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Beauty From Within

Beauty From Within

A new and fast-growing category that taps into the beauty benefits of food culminating in products as diversified as yoghurts, drinking water, fruit juices and chocolate.

Anti-aging pill to undergo more testing in US

07-Dec-2015 - In laboratory testing, an FDA-approved diabetes drug has been shown to extend life and prevent wrinkles; upcoming clinical trials will look explicitly at the pill’s potential to stave off the...

FDA creates guidelines for small and homemade cosmetics businesses

03-Dec-2015 - The FDA has created a webpage outlining its guidelines for smaller and homemade cosmetic players in an effort to regulate this niche but fast growing area.

How indie brands are reinventing the US cosmetics market

02-Dec-2015 - Independent cosmetic brands are serving to shake up the cosmetics world, with the larger multinationals carefully observing all the moves, and often buying them up.

TCH acquires beauty-from-within company Organic Holdings

08-Oct-2015 - The category continues to evolve as consumers equate wellness with beauty and brands pair up topical products with ingestibles. And, deals like this one suggest that there is a wider...

Reserveage Organics founder credits Gelita with firming up science supporting beauty-from-within

02-Oct-2015 - Reserveage Organics, a company built first upon the benefits of the antioxidants found in wine grapes, is expanding rapidly into the beauty-from-within category, which founder Naomi Whittel says is finally...

Guest article

Euromonitor runs rule over recent nutraceutical award winners

25-May-2015 - Market analyst Euromonitor International dissects recent NutraIngredients Awards winners to provide category perspective from sustainable omega-3 to healthy ageing in this guest article.

Probiotic products gaining traction in the anti-aging marketplace

29-Apr-2015 - The live bacteria cultures popular as supplements in the wellness industry are becoming more common place in topical personal care products.

Despite economic uncertainty, Brazilian ingredient market remains promising, exec says

03-Apr-2015 - The widely publicized issues affecting the Brazilian economy is a concern for companies selling ingredients there, but the underlying demand for health and wellness products means market growth is still...

Ready-to-drink beauty is ready to change everything

03-Mar-2015 - Analysts anticipate that the nutricosmetics market will reach $7.4 bn in the next five years, and ready-to-drink beauty beverages are the strongest growing product in the segment.

Z Skin Systems launches oral and topical nutricosmetics products formulated with Zeaxanthin

16-Dec-2014 - The new skin nutrition company’s first two product lines comprise supplements and serums developed and sold for use in tandem.

Flexible pouch delivery mode will ride rising wave of beauty from within, collagen supplier says

18-Nov-2014 - Beauty from within, still in its infancy in North America, is a concept that has long been driven by dosage form innovation, an expert in the field says. This is...

Mintel: brands helping the US BFW market make its comeback

20-Jan-2014 - According to the market researcher, in 2011 North America saw an all-time high in launches before numbers fell the following year. However, the region has arrested this decline with numbers...

Japanese ingredient takes off in US BFW products

25-Nov-2013 - A plant-based compound with a long history in Japanese cosmetic formulations is now gaining popularity on the US markets as the West starts to recognise its efficacious properties. ...

Revealed: how companies can address the beauty needs of cancer sufferers

17-Oct-2013 - A beauty program which helps women cope with cancer has revealed ways in which companies can tailor their cosmetics products to this group.

The recipe for younger skin: nutritional options combat aging

03-Sep-2013 - What we eat and the way food is prepared can affect the way our skin ages due to its effect on the elastin and collagen in our bodies; and is...

Viviscal doubles fish protein extract in supplement to promote hair growth

30-Jan-2013 - Dietary supplement specialist Viviscal has launched its latest natural hair growth and nourishing product with 50 percent more fish protein extract in it than before.

News in brief

BioCell publishes study demonstrating anti-aging advantages of collagen supplement

31-Jul-2012 - BioCell Technology has published the first human skin study demonstrating the efficacy of its orally ingested BioCell Collagen in improving the visible signs of skin aging.

Hair-y bad news again for Nutrilinks as EFSA rejects 2 more health claims

19-Jul-2012 - Having been in the spotlight over skin health claims made, Swiss company Nutrilinks has now seen two of its claims regarding hair loss reduction and hair strength reinforcement rejected by...

To infinity and… that’s it! NASA denies developing nutricosmetic drink

06-Jun-2012 - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has refuted claims it developed a wrinkle-reducing fruit drink after it was reported that the AS10 beverage was developed in line with the...

NAD takes issue with nutricosmetic advertising claims

14-Mar-2012 - The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus has pulled up supplement manufacturer Irwin Naturals over certain claims made about the efficacy of one of its nutricosmetic...

Biotech firm files patent following L-Ergothioneine discovery in hair and nail growth

11-Jan-2012 - Biotechnology company Entia Biosciences has filed a provisional patent for the use of ingestible and topically applied L-Ergothioneine (Ergo) to maintain and improve hair and nail health, growth, and natural...

Steps taken towards synthetic collagen development for cosmetics use

12-Sep-2011 - Scientists from Rice University in Texas have found a new method for making synthetic collagen that could be used for cosmetics applications as it mirrors some of the properties of...

GIA predicts nutricosmetics market will reach $4.24bn by 2017

05-Apr-2011 - Increasing awareness among consumers, an aging population, and an inclination towards less invasive beauty treatments, will help to drive the nutricosmetics market in the next few years, according to a...

The grey area between beauty claims and health claims

21-Oct-2010 - Are beauty from within products covered by the health claims regulation? Eversheds lawyer Owen Warnock explains the grey area between beauty and health – and why the lack of clarity...

Maesa designs retro packaging for Icing color cosmetics line

20-Oct-2010 - Contract manufacturer Maesa has designed and created the packaging for a retro-inspired cosmetics collection from Icing Stores (Claire’s Stores) that is targeted at young women in their 20’s.