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Makeup color matching by cell phone

16-Jul-2007 - Hewlett-Packard is developing a system of mobile color matching technology that promises to help consumers choose a foundation that perfectly matches their skin tone; offering the services of a mobile...

Grape-based facial skin range combines cosmeceuticals and organics

12-Jul-2007 - Herbwalk announces the release of its facial skin care line Le Vin, based on the antioxidant properties of wine grapes, that combines a patent pending cosmeceutical formulation with certified organic...

Questions arise over regulation of eyelash enhancer

11-Jul-2007 - A number of eyelash enhancing products available on the US market may contain active ingredients found in glaucoma medication, drawing attention to ambiguities in the regulation of the 'cosmeceuticals' category.

US natural cosmetics go the mainstream route

09-Jul-2007 - The US market for natural and organic personal care products has long led the way, but now, as consumers demand sky rockets, the nations well-established players are ramping up production...

US woman sues over fragrance toxicity

09-Jul-2007 - An employee of the city of Detroit is suing her employers over fragrance toxicity, claiming that modern fragrances contain chemicals that can lead to neurotoxicants, particularly in confined spaces with...

US personal care companies bear counterfeit brunt

09-Jul-2007 - A recent report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation on how US consumer goods companies, including many personal care and fragrance makers, are suffering as the continued of infiltration of...

China mulls raising standards for oral care certification

06-Jul-2007 - In response to pressure from US and other worldwide regulation authorities, the China government has reported that it is developing stricter certification for oral care products.

Skin care formulation based on volcanic sulfur targets acne

05-Jul-2007 - A prestige skin care provider is targeting the US market for acne treatments with the launch of a cosmeutical line comprising a kit containing four products based on volcanic sulfur...

New product line covers all current skin care trends

03-Jul-2007 - A new line of skin care products has arrived on the European and US markets that are said to abolish the need for cosmetic procedures to reverse the signs of...

Forget your makeup brush, just point and spray

02-Jul-2007 - Japanese electronics company Matsushita, which is owned by Panasonic, has applied for a US patent on an electronic device, which relies on ink-jet technology to spray specific amounts of color...

Jimmy Choo to expand into fragrance industry

29-Jun-2007 - Not to be outdone by competitors, renowned shoe designer Jimmy Choo has branched out into fragrance production creating a range to challenge recent launches by fashion designers in the market.

Internet tops growth channels for US beauty products

29-Jun-2007 - Sales of cosmetic and toiletry products over the internet have continued to grow significantly, now representing a total of 4 per cent of total sales, making it one of the...

More cases of tainted China toothpaste uncovered

29-Jun-2007 - FDA officials have conceded that the distribution of tainted toothpaste throughout the US is much more wide-spread, extending to larger numbers of discount stores than first thought as well as...

China cosmetics market set to out-grow US

28-Jun-2007 - Phenomenal economic development in China is helping to fuel staggering growth in the market for cosmetic and toiletries products that could see it become the world's biggest by 2009, spelling...

Peptide targets skin cell growth

28-Jun-2007 - Azure Cosmeceuticals believes it has raised the bar for peptides with the launch of its new Hydropeptide Transformation Growth Serum, a product that is said to stimulate skin cell growth.

Beiersdorf targets Indian males with skin whitening trend

28-Jun-2007 - Beiersdorf is making a move to mirror the booming success of the Western male grooming market in India - increasing its marketing campaign for the Nivea for Men skin whitening...

New anti-aging cream boasts Coffeeberry antioxidant

27-Jun-2007 - Stiefel Laboratories has launched Revaleskin, a skin care line that taps into the antioxidant properties of Coffeeberry as a means of tapping into the never-ending search for effective anti-aging treatments.

Hair care line targets weather-induced frizz

25-Jun-2007 - Targeting frizzy hair brought on by warm and humid summer weather, John Freida has launched a new marketing campaign for its Frizz-Ease brand, drilling into the trend for micro-segmented hair...

Natural skin care formula targets dry skin

25-Jun-2007 - Spa Sentiments has launched a natural-based skin care formula aimed at tackling dry skin conditions such as eczema by providing both moisture and ingredients that soothe the rash associated with...

Roc launches new retinol anti-ageing range

22-Jun-2007 - Roc announced recently the launch of its new anti-wrinkle skin care range, which follows a study proving the efficacy of vitamin A in anti-ageing products.

GeneLink to develop personalized skin care with PhytoRich

21-Jun-2007 - Bioscience company GeneLink has signed a licensing and distribution agreement with PhytoRich, to develop and market personalized skin care products linked to GeneLink's proprietary genetic assessment technologies.

Israel lobby group files class action against cosmetic players

20-Jun-2007 - Claiming that consumers are being fraudulently coherced into buying anti-wrinkle treatments, a lobby group in Israel has filed a class action that names leading cosmetics players L'Oreal, Lancome and Interbeauty...

Skin care provider turns anti-aging war to hair care

20-Jun-2007 - Dermaplus, a New York-based provider of anti-aging skin care solutions, has turned its attentions to anti-aging treatments for hair care with the launch of a new scalp conditioner, Keracyte.

UK premium beauty store opens in US

18-Jun-2007 - Luxury UK beauty boutique Space has opened its flagship store in the US this week - creating direct competition for similar chains such as the market leading Sephora.

US company harness powers of plant oil in facial skin care

18-Jun-2007 - In a bid to drive home the importance of oils in facial anti-aging skin care, Max Green Alchemy has launched a new plant range that contains the Rosa moschata oil.