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Social Media & e-Commerce

Social media is increasingly important as a marketing and communication tool and has become an important platform for beauty brands to connect and engage their customers. eCommerce has also developed as a result of the growing online trend, and articles will focus on how the cosmetics industry is putting these new tools into practice.

L’Oreal launches new campaign with Melanoma Research Alliance

10-Apr-2014 - L’Oreal has announced that it is launching a new campaign with the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) which looks to raise awareness of the dangers related to sun damage and promote...

Exclusive Insight

Estée Lauder on the look-out: Ready to acquire… if the deal is right?

03-Apr-2014 - The rumour mill is in full swing but it is not too ridiculous to suggest that Estée Lauder could be ripe to join the acquisition trail given its history and...

Bricks as well as clicks? Why online brands are now getting physical

02-Apr-2014 - With several historically web-only cosmetics players now investing in bricks and mortar, it looks like brands are flying in the face of the recent industry emphasis on going digital; Cosmetics...

Vbloggers stronger than beauty brands?

27-Mar-2014 - With a recent report by marketing and advertising software company Pixability revealing that cosmetics brands are losing out in the digital marketing space to the ever-growing influence of beauty video bloggers,...

Up to 25,000 payment records stolen at Sally Beauty

20-Mar-2014 - Sally Beauty Holdings has fallen victim to data hackers, with up to 25,000 consumer card records illegally accessed during a recent security breach.

Exclusive interview

Recognising social media behaviour will breed success for beauty brands

20-Mar-2014 - Beauty brands must understand that social media is an infrastructure used to connect people and interact, and not just a media platform to distribute their own messages, according to an...

Accessible brands? L’Oréal’s new ‘Beauty for All’ manifesto

13-Mar-2014 - In a video planted across the web, L’Oreal’s has released a new ‘brand manifesto’ which looks to re-imagine the company’s identity as a more accessible brand for consumers, in its...

Technology enhancing beauty’s in-store experience

12-Mar-2014 - While there’s still plenty of room for the cosmetics industry to grow with e-commerce, research firm Euromonitor says brands are also making moves to digitalize the in-store experience.

*Cosmetics Vision Special*

Twitter rounds up key quotes from #CosmeticsVision

12-Mar-2014 - The inaugural Cosmetics Vision event took place in Cannes last week. Here we take a key look at some of the topics and take-aways we gathered from the show… in...

Try-before-you-buy cosmetics online: a threat to beauty boxes?

11-Mar-2014 - A new ‘try-before-you-buy’ retail model for cosmetics has been launched by online US beauty company Trymbl, in a move which may give popular beauty box services a run for their...


Customer engagement is key to staying on top of beauty e-commerce

06-Mar-2014 - Matching the right product and ensuring consumer engagement is vital to staying ahead in beauty e-commerce, and mobile is tipped to grow in the next few years.

Beauty catching up online in time for cyber natives

05-Feb-2014 - A recent campaign by Benefit Cosmetics indicates that the beauty industry has entered 2014 with a renewed focus on harnessing social media to drive consumer engagement.

Beauty websites need to make themselves more mobile-friendly

29-Jan-2014 - Almost six in ten beauty websites in the U.S. are not mobile-friendly according to new data and this could become a big problem in an increasingly mobile world.

Digital holds key to success in China

14-Jan-2014 - Olay, L’Oréal Paris and Rejoice emerge as the top three digital beauty brands in China and are tipped to make this status count as the country’s digital and social use...

Mobile technology has increased value for beauty brands, but work still to be done

11-Dec-2013 - The growth of mobile technology has been noticed by beauty brands, which see the value of smartphones and tablets as research tools and m-commerce vehicles, although there is still work...

Beauty brands need to focus on e-commerce sites to enhance customer experience

10-Dec-2013 - With e-commerce projected to boom in the beauty sector, reports suggest that cosmetics companies need to stay on top of their digital affairs to enhance customer satisfaction and stay ahead...

L’Oréal brands further display their digital ‘Genius’

06-Dec-2013 - The L’Oréal Group has been highlighted as one of the best digital marketers in the business after three of its signature brands were labelled ‘Genius’ in a recent report....

The big brands board the digital beauty wagon

25-Nov-2013 - L’Oréal, Estée Lauder and Procter & Gamble significantly upped their digital efforts this year and this will remain a key trend in the future, according to market analysts L2 ThinkTank....

Luxury brands CAN command the digital platform despite lack of sensorial experience

28-Oct-2013 - Despite luxury brands previously shying away from digital platforms due to the sensorial factor being imperative for consumers, experts say there is a way to command these platforms without compromising...

Online discussion and ecommerce important for cosmetics brands

24-Oct-2013 - Social media and the online discussion that these platforms provide are an important influence on cosmetics brands, and with ecommerce picking up pace in the developing world, catches up...

Sustainability discussion can be heightened through digital communication

21-Oct-2013 - The on-going discussions about sustainability development in the cosmetics industry can be heightened through social media and digital communications, according to industry experts.

CEW awards industry’s most powerful and influential women

21-Oct-2013 - This year’s CEW Achiever Awards have given the nod to some of the most inspiring women in the cosmetics industry, with key executives from Garnier, Clinique and Revlon all being...

Fashionistas, social shoppers and celebrity followers: how different types of women are influenced by social media

16-Oct-2013 - A study by two internet market research companies reveals how different types of female cosmetics buyers are influenced by social media.

Gillette is the ‘genius’ when it comes to digital

03-Oct-2013 - Procter & Gamble’s Gillette brand has been labelled ‘genius’ and is the number marketing brand in the US for its use of social and digital media campaigns to communicate and...

Time for beauty brands to step into the digital age

16-Sep-2013 - Whilst digital information specialist L2 ThinkTank believes success of Personal Care brands is linked to digital competence, Beauty has been slow on the uptake compared to other consumer sectors and...

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