...

More tainted toothpaste shows up in Illinois

20-Jul-2007 - Further consignments of tainted toothpaste have shown up in Chicago, after authorities there said they had confiscated over 1,000 tubes of toothpaste, much of it thought to be illegal counterfeit...

Premium manufacturers benefit from increase in Indian air travellers

20-Jul-2007 - Prestige cosmetic manufacturers are predicted to begin adjusting their travel retail product ranges in an attempt to capitalise on increasing Indian consumers holidaying abroad.

US demand for Boots skincare range soars

19-Jul-2007 - US consumers have joined in the frenzy for the UK's Boots No7 brand, with over half the Restore & Renew anti-wrinkle serum stock being sold out within the first 30...

Cosmoprof focuses on natural and organic opportunities

19-Jul-2007 - The fifth annual Cosmoprof North America event has focused on giving fledgling suppliers of natural and organic cosmetic products further opportunity to enter the fast-growing US market.

EWG report on chemicals in San Francisco Bay

18-Jul-2007 - The Environmental Working Group claims that 95 per cent of wastewater samples in the San Francisco Bay area are contaminated by hormone-disrupting substances, calling for a consumer boycott on cosmetics...

French perfumer creates online flagship store

17-Jul-2007 - A French perfumer has launched an online boutique following the success of its fragrance store, in turn riding the growing phenomenon for online shopping.

Beiersdorf plan more overseas acquistions

17-Jul-2007 - Personal care giant Beiersdorf is striving to stay abreast of competitors outside of Europe, with more acquisitions planned in China and the US.

PhytoMelanin ups sunscreen antioxidant properties

16-Jul-2007 - California-based Jan Marini says it is launching a facial sun protector with antioxidant properties that enhance sunscreen and anti-aging qualities thanks to the active ingredient PhytoMelanin, a derivative of date...

Makeup color matching by cell phone

16-Jul-2007 - Hewlett-Packard is developing a system of mobile color matching technology that promises to help consumers choose a foundation that perfectly matches their skin tone; offering the services of a mobile...

Grape-based facial skin range combines cosmeceuticals and organics

12-Jul-2007 - Herbwalk announces the release of its facial skin care line Le Vin, based on the antioxidant properties of wine grapes, that combines a patent pending cosmeceutical formulation with certified organic...

Questions arise over regulation of eyelash enhancer

11-Jul-2007 - A number of eyelash enhancing products available on the US market may contain active ingredients found in glaucoma medication, drawing attention to ambiguities in the regulation of the 'cosmeceuticals' category.

US natural cosmetics go the mainstream route

09-Jul-2007 - The US market for natural and organic personal care products has long led the way, but now, as consumers demand sky rockets, the nations well-established players are ramping up production...

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