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Celebrities drive hair color market

21-Oct-2015 - A new consumer survey from eSalon shows that women often color their hair to emulate stars, be on trend and, to a conspicuously lesser extent, cover gray hair. 

L’Oréal continues digital push with General Assembly partnership

21-Oct-2015 - L’Oréal has finalized a partnership agreement with digital training specialist, General Assembly, as it continues to focus on digital as the core of its business.

Brain drain of execs leaving cosmetics firms for Google… but the grass isn’t always greener

20-Oct-2015 - Consumer goods firms are seeing a ‘brain drain’ of unrivalled proportions as executives appear to be moving to Google, Amazon and Facebook, according to analyst L2; however low staff retention...

Mintel analyst says opportunities still exist in Brazil, despite the downturn

13-Oct-2015 - Cosmetics Design caught up with Mintel analyst Vivienne Rudd to find out what is going on in the massive Brazil market. And despite the economic downturn, it seems that sun...

Urban Decay adjusts its digital marketing strategy

12-Oct-2015 - Social media has the brand’s followers scattered all over the web, so this month Urban Decay welcomes them back to the fold with a new global content site.

L’Oréal launches a ‘more social and digital’ Brandstorm 2016

09-Oct-2015 - L’Oréal announces it is launching the 2016 edition of its business and innovation competition Brandstorm, with the aim  of inspiring young minds, and this year it is introducing a more...

Special Newsletter - Natural & Organic

How many badges of honour do you need? Proliferation of ethical labels creates confusion

08-Oct-2015 - On the one hand you would think that the natural and organic cosmetics industry would be happy with the growing number of ethical labels making their way onto packs; however...

Special Newsletter - Natural & Organic

A look at how Asia's ingredients are influencing Western formulations

08-Oct-2015 - Consumers today are taking better care of their health all over the globe. This shift has impacted the cosmetics industry, particularly with organic or natural demand and the West has...

Special Newsletter - Natural & Organic

The ‘green’ sector will only grow if we have consistency in the language used

08-Oct-2015 - At a time when the cosmetics industry has been accused of ‘greenwashing’ and terms are bandied around and used so freely, the Soil Association says that the only way the...

Special Newsletter - Natural & Organic

The lowdown on all that's new in the natural and organic market

08-Oct-2015 - As the global market for natural and organic cosmetics and personal care continues to mature into a mainstream trend that now permeates every category, our latest special newsletter takes a...

Ethnic personal care on the rise: Walker & Co $24 million funding

05-Oct-2015 - In the US, ethnic or multicultural consumers will soon become the majority, according to market researcher Kline, with people of color already accounting for over one-third of the US population.

Country Profile: Brazil

in-cosmetics 2015, in photos

01-Oct-2015 - in-cosmetics Brasil 2015 opened its doors in Sao Paulo yesterday. A bigger venue hosting more exhibitors and hoping to attract more visitors is what organizer Reed Exhibitions has put on...

Country Profile: Brazil

Euromonitor expert highlights the challenges and opportunities in the massive Brazil hair care market

01-Oct-2015 - Hair care is an integral part of almost every Brazilian's daily personal care routine. In this exclusive interview, Euromonitor market research specialist Marcela Viana explains about the culture of this...

Millennial Beauty: it’s not a generation, it’s an imperative

30-Sep-2015 - Today, women of all ages shop for cosmetics with a fresh curiosity and digital sophistication. This week in New York City, CEW brought together industry experts to analyse how leading...

Berry nice! Asia's 'beauty from within' formulators preference for Nordic fruit

29-Sep-2015 - East Asia's supplements market - which includes 'beauty from within' products is favoring bilberries, lingonberries and cloudberries so much that workers from Thailand are even traveling to Finland and Sweden for supplies....

Exclusive interview

Doing good counts much more than just stories and labels says Weleda

24-Sep-2015 - Merely complying with an ethical label’s criteria is not sufficient to make a product or brand truly sustainable, according to Weleda’s Regional Director for Western Europe, who says the focus...

MakeUp in New York 2015, in pictures

14-Sep-2015 - A focal point of this year’s MakeUp in New York event was the Innovation Tree, displaying new products judged to be the most novel and modern by six top industry...

Brush and tool storage categories show great promise

10-Sep-2015 - At this week’s MakeUp in New York event, Cosmetics Design spoke with the experts at Anisa International about how brushes can forge consumer loyalty, what the fibers of the future...

Innovation drives US color cosmetics market – report

10-Sep-2015 - A new report highlights how the US market for color cosmetics is projected to maintain healthy growth levels on the back of a strong innovation pipeline.

Better With Time: Anti-aging is set for growth in more ways than one

09-Sep-2015 - Analysts forecast growth for the market, and brands specializing in anti-aging are expanding into more and more categories. Cosmetics Design caught up with Jennifer Bancroft of VISÃOMD to find out...

Does Crayola beauty fad offer pencil company an opportunity in the make-up market?

03-Sep-2015 - Earlier this year one of the latest online trends saw a number of teenage girls using Crayola pencils as a low-cost substitute for eyeliner, and while this practice has been...

Global color cosmetics set for industry-leading growth

03-Sep-2015 - The global market for color cosmetics looks like a safe bet to invest in as latest market research predicts the category will deliver market-leading growth over the next five years...

Personal care replenishment programs bring consumers online

02-Sep-2015 - Thanks to ecommerce platforms, 38% of beauty and health consumers are now signed up for a subscription service, according to a new report from Business Insider Intelligence.

Oil and clay-based skin care textures on the rise

02-Sep-2015 - Mud packs and skin care oils have long been used for their beauty benefits for hundreds of years, and now it seems clay and oil-based skin care is trending in...

Skin care device market shines bright

27-Aug-2015 - Andrea Van Dam, CEO, of Women’s Marketing, Inc., spoke with Cosmetics Design about how significant Hispanic women, crossover trends, and word-of-mouth marketing are for the category.

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