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Russian cosmetic sales achieves high growth

13-Mar-2007 - Cosmetic sales in Russia - and Western manufacturers active in the market - are on the up thanks to a booming economy, GDP increase and a decrease in unemployment.

Courts amend decision over Arch and Active Concepts

12-Mar-2007 - The New Jersey Superior Court has refined part of its decision against Arch Personal Care, conceding that product formulas purchased on a specific date from Active Concepts are not a...

New fragrance range combats harmful hair maintenance regimes

12-Mar-2007 - Canada based Pure and Petal has launched a new hair fragrance line that taps into the growing consumer desire consumers for products that allow their hair to maintain a fresh,...

Oriflame launches a natural anti-aging range using a Tri-peptide content

08-Mar-2007 - Direct sales agent Oriflame has created an anti-aging skin care line that targets the lucrative baby boomer generation, whilst also capitilising on the growing trend amongst manufacturers using ingredients to...

Natural food business makes jump into personal care

07-Mar-2007 - A Florida-based natural foods business has made the jump into the fast-growing organic personal care segment with the launch of a full range of honey-based skin and hair care products.

Kimberly-Clark extends Huggies brand into suncare

07-Mar-2007 - Building on ambitions to extend its Huggies brand still further into the personal care segment, Kimberly-Clark is expanding its Little Swimmers brand with the launch of a new line of...

P&G launches prescription strength deodorant

07-Mar-2007 - Procter & Gamble is expanding its Secret female deodorant brand with the launch of a new product that is said to be clinically proven to provide prescription strength protection against... sees online cosmetic sales rocket

05-Mar-2007 - US-based Online beauty and cosmetics retailer, Makeup .com, has reported a 108 per cent increase in its sales during the last six months of 2006, cashing in on the increasing...

First laser hair removal, now laser hair growth

05-Mar-2007 - With lasers fast becoming an important part of the personal care industry, US company Lexington International has just announced that its hair growth laser has been granted FDA approval.

New skin care line targets bikers

01-Mar-2007 - Taking niche products to new levels, biking enthusiasts have developed a new line of products targeting the specific needs of bikers, including a line formulated for tattoo aftercare.

Study predicts backlash against celebrity endorsed products

01-Mar-2007 - A new study has challenged the growing celebrity endorsement trend that is gaining momentum amongst cosmetic manufacturers - suggesting that consumers are now more likely to purchase a product endorsed...

Dry goods batch system operates remotely

01-Mar-2007 - A precision batching system for dry goods can be monitored from abroad, providing diagnostics and performance reports to managers working remotely, its manufacturer claims.

China set to become world's largest professional skin care market

28-Feb-2007 - Fueled by massive economic growth and the shear size of the population, the market for professional skin care in China looks set to topple worldwide competition if current growth rates...

P&G invests in energy-based anti-aging technology

28-Feb-2007 - Procter & Gamble has formed a joint development programme with Israeli-based company Syneron to develop and supply its patented, elos home-use technology that combines energy from bi-polar, radio frequency and...

P&G expand across US professional hair care market

26-Feb-2007 - Procter and Gamble (P&G) has made moves to further consolidate its position as market leader in the professional hair care industry following news that a principal beauty store will now...

Dermal filler set to innovate anti-aging segment

26-Feb-2007 - A recent study has found that the popular filling agent Restylane could have additional benefits previously undiscovered – pushing it forward as a market leader within the anti-aging skin care category.

Micro-segmentation backlash initiated by health professionals

23-Feb-2007 - Micro-segmentation is a key trend within the beauty industry, following strong consumer desire for multi-functional products – however, industry professionals have warned of a backlash against this trend, as 'back-to-basics'...

Coty surges ahead with new global business unit

23-Feb-2007 - Global fragrance manufacturer Coty has consolidated its regional business portfolios in America, Europe and Asia to create a new overall global unit, in a bid to cement its goal of...

Contractor goes for the 'glass factory' approach

22-Feb-2007 - ProCore Labs, a leading US contract manufacturer to the personal care industry, is about to open a series of five production facilities that include a comprehensive investment in real-time streaming...

US premium cosmetics range targets lucrative UK market

22-Feb-2007 - US premium skin care manufacturer, Davi Skin, has announced its imminent move into the prestige UK skin care market in a bid to profit on the high growth that the...

Gillette invests in depilatory technology

22-Feb-2007 - Shaving specialist Gillette has announced an investment package worth $1.5m to develop light-based hair removal systems with Palomar, a company that specializes in laser cosmetic treatments.

Report suggests weak US cosmetic regulation could hit investment

21-Feb-2007 - There is growing concern over 'a largely self-policed' US cosmetics industry that could hit vital investment into the industry as health issues increasingly effect choices, a new report reveals.

And with a wave of the magic anti-aging wand…

21-Feb-2007 - California-based company Light Dimensions has launched Rejuvawand, claimed to be the world's first ever home-use anti-aging skin care system to rely on both red and infrared light in an effort...

Alpha targets growing demand for smaller cosmetics

19-Feb-2007 - Alpha Packaging says it is targeting growing demand for smaller- and medium-sized packaging with the launch of a new range of PET bottles targeted at this area.

New skin care range harness benefits of the Rooibos plant

19-Feb-2007 - The health benefits of the South African Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) plant are now being harnessed and used in a new skin care line being launched in the booming natural and...

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