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Digital and technology prove to be the key tools for engaging beauty consumers

17-Feb-2016 - Cosmetic players are diving much deeper into both the digital arena and technology as a means of capturing the imagination of consumers, latest research from Mintel shows.

CEW Global Trends Report reveals data behind the advancing prestige cosmetics business

08-Feb-2016 - The event, held at the Harmonie Club on New York City’s Upper East Side last week, reviewed beauty industry sales, trends, and more from 2015 and forecast 2016, using facts...

Digital makeover apps are taking over the mobile cosmetics marketplace

01-Feb-2016 - The virtual makeup counters of today, apps are where consumers try out product, get the opinion of friends, link directly to brand sites and more. Not surprisingly, beauty companies are...

Experiential Retail: How industry leading cosmetics brands are moving ahead

27-Jan-2016 - L’Oréal’s color cosmetics brand NYX Professional Makeup just opened a digitally enhanced flagship store in California’s Silicon Valley. It’s the start of a new retail strategy for NYX and part...

Brazil’s recession is an e-commerce opportunity for personal care brands

26-Jan-2016 - The country’s population is increasingly urban and eager to buy name-brand goods, and companies selling FMCG on international marketplace sites or brand pages are getting in on the ground floor...

CD Buzz : Latest analysis on the winning digital tactics for beauty players

22-Jan-2016 - In this latest CD Buzz video, we look at what beauty players are doing to capture fickle younger consumers and the type of digital tactics that are really working.

Mary Kay reframes multicultural beauty

19-Jan-2016 - The direct-sales cosmetics and skin care company has built an increasingly diverse team of representative and is boasting hundreds of thousands of new recruits in 2015, many of which are Millennials.

DS Laboratories expands distribution online in the US and Asia

12-Jan-2016 - The biotech-driven personal care company has partnered with thee sizable dot-coms to reach more consumers; a strategy that may stretch to include brands DS Laboratories is acquiring from WR Group. ...

Beauty personalisation and interactivity is key for Millennials, says Euromonitor

11-Jan-2016 - Cosmetics is one of the few areas in which millennials buck the trend of being “nowners” (no-owners) and are keen to spend, according to a recent overview by Euromonitor International.

The Old Spice brand portfolio gets a make-over

07-Jan-2016 - Procter & Gamble has decided to revamp one of the oldest men’s grooming brands by reformulating and rebranding with the help of a digital informercial to get the message out....

L’Oréal to introduce #WorthSaying campaign this awards season

07-Jan-2016 - Sunday during the Golden Globe broadcast, the beauty company will launch a campaign designed to expand the red carpet conversation with a multitude of insights from women, sharing and connecting...

Artificial Intelligence is fuelling disruptive innovation in the personal care industry

04-Jan-2016 - In what’s being billed as the ‘first beauty contest judged by robots’ Beauty.AI and its partners are crowdsourcing facial imaging data that will be used to set a new course...

Top Trends for 2016

Top ten cosmetic industry trends to look out for in 2016

23-Dec-2015 - The Cosmetics Design USA team has put together a list of the top ten trends to look out for in 2016 and here they all are in this latest edition...

Trends in 2015 and looking ahead to 2016

Top-hitting trend articles in 2015 and looking ahead to 2016

23-Dec-2015 - In our final post of 2015 the Cosmetics Design team is bringing you a selection of the biggest trends that we have covered over the course of the year, as...

IFF updates corporate image in time for the New Year

16-Dec-2015 - This month the fragrance and flavors manufacturer rolled out a new look and new mission that puts innovation first and is meant to position the company as the go-to industry...

Study highlights a decline in online color cosmetics sales in the US

07-Dec-2015 - A new study shows that while the specialty retail channel continues to drive the color cosmetics market, consumers are buying fewer products online.

How indie brands are reinventing the US cosmetics market

02-Dec-2015 - Independent cosmetic brands are serving to shake up the cosmetics world, with the larger multinationals carefully observing all the moves, and often buying them up.

Beauty apps ‘underutilized’ as a tool to promote cosmetics

01-Dec-2015 - As the market for online cosmetics continues to return healthy growth rates, beauty marketers could still be extending their digital reach further by tapping into apps to promote brands, new...

L’Oréal opens its first branded content production studio in Montreal, Canada

25-Nov-2015 - At the company’s worldwide Content Factory employees will create original digital assets to share brand stories, education and inspiration with consumers.

2015 #beauty20 award winners fêted in NYC

10-Nov-2015 - This marks the second year that innoCos events produced the digital marketing awards in New York City, honoring brands in 10 categories from best app to best Instagram and everything...

L’Oréal honors top tech founders

28-Oct-2015 - The company’s US-based Women in Digital initiative has announced it’s 2015 Next Generation Award Winners, recognizing the achievements of three original digital company leaders.

Urban Decay adjusts its digital marketing strategy

12-Oct-2015 - Social media has the brand’s followers scattered all over the web, so this month Urban Decay welcomes them back to the fold with a new global content site.

IFF and Vapor Communications team up to invent digital fragrances

08-Oct-2015 - The consumer fragrance creator has set its sights on digital scent technology and, by making use of Vapor’s oNotes software platform, anticipates a first product launch early next year.

Mobile purchases are rising fast and driving cosmetics sales, says PayPal

06-Oct-2015 - Cosmetics Design checked in with Katie Ochieano, SMB Merchant Marketing for the online payment company, to find out just how valuable mobile shopping and contextual commerce are for beauty brands.

Millennial Beauty: it’s not a generation, it’s an imperative

30-Sep-2015 - Today, women of all ages shop for cosmetics with a fresh curiosity and digital sophistication. This week in New York City, CEW brought together industry experts to analyse how leading...

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