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RSPO: communication improvement supports sustainable palm oil development

27-Mar-2014 - An improvement in communication channels will help to deliver the message and importance of sustainable palm oil to customers and consumers; and industry is beginning to work towards this, according...

NYSCC Suppliers Day opens up for registration

25-Mar-2014 - The NYSCC Suppliers Day, one of the biggest events in the US cosmetic industry’s calendar, is set to open its doors for two days from May 13th, and registration is...

Copper - the anti-aging ingredient of this decade?

24-Mar-2014 - Skin care experts in the US reckon copper will be this decade’s most prominent anti-aging ingredient, providing the topical application is small to reduce the risk of toxicity....

Sun damage concern helps boost East Coast anti-aging market

24-Mar-2014 - Consumer concerns over the damage that sun exposure has on the skin is helping to boost sales of anti-aging products on the East Coast, which has seen double digit sales...

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New Data: it’s all about the untapped ‘white space’, reveals Euromonitor

21-Mar-2014 - Here, Euromonitor analysts speak exclusively to Cosmetics Design about their latest beauty research, ahead of the official launch on Monday.

Exclusive interview

Recognising social media behaviour will breed success for beauty brands

20-Mar-2014 - Beauty brands must understand that social media is an infrastructure used to connect people and interact, and not just a media platform to distribute their own messages, according to an...

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Time for brands to look outside the box

19-Mar-2014 - When it comes to marketing and advertising, brands need to abandon the pre-existing rules that their categories have, and focus on engaging with the consumer and their needs.

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Big cosmetics players are 'scaredy cats' when it comes to innovation, says expert

19-Mar-2014 - Jeanine Reckkio, the world's only beauty futurologist says it’s the industry’s big guys who need to stop complaining and better anticipate and plan for the future. With ‘all due respect’ of...

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Suppliers need to stay on top of trends to win over consumers

18-Mar-2014 - Ingredient suppliers need to stay on top of the trends and work with finished goods manufacturers to ensure they win over consumers, says Lubrizol’s Adrian Holland.

Direct selling amongst dominating beauty trends in North and South America

18-Mar-2014 - Euromonitor places the key role of direct selling, a growing popularity of BB creams, nail products, and the importance of skin care products, despite the variety of preferences, as dominating top...

Study underlines that teens are motivated by beauty to use sunscreen

17-Mar-2014 - Although awareness of the risks of cancer from sun exposure is on the rise, a study by researchers at the University of Colorado Denver shows that beauty is the motivational...

Old Spice's female fans throw focus on beauty's gendered branding

17-Mar-2014 - Rising female consumer uptake of the traditionally male-focused Old Spice brand from P&G throws a spotlight on the careful negotiation beauty brands need to make with gendered branding as the...

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Functionality is the top priority when selecting cosmetics ingredients

14-Mar-2014 - Functionality is the top priority when selecting cosmetics ingredients as consumers demand beauty benefits from products above all other criteria.

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Croda stresses importance of ingredients design to sustainable future

13-Mar-2014 - Ingredient suppliers must implement the carbon footprint into their ingredient design and ensure the correct supply chain choices if we are to work towards a sustainable future.

Fresh-faced: the latest skin care trends in Canada

13-Mar-2014 - Recent analysis by market research firm Euromonitor reveals that the anti-aging and skin-whitening sectors are currently big business in Canada’s skin care sector.

Technology enhancing beauty’s in-store experience

12-Mar-2014 - While there’s still plenty of room for the cosmetics industry to grow with e-commerce, research firm Euromonitor says brands are also making moves to digitalize the in-store experience.

Kline and Enchanted Life partner up to understand the multicultural consumer

12-Mar-2014 - Market research firm Kline has announced it will team up with Enchanted Life, a new e-commerce beauty site aimed at America’s multicultural community, to build up market insight into the...

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Twitter rounds up key quotes from #CosmeticsVision

12-Mar-2014 - The inaugural Cosmetics Vision event took place in Cannes last week. Here we take a key look at some of the topics and take-aways we gathered from the show… in...

Inaugural Cosmetics Vision: All about perspective!

11-Mar-2014 - Last week was the first ever Cosmetics Vision event. Held in Cannes, South of France, a diverse and engaging conference programme had attendees and speakers fiercely debating the right direction...

Try-before-you-buy cosmetics online: a threat to beauty boxes?

11-Mar-2014 - A new ‘try-before-you-buy’ retail model for cosmetics has been launched by online US beauty company Trymbl, in a move which may give popular beauty box services a run for their...

Breaking the BRIC: in-cosmetics to open lid on Brazil opportunity

11-Mar-2014 - Brazil is one of the most lucrative cosmetics markets on the planet and hold huge opportunity for manufacturers, and this will be a key focus of the upcoming in-cosmetics trade...

Elizabeth Arden moves into professional skin care channel

10-Mar-2014 - Prestige beauty player Elizabeth Arden says it has widened its distribution scope by launching into the professional skin care market for the first time with a new skin care line.


Customer engagement is key to staying on top of beauty e-commerce

06-Mar-2014 - Matching the right product and ensuring consumer engagement is vital to staying ahead in beauty e-commerce, and mobile is tipped to grow in the next few years.

NPD reports eye colour cosmetics up by 9% in the US

06-Mar-2014 - According to market researcher NPD Group, sales of prestige eye makeup products in the US grew by 9%, to US$ 1.1 billion in the twelve months ending December 2013.

Fragrance sector smelling sweet in America

06-Mar-2014 - Sales are still on the up for the flavors and fragrance industry in America, and are expected to reach $6 billion by 2017, according to research firm Euromonitor.

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