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Taking sensorial cues from the spa industry

09-May-2016 - Professional skin care company Repêchage held its annual conference in New York City last week, and the brand’s new product launch and invited experts offer up some useful insights for...

The Makeup Show NYC: 10 years of inspiration and influence

05-May-2016 - This week in New York City, brands, industry insiders, makeup artists, and beauty editors gathered for the two-day event where company owners and innovators come face-to-face with top influencers and...

How retailers can get the message about sustainable beauty brands right

04-May-2016 - Getting the right message into the retail aisles about sustainably developed beauty brands is challenging, but here an expert talks us through some of the basic steps.

in-cosmetics Paris 2016

Formulation trends at at in-cosmetics Paris 2016

03-May-2016 - Cosmetics Design spoke to Belinda Carli, director of The Institute of Personal Care Science and the formulations consultant for the in-cosmetics events, to find out what this year's buzz was...

Anti-ageing Special Newsletter

New directions in anti-ageing

03-May-2016 - Cosmetics Design surveys this distinctive beauty category by looking forward at formulation trends and reflecting on innovative launches and business moves from the past year.

Deodorants with ethical food labels on the rise

02-May-2016 - Consumer skin sensitivities and wellness concerns are driving the niche, according to Vermont Soap CEO and founder Larry Plesent. To keep up with demand, his company just launched another underarm...

Givaudan presents fragrance as ‘the soul of a product’ to Beiersdorf

29-Apr-2016 - Scent maker Givaudan has branded fragrance as one of the most important factors in a consumer’s decision to buy a product, be it any type of cosmetic, at an Open...

Beauty and personal care consumers favor global brands

27-Apr-2016 - According to new data from performance management company Nielsen, the cosmetics industry is unique when it comes to how consumers value a brand’s country of origin.

Anti-ageing Special Newsletter

Anti-ageing may not reflect consumer sentiment – age management is better

27-Apr-2016 - Age management is a more appropriate term to describe the anti-ageing category and better reflects consumer sentiment, as consumers are now embracing their age, according to a market analyst.

L'Oreal and YouTube look to lead on beauty vlogging

27-Apr-2016 - L’Oréal and YouTube are teaming up to launch an online beauty vlogging school, in a move which suggests the global beauty brand is looking to take the lead on the...

Anti-ageing Special Newsletter

Anti-pollution – the ever popular skin care trend

26-Apr-2016 - One of the latest trends in the industry at present is for anti-pollution products, and this presents an opportunity for brands within the anti-ageing category to target specific consumer needs.

What’s hot at the in-cosmetics Marketing Trends presentations

26-Apr-2016 - Changing beauty routines and the evolution of smart technology were two major themes that beauty industry commentator, Imogen Matthews, learnt about at this year’s in-cosmetics Marketing Trends presentations. 

Cosmoprof selected as one of the best trade shows in North America

25-Apr-2016 - The Cosmoprof North America event has been selected for the Trade Short News Network (TSNN) 250 Trade Show list, underlining its significant success and growth in recent years.

Avalon Organics reformulates and rebrands

20-Apr-2016 - The natural personal care and beauty brand has updated its packaging, logo, and product formulas in an effort to grow the brand in today’s fast-changing market.

Brand research shows cosmetics industry scores high on intimacy

20-Apr-2016 - A new study into how different US consumer industries are perceived puts health and beauty in third place, behind the automotive and retail sectors, with retailer Sephora and Chanel both...

Anti-Ageing Special Newsletter

Cosmetics Design Anti-Ageing Special Newsletter

20-Apr-2016 - Welcome to this special edition newsletter on anti-ageing, covering all the latest trends and scientific breakthroughs in what is one of the most vital and inspiring categories in the industry.

L’Oréal puts words into action on sustainability

19-Apr-2016 - L’Oréal might be the largest cosmetics company in the world, but one of its biggest goals is to minimize its manufacturing footprint and the impact it has on the environment....

A New Niche: Green beauty for luxury consumers

18-Apr-2016 - Today in New York City, an exclusive beauty show is helping to define a new segment in the cosmetics and skin care marketplace, one where ecofriendly and sophistication aren’t mutually...

Trend Spotting: in-cosmetics and the US marketplace

14-Apr-2016 - As this week’s in-cosmetics personal care ingredient trade show in Paris comes to a close, Cosmetics Design shares our own key insights from the show floor as well as observations...

Cosmetics consumers spending more, finds inaugural sentiment survey from McKinsey

12-Apr-2016 - The global economic downturn is having a notable effect on consumer behavior. So to help make sense of it all, the management consulting firm has complied data that zooms in...

in-cosmetics 2016 opens its doors today!

12-Apr-2016 - The in-cosmetics event opens its doors today in Paris with a focus on innovation and North America as well as with a host of new interactive features.

Rethinking beauty brand models with the help of data

11-Apr-2016 - The graphic design software company Canva ran a study earlier this year, considering the conventional appearance and relatability of faces used to advertise cosmetics and personal care products as well...

CD Buzz: in-cosmetics Paris Preview

CD Buzz: All you will need to know about in-cosmetics Paris, in a short video

11-Apr-2016 - The Cosmetics Design team has put together a helpful video preview for in-cosmetics Paris 2016. Just click on the video to learn about some of the highlights from the educational programme, several...

Man-made cosmetics brushes sought after by more than half of consumers, says Harris Poll data

07-Apr-2016 - As beauty product formulations go natural, brushes go evermore synthetic in response to the same consumer demand for sustainable, safe, cruelty free cosmetics. The New Natural collection from Anisa International...

Industry experts on the rise of Korean beauty in Australia

07-Apr-2016 - Various industry commentators in Australia have spoken about the rise of Korean beauty among consumers there, highlighting Korean culture and ethnic diversity as two driving factors.

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