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New microscope shows live cells in 3 dimensions

30-Jun-2015 - The revolutionary tomographic technology from Nanolive SA, a Swedish startup, is set to change R&D in the personal care and cosmetics industries.

Nanomaterials found detrimental to sea life

24-Jun-2015 - Published research from the University of California, Davis, casts doubt on whether personal care products can be safely designed with nano-zinc and nano-copper oxides.

Here’s how colorful bugs will transform cosmetics

28-May-2015 - Biophotonic nanostructures made by beetles, butterflies and other bugs just might be the blueprint that scientists need to make iridescent pigments commercially practical.

Gold Rush: skin care with nanomaterials

27-Apr-2015 - The California-based company KollagenX launched in 2008 with a focus on nanogold technology and now sees demand for its skin care products expanding beyond wholesale to include retail consumers.  

Nail polish manufacturer Fiabila re-ups with nanotech ingredient supplier

18-Feb-2015 - NaturalNano of Rochester, New York, has provided Halloysite Nanotubes to the manufacturer since 2008, and that is slated to continue for 3 more years thanks to the latest extension of...

Advancing dry water science means more cosmetics formulations

03-Feb-2015 - Ana Margarida Fernandes has completed research on the creation of stable liquid marbles that comprise water draped in flocculated polymer latexes and stabilized with polyionic liquids.

Nanotechnology innovation rebuilds teeth and reduces sensitivity

12-Jan-2015 - Researchers in Taiwan have development of new biomaterial that effectively fills worn tooth enamel for a prolonged stretch of time.

Nanoscience makes new biological gels easier to find

11-Dec-2014 - A new system makes it possible to synthesize innovative tri-peptides that will function predictably as hydrogels, which can be workable cosmetics ingredients.

News in brief

Suncayr Marker: a nanochemical sunscreen solution built by students

03-Nov-2014 - Nanotechnology engineering students from the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada, devised the product, which when applied directly to skin changes colour to indicate when wearer’s sunscreen is no longer...

What the new FDA guidance on nanomaterials means for cosmetic players

02-Jul-2014 - Last week the FDA issued new guidance that aims to create a clearer framework to identify potential safety issues for nanomaterials used in cosmetics.

Brands agree to pull titanium dioxide amid calls for ‘more study’

05-Jun-2014 - Five leading skin care brands have agreed to re-label or remove titanium dioxide (TiO2) from those products which contain it, as part of efforts to settle a recent lawsuit in...

Mexican company looks to build on nanotech TiO2 sunscreen technology

22-May-2014 - Mexican firm Nanomateriales has developed a cosmetic sunscreen based on titanium dioxide nanoparticles, which can reduce the effects of UVA/UVB rays, related to skin deterioration.

Study finds nanoparticles may damage DNA

21-Apr-2014 - While previously studies have found nanoparticles have the potential to be toxic for cells, a new study by MIT and the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) has now found...

New nanotechnology science journal to launch

17-Mar-2014 - Elsevier, a global provider of scientific, technical and medical information on products and solutions, has announced the launch of an open access journal, ‘Colloid and Interface Science Communications’ (COLCOM), relevant...

FDA ICCR focuses in on nanomaterials and test alternatives

03-Mar-2014 - The FDA has released three documents from the most recent Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR) meeting, which discussed nanomaterial safety, and cosmetics testing regulation.

Understanding of natural nanoscale device may be useful for cosmetics

30-Jan-2014 - Scientists at Harvard University and the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) hope a new understanding of a natural nanoscale photonic device that enables a small marine animal to change its colors will also...

New research to open up regenerative applications

17-Dec-2013 - Researchers at Laboratoire Matière Molle, Paris have discovered how to obtain a very strong adhesion between two gels by spreading a solution of nanoparticles on their surface.

Scientists encourage ‘safer’ rutile form of TiO2 in cosmetics

26-Sep-2013 - Research originating in Torino, Italy is encouraging sunscreen and cosmetics formulators to use the rutile form of titanium dioxide rather than anatase as tests have suggested it is safer.

News in brief

Huntsman to acquire Rockwood’s titanium dioxide business

19-Sep-2013 - Huntsman Corporation and Rockwood Holdings have announced that Huntsman will acquire Rockwood’s performance additives and titanium dioxide businesses.

Brazil rejects labelling bill over nanotechnology concerns

21-Aug-2013 - The Brazilian government has rejected a proposal to regulate labelling of cosmetics, amongst other consumer goods, as provisions relating to nanomaterials were considered insufficient.

Dermatologist stresses importance of sun protection to reduce cancer risk

13-Jun-2013 - A leading dermatologist in the US has outlined the importance of wearing sunscreen and taking vitamin supplements to avoid over exposure to the sun and reduce the risk of skin...

Argex expands titanium dioxide production in Canada

02-May-2013 - Titanium dioxide producer Argex will up its production of the sunscreen ingredient having signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Valleyfield Enterprises for a long-term lease of at least 235,000...

Scientists suggest gold nanoparticles could accelerate aging and wrinkles

30-Apr-2013 - A research team from Stony Brook University in New York have revealed research suggesting that pure gold nanoparticles used in a range of personal care products could lead to accelerated...

Hair of gold – now a possibility as nanoparticle use could lead to permanent hair dyes

03-Jan-2013 - Flowing locks of golden hair could become a permanent hair dye option after scientists reported the first synthesis of gold nanoparticles inside human hairs; a discovery that has big implications...

Australian scientists call for longer skin tests in sunscreen

27-Nov-2012 - According to a team of scientists at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, despite previous research finding that nanoparticles do not penetrate the skin, it remains debatable as to...

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