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In color cosmetics, complexion products and skin care benefits are winning

By Deanna Utroske

Last updated on 03-Aug-2017 at 17:57 GMT2017-08-03T17:57:20Z

In color cosmetics, complexion products and skin care benefits are winning

According to Mintel’s Color Cosmetics US 2017 report, the category isn’t seeing the growth it once was. Still, the numbers suggest that the color boom is far from over.

“Overall, the color cosmetics market experienced moderate growth in 2017,” acknowledges Shannon Romanowski, director of Mintel reports in health, household, beauty, and personal care. The US color market saw only 2% growth this year, amounting to $11bn.

In contrast to 2016 numbers, Mintel notes that lip color, facial cosmetics, and eye products grew more slowly this year. Even so, color cosmetics with skin care benefits and those formulated to even out skin tone are doing quite well this year, according to the market research firm.

Texture and appearance

“While the market is saturated and some women are turning to value brands to cut costs, facial makeup products that offer relevant skincare benefits present a bright spot that could reinvigorate sales,” says Romanowski.

Mintel’s reports shows that 28% of women between the ages of 18 and 34 are “interested in facial makeup that evens skin tone.” That numbers goes up slightly for older consumers; 29% of women age 55 and up are interested in color cosmetics that even skin tone.

More specifically, 29% of women cosmetics consumers are interested in pore-minimizing products. And, 24% are interested in color correcting palettes.  “As consumers increasingly express interest in facial makeup that incorporates skincare-related claims,” says Romanowski, “it’s likely these claims will continue expanding into the cosmetics category.”

Beauty with benefits

“Anti-aging and moisturizing claims are appealing to older women, and can be particularly successful in light of an aging population that is typically less engaged in the category,” observes Romanowski.

In fact 44% of all women consumers say that anti-aging and moisturizing are the top benefits they look for in cosmetics. 68% of women over 55 are interested expressly in anti-aging benefits, while only 18% of women in the 18 to 34 age range are.

24% of women in the younger age bracket seek out cosmetics that incorporate acne treatment in comparison to only 2% of women in the older bracket. And there is a similar discrepancy in demand for sensitive skin products and products that minimize pores. 23% of younger women are interested in cosmetics for sensitive skin, 9% of older women are. And again 23% of women 18 to 34 are interested in pore minimizing cosmetics, and for women 55 and older that number drops to only 11%.

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