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Anti-aging product targets adult acne

03-Mar-2008 - Jan Marini Skin Research (JMSR) launches its transitions product promising to help against the acne breakouts and fine lines associated with older and aging skin.

Coty hooks up with Playboy to make men's fragrances

03-Mar-2008 - Following the success of its racy cosmetics Playboy has signed a licensing agreement with Coty that will bring the iconic bunny to the male fragrance market.

Natural and organic retailer launches body care standard

03-Mar-2008 - Natural and organic supermarket Whole Foods Market has launched a body care standard to inform consumers of high quality, truly natural products.

Palomar and P&G strike licensing deal for light-based hair removal

03-Mar-2008 - Palomar Medical technologies has struck a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Procter & Gamble to market its technology for women's light-based hair removal, opening up possible new distribution channels.

Topical vitamins fight against skin aging

28-Feb-2008 - A new range of topical vitamins designed to counteract skin aging have been released marking the launch of Vitivia, the aesthetic division of US-based JSJ Pharmaceuticals.

Placenta-based face mask aims at naturals market

27-Feb-2008 - California-based EMK Products, which specializes in placenta-derived skin care products, has introduced a new face mask featuring a range of natural active ingredients.

Natural and organic certification developed specifically for cosmetics

27-Feb-2008 - A Canadian organisation offers North American producers organic and natural standards specifically designed for cosmetics and personal care products.

Eyelash enhancer avoids regulatory trap

26-Feb-2008 - Eyelash enhancers have blurred the line between cosmetics and drugs landing two companies in a regulatory snare but La Canada Ventures has been careful to avoid trouble.

IFRA standards are adopted by South East Asia

26-Feb-2008 - The member countries of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) have adopted International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards in a move to facilitate trade of fragrance products with the...

Self-heating cleansing body wipe hits US market

26-Feb-2008 - A self-heating cleansing body wipe for use in hospitals and by consumers looking for hygiene on the move has been released by US-based Donovan Industries.

FDA clears new light-based anti-wrinkle treatment

25-Feb-2008 - A light-based anti-wrinkle treatment produced by Light BioScience has been given the green light by the FDA, adding to a growing number of home treatments in this category.

Beiersdorf aims to up its presence in the US market

22-Feb-2008 - As part of its ambitions to grow its brand footprint on a global basis, Germany-based Beiersdorf says it wants to up its investment for marketing and advertising in the US...

Rising US birth rate feeds healthy baby care growth

21-Feb-2008 - A new market report shows that the US market for baby care products grew by 5 percent in 2007 to reach $6.9bn - a figure that was propelled significantly by...

Hair care brand Salon Selectives re-launched

21-Feb-2008 - Chicago-based SBB plans to re-launch Salon Selectives and play on consumer awareness of the hair care brand to recapture its glory days of the 80s and 90s.

Leading personal care firms fined for price fixing

21-Feb-2008 - Three leading personal care companies have been fined a total of €37m by German competition regulators for colluding to artificially increase prices.

Chilli pepper extract latest anti-aging ingredient

20-Feb-2008 - Chilli peppers are the latest in the fight against skin aging according to SiCap, which claim the ingredient helps the skin absorb active ingredients.

Mary Kay spearheads Indian campaign with whitening line

20-Feb-2008 - Mary Kay has launched a skin whitening range to spearhead its expansion efforts in the booming Indian cosmetics market.

Professional products as an alternative to surgery

19-Feb-2008 - Professional personal care products will gain ground as an alternative to cosmetic surgery in the ongoing fight against skin aging, says Datamonitor.

French toothpaste makes the jump into the US

19-Feb-2008 - French oral care brand Elgydium has announced a distribution agreement that will see its toothpaste on the shelves of leading drug stores throughout the US.

Body looks into environmental risks posed by nanotechnology

19-Feb-2008 - With nanotechnology being incorporated into an increasing number of personal care products, a new body has been established to investigate the potential risks it may pose to the environment and...

Trade association annual meeting studies communication

19-Feb-2008 - Beauty consumers are faced with an increasingly complex and confusing web of conflicting information. Cutting through the confusion and reaching the customer will be high on the agenda of the...

Luxury market remains steady despite fragrance wobble

18-Feb-2008 - Sales in the luxury beauty industry in the US grew steadily in 2007 with make-up leading the way and fragrances bringing up the rear, according to an NDP Group market report.

HBA Spring Conference will explore latest well-being and packaging trends

14-Feb-2008 - Technologies and trends that are poised to hit the cosmetics industry such as stem cell applications and ancient herbal remedies will be tackled at this year's HBA Spring Conference.

Sustainable ingredients sourcing is a win-win situation, says charity

13-Feb-2008 - Focusing on sustainable sourcing of cosmetics and fragrance ingredients is a win-win situation benefiting both the company and the environment, says Conservation International.

Lack of research on palm oil production's environmental effects

13-Feb-2008 - More research is needed on the effect of palm oil plantations on biodiversity in order to inform conservation practices, say researchers from the University of Cambridge.

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