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P&G uses sugarcane-based plastic to package leading brands

13-Aug-2010 - Leading products from Procter & Gamble (P&G) will hit the shelves early next year packaged in sugarcane-based plastic.


Is the cosmetics industry moving too fast on green packaging?

19-Jul-2010 - Consumers would probably give a firm ‘no’in response to this question. But scratch the surface a little harder and it becomes evident that there is more than a little truth...

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Bioplastics ‘revolution’ underway but new materials need different processing

09-Jun-2010 - Bioplastics marry the benefits of one of the world’s most versatile materials with the advantages of a sustainable source – making it a significant advance in the field of sustainable...

Knoll Packaging unwraps the costs and benefits of sustainable options

01-Jun-2010 - New sustainable materials and technologies need to be evaluated to really understand what they can bring to a product, according to luxury rigid box manufacturer, Knoll Packaging.

Refill packaging promises eco savings while retaining luxury feel

26-Mar-2010 - Retaining the glamorous feel of the product while making environmental and financial savings is the aim behind a new packaging concept, Twistub.

API Laminates adds holographic option to eco-laminated cartonboard

18-Feb-2010 - Holographic effects will soon be available on API Group’s environmentally-friendly laminated cartonboard, for use in cosmetics products secondary packaging.

Metabolix’ field trials investigate bioplastic-producing crops

26-Oct-2009 - Field research on tobacco takes Metabolix one step further in its quest to design non-food crops that produce plastic resins for use in cosmetic and food packaging.


Green packaging is more about improving recycling than new materials

29-Sep-2009 - When it comes to environmentally friendly packaging some of the most important savings are being missed through poor recycling options – and this applies to all plastics bio- and fossil fuel-based.

Research aims to boost bioplastics from potatoes

02-Sep-2009 - Corn starch-based Bioplastics have proved increasingly popular for eco-friendly personal care packaging, but now researchers are investigating ways to enhance potato starch for this purpose.

Green packaging event hopes to promote US-Franco trade links

02-Sep-2009 - French companies have a lot to offer the US in terms of green packaging, according to French business development agency Ubifrance.

Material-saving plastic tube awarded Tube of the Year

13-Aug-2009 - A plastic tube incorporating a permanently attached closure, which could save up to 40 per cent in material weight, has been awarded prototype tube of the year.

Taxing new plastic would increase use of recycled material, says chemist

25-Jun-2009 - Taxing virgin PET is one of the best ways to get companies to move over to using recycled material for plastic packaging, according to a green chemist.

Metabolix announces launch of new bioplastic and biodegradable colorants

24-Jun-2009 - Telles has collaborated with plastics molder Nypro to develop its next generation of injection molding bioplastic, suitable for a wider range of applications.

Thinking outside the box: Refillable packaging opportunities

24-Jun-2009 - Creative ideas for refillable beauty packages have great potential for companies looking to improve their green credentials, says a packaging design expert.

Call to shun degradable additives in cosmetics packaging

08-Jun-2009 - Cosmetics companies should avoid using degradable additives in PET packaging until four key questions can be answered, warns the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR).

Diamond Packaging receives green certification

01-Jun-2009 - Diamond Packaging has earned Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody (FSC) certification from the Rainforest Alliance’s SmartWood program.

Diamond Packaging turns to wind power, weight loss and recycling

06-May-2009 - Diamond Packaging has turned to wind power, weight loss and recyclable materials to create a greener package for Highland Lilac Perfume.

Origins launches campaign to recycle beauty packaging

18-Mar-2009 - The Estee Lauder-owned natural beauty brand Origins is introducing a scheme to recycle all of the packaging for its range of cosmetic products, together with those of competitors.

NatureWorks claims equipment is available to sort bio-plastics for recycling

10-Mar-2009 - NatureWorks has insisted that there are no technical barriers to the sorting and separating of polylactic acid (PLA) bottles for recycling.

Alcan innovation director discusses marrying luxury and sustainability

26-Feb-2009 - Luxury and sustainability may appear irreconcilable but beauty packaging firms are working on ways to combine the two concepts.

Industry won't stray from sustainability despite recession, say beauty packaging leaders

16-Feb-2009 - Sustainability can be expensive but leaders in the beauty packaging industry claim they cannot afford not to go green.

Alcan develops new cosmetics tube from recycled materials

11-Feb-2009 - Alcan Packaging Beauty claims to have developed a plastic tube made with recycled materials that makes no compromises on quality.

Marketing of green packaging should be avoided, says professor

06-Feb-2009 - Green marketing of sustainable packaging materials can be a boomerang that comes back to hit brands in the face, says professor.

Poop packaging firm underlines importance of creativity in sustainability

29-Oct-2008 - Creative thinking is vital for companies looking to achieve sustainability without sacrificing quality and price competitiveness. Albe Zakes from TerraCycle, a company that started out making fertilizer from worm poo,...

Sustainable cosmetics tops the agenda at industry event

29-Sep-2008 - The Personal Care Products Council is digging into sustainability at the upcoming Science Week event in New Jersey with a dedicated workshop.

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