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European Commission opens dialogue on nano definition

20-Jul-2010 - The European Commission is requesting comments on what constitutes a nanomaterial in an attempt to create a clear definition that can be used for regulatory purposes.

Big companies muscle in on nanotech personal care

16-Jul-2010 - As nanotechnology for personal care applications continues to grow, a recent study shows that big companies not often associated with the segment are getting involved.

Report suggests nanotechnology will lead to a new personal care category

13-Jul-2010 - Despite misgivings over safety, a new report highlights that personal care products containing nano compounds as key ingredients are growing rapidly and could give way to a new category.

Silica nanoparticles can enhance delivery of active ingredients

09-Jul-2010 - Using silica nanoparticles in emulsion systems can help the delivery of active ingredients in cosmetics and dermal drugs, according to researchers in Australia.

Double-sided nanoparticles may hold potential for added functionality

07-Jun-2010 - A research project led by the University of Pennsylvania has discovered new information about the physical make up and mechanical properties of nano assemblies made from Janus dendrimers.

Health Canada defines nanomaterials in working document

02-Mar-2010 - Health Canada has adopted a working definition for nanomaterials and announced that it may require more information about them in order to assess potential risks.

Do nanoparticles penetrate the skin?

07-May-2009 - According to Professor Tilman Butz who led the NANODERM project, the answer to is no, not in healthy human skin. The project looked at the dermal penetration of titanium dioxide...

Nanoparticles may damage bacterial cell walls, say scientists

31-Mar-2009 - Nanoparticles found in sunscreens may damage the cell walls of bacteria which could leave them unviable, according to recent research.

Industry and government must commit more resources to nanotech risk research

25-Feb-2009 - Research spending on nanotechnology risks is woefully inadequate and industry participation in data gathering projects has been limited, according to the Wilson Center’s Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies.

Canada expected to demand data from suppliers of nanomaterials

16-Feb-2009 - Canada is poised to become the first country to demand that companies report their use of engineered nanomaterials.

Nanotech dream will turn to ashes without regulation, says MEP

13-Feb-2009 - Nanotechnology’s promise will ‘crumble to ashes’ if regulation doesn’t ensure products are safe before reaching the market, according to a Swedish MEP.

Global toothpaste manufacturer taps into nanotechnology

28-Jan-2009 - Toothpaste manufacturer 3M ESPE has incorporated Indiana Nanotech’s calcium phosphate technology into its latest toothpaste launch.

Size matters when it comes to nano in cosmetics, says consumer group

13-Nov-2008 - The FDA must recognise that the size of a particle may affect its behavior and call for compulsory safety testing and labelling of nanoparticles in cosmetics, according to a US...

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