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FDA publishes report on recent cosmetics regulation meeting

25-Jul-2012 - In a recent report, the FDA has revealed that issues relating to cosmetics and cosmetic-like drug products were amongst those discussed at a recent Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR) meeting.

Research centre develops slow release technology for fragrance industry to extend scent life

15-Jun-2012 - A research centre in Thailand has developed a slow release technology for the fragrance industry that could be adapted for perfume and cosmetic applications.

Moisturizing the number one product claim for nanotechnology in cosmetics

05-Jun-2012 - Moisturizing or hydrating is the number one claim made about new nanotechnology cosmetics product launches, according to market analyst Mintel.

US senators call for FDA to reverse decision to delay sunscreen standards implementation

23-May-2012 - A group of senators in the US are asking the FDA to reverse its decision to delay sunscreen rules and put new standards in place for the summer.

Scientists reiterate nanotechnology in sunscreens is safe

22-May-2012 - The American Academy of Dermatology has reiterated the importance and safety of sunscreens for protection against skin damage, highlighting the effectiveness of nanotechnology and stating that new FDA regulations will...

Researchers develop novel screening technology to assess nanomaterial safety

09-May-2012 - At a time when nanotechnology has come under further scrutiny in the cosmetics industry, scientists from UCLA have developed a novel screening technology that can quickly assess the properties of...

Consistent regulation of nanotechnology is important in sun care

30-Apr-2012 - Sun care was the key theme at the in-cosmetics show in Barcelona this year, and Cosmetics Design caught up with Croda research manager Dr Ian Tooley to quiz him on...

Cosmetics Europe Exclusive Report

Nano is important for the future but there’s still work to be done

25-Apr-2012 - In the latest instalment of Cosmetics Design’s exclusive report from the Brussels headquarters of Cosmetics Europe, the personal care association told us that whilst nanotechnology is important in the industry’s...

Shrimp shell nanoparticles shown to provide anti-aging properties in skin cream

19-Mar-2012 - Nanoparticles containing chitosan could be used as an effective ingredient in anti-aging skin care products, after research showed its antimicrobial and skin regeneration properties.

Doctoral student develops research on solubility which holds industry promise

02-Jan-2012 - A graduate student in Israel has developed a method for increasing solubility that holds promising commercial benefits for the cosmetics industry as well as in pharmaceuticals and agriculture.

Scientists discover new method of sorting and counting nanoparticles

12-Oct-2011 - Scientists in Sweden have shown that it is possible to sort and count nanoparticles, even once they have formed aggregates, which could be of importance in the cosmetics industry particularly...

Cosmetic industry has adopted nanotechnology whilst dermatologists need to catch up

15-Sep-2011 - A new study has found that dermatologists have little or no experience of nanotechnology however they do appreciate the potential of the science and are eager to become more educated...

AAD: broad-spectrum sunscreen important, antioxidants could be the future

08-Aug-2011 - A new study by the American Academy of Dermatology has further emphasized the importance of selecting a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect the skin against skin cancer and early aging, and...

Calcium-containing nanoparticles could tackle common skin allergy

04-Apr-2011 - Nanoparticles containing calcium could offer hope to the millions of people across the globe who suffer from skin allergies to Nickel, thanks to a solution preventing the element from making...

Nanotechnology could provide future for hair coloring, study

03-Mar-2011 - Scientists are looking into hair-coloring techniques of the future, including nano-sized colorants and substances that stimulate the genes to produce melanin pigment that colors hair, according to a study published...

Conference focuses on regulation of nanotechnology

28-Feb-2011 - With big changes afoot for nanotechnology regulation a one day conference at the University of Arizona will look at how changes will affect various industries, including cosmetics.

New ISO standard gauges nano-toxicity risks

31-Jan-2011 - New guidelines from the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) have been published in a bid to help key industry players assess the possible risks presented by the burgeoning growth of...

Nanotechnology criticised for environmentally unfriendly nature

17-Nov-2010 - Friends of the Earth has criticised nanotechnology and the use of nanomaterials as it claims the products are more environmentally costly to produce and use.

Nano titanium dioxide UV filter is the focus of new manufacturing agreement

04-Nov-2010 - Mexico-based Nanomateriales has entered into an agreement with NanoBioMagnetics (NBMI) to produce and commercialize a nano titanium dioxide UV filter for sunscreens and cosmetics.

Precautionary principle may stay nanotech development in cosmetics

19-Oct-2010 - While the use of nanotechnology in cosmetics is growing, the precautionary principle may hold back future development, according to a nanotechnology consultancy firm.

Nanotechnology prediction method aims to enhance R&D

16-Aug-2010 - Scientists from the North Carolina State University are working on a method to predict the ways in which nanoparticles will interact with the human body.

Nanoparticles from English ivy protect against UV

26-Jul-2010 - Naturally occurring nanoparticles from the English ivy plant can act as UV filters and protect the skin from sun exposure, according to recent research.

European Commission opens dialogue on nano definition

20-Jul-2010 - The European Commission is requesting comments on what constitutes a nanomaterial in an attempt to create a clear definition that can be used for regulatory purposes.

Big companies muscle in on nanotech personal care

16-Jul-2010 - As nanotechnology for personal care applications continues to grow, a recent study shows that big companies not often associated with the segment are getting involved.

Report suggests nanotechnology will lead to a new personal care category

13-Jul-2010 - Despite misgivings over safety, a new report highlights that personal care products containing nano compounds as key ingredients are growing rapidly and could give way to a new category.

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