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Naturals & Organics

In-depth analysis of the latest products, ingredients innovations and certification programmes that are helping to shape this evolving category. Articles will also consider the all-important related issues of sustainability, accountability and ethical sourcing, which are being driven by an increasingly discerning consumer.

Skin care maker Dickinson’s Witch Hazel brings its history into the future

03-Feb-2016 - The legacy beauty brand celebrates its 150th anniversary this year and is launching an updated product line, aiming to preserve the company’s heritage and cater to today’s consumers at the...

H&M to launch Ecocert cosmetics and personal care collection

26-Jan-2016 - By this time next month, the retailer’s Conscious product line will be available in select stores, aiming to meet consumer demand for portable products, unisex fragrances, certified natural beauty items,...

Part 4 of 4

Natural Fragrance: scents and trends

21-Jan-2016 - Market trends and popular scent notes influence what natural fragrance makers are formulating, where these personal care products and perfumes are being sold, and how the supply chain is evolving.

Part 3 of 4

Natural Fragrance: maintaining quality and gaining scale

20-Jan-2016 - Natural fragrance ingredients are in limited supply. As demand for naturally scented personal care products and perfumes increases, brands are formulating with a combination of oils and isolates to keep...

Part 2 of 4

Natural Fragrance: trading on exclusivity and purity

19-Jan-2016 - Ingredients used to formulate natural perfumes and scented personal care products differ from conventional ingredients, and this presents a challenge for brands. At the same time it’s an opportunity to...

Part 1 of 4

Natural Fragrance: a must-watch beauty and personal care segment

18-Jan-2016 - Demand for clean, natural, and organic perfumes and scented personal care products is on the rise. How the segment is shaping up, gaining momentum, and anticipating the trends deserves a...

Indie beauty gets backing from community banks

11-Jan-2016 - Privately owned cosmetics and personal care brands garner a lot of attention when it comes to M&A activity, but local financial institutions are backing local brands and helping independent beauty...

New business model emerging at H20 Plus

06-Jan-2016 - The personal care company is prepping for a brand relaunch this spring; in the meantime H20 Plus has shuttered another store and is halting operation at its Chicago area manufacturing...

Maxey Cosmetics signs coral harvesting agreement with Cayman Islands

04-Jan-2016 - The company is leveraging its long history with the territory to source black sea rod oil, one of Maxey’s signature ingredients, in waters where taking coral is commonly forbidden.

Top Trends for 2016

Top ten cosmetic industry trends to look out for in 2016

23-Dec-2015 - The Cosmetics Design USA team has put together a list of the top ten trends to look out for in 2016 and here they all are in this latest edition...

Trends in 2015 and looking ahead to 2016

Top-hitting trend articles in 2015 and looking ahead to 2016

23-Dec-2015 - In our final post of 2015 the Cosmetics Design team is bringing you a selection of the biggest trends that we have covered over the course of the year, as...

US Senate passes microbead ban

21-Dec-2015 - New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand introduced the bill—which would definitively ban the use of microbeads in beauty products and personal care formulations—that was unanimously passed last Friday and now is...

Asia in Focus

Natural cosmetics have never been so hot in Asia, says trend expert

09-Dec-2015 - Rising concerns around 'chemical pollution' coupled with an ancestral interest in traditional medicine has seen demand for holistic based or natural cosmetics - a segment that continues to go from...

‘Free-from claims are based on fears and should stop’

03-Dec-2015 - Cosmetics and personal care products should avoid using ‘free-from’ claims on their packs when referring to certain chemicals, as they just trade off fear, according to an industry panel who...

FDA creates guidelines for small and homemade cosmetics businesses

03-Dec-2015 - The FDA has created a webpage outlining its guidelines for smaller and homemade cosmetic players in an effort to regulate this niche but fast growing area.

How indie brands are reinventing the US cosmetics market

02-Dec-2015 - Independent cosmetic brands are serving to shake up the cosmetics world, with the larger multinationals carefully observing all the moves, and often buying them up.

A milestone moment for natural personal care

19-Nov-2015 - The independent California Baby brand celebrates its 20th anniversary this month and is doubling down to be an even more influential leader in the natural space with products for consumers...

State-of-the-art silk protein patent granted

11-Nov-2015 - Specialty biotechnology company Silk Therapeutics announced late last month that the US Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent for its non-GMO, stable liquid silk protein. Cosmetics Design connected with...

Organic labelling class action suit settled in California

10-Nov-2015 - Avalon Organics and Jason Brand Cosmetics have come to a proposed settlement in a lawsuit claiming products sold during the 4 years prior to May 2011 were labeled in a...

Indigenous Brazilians source personal care ingredients for income and land preservation

03-Nov-2015 - Natura cosmetics is an early client of Sentinels of the Forest, a program meant to help tribal peoples protect the forest and harvest Brazil nuts for sale and processing. 

Creating personal care products with the help of plants

29-Oct-2015 - Rebecca Blahosky of Botanic Innovations spoke with Cosmetics Design reporter Deanna Utroske at the SCC Suppliers Day event in Long Beach, California, this month about sourcing and formulating with ingredients...

A closer look at the 10 ways naturals are changing beauty

27-Oct-2015 - Yesterday, Cosmetics Design ran coverage of a new report from JWT Intelligence on the impact consumer naturalism is having on the cosmetics and personal care industry. Here we zoom in...

10 ways naturals are changing the beauty and personal care business

26-Oct-2015 - Lucie Greene, worldwide director of JWT Intelligence, presented the futurism and innovation consultancy’s newest research report—Beauty: the new natural—at a CEW Global Trends Event late last week in New York...

Special Newsletter - Natural & Organic

How many badges of honour do you need? Proliferation of ethical labels creates confusion

08-Oct-2015 - On the one hand you would think that the natural and organic cosmetics industry would be happy with the growing number of ethical labels making their way onto packs; however...

Special Newsletter - Natural & Organic

The ‘green’ sector will only grow if we have consistency in the language used

08-Oct-2015 - At a time when the cosmetics industry has been accused of ‘greenwashing’ and terms are bandied around and used so freely, the Soil Association says that the only way the...

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