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Closely following the latest trends and formulation technologies that are leading the way in this ever-growing industry segment. As a science-driven trend, articles will also look at the latest research developments, lifting the lid on some of the most exciting innovations surrounding the active ingredients that have become the driving force of this category.

Stand-in CEO insists that Sirona Biochem hasn’t lost its focus

24-Jul-2014 - Sirona Biochem announces it will continue to focus on the skin care market and develop new active ingredients for the cosmetics market, and will be unaffected by its change in...

Genetics’ effect on skin aging is limited, finds Olay

10-Jul-2014 - Olay has conducted a study into whether cosmetics products can overcome your genetic make-up, by using pairs of identical twins to trial their ProX range.

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Croda claims 'breathrough' active tackles senescence aging process

19-May-2014 - Scientists at Sederma & IRB have been working on ‘Senestem’, an ingredient that fades the signs of senescence (the body's natural process of deterioration with age) with a method they...

Shiseido skin protection research points to new skin care technology

23-Apr-2014 - Cosmetics manufacturer Shiseido will use research efforts into Langerhans cells and a function of skin immunity to develop a new line of skin care products as a solution for maintaining...

Form of baldness explained as hair loss gene identified

08-Apr-2014 - Hair loss and skin disorder treatments have been given new hope after a US study identified a strategy for reversing hair loss after research into a gene that affects one...

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Estée Lauder on the look-out: Ready to acquire… if the deal is right?

03-Apr-2014 - The rumour mill is in full swing but it is not too ridiculous to suggest that Estée Lauder could be ripe to join the acquisition trail given its history and...

P&G study points to consumer preference for at-home treatments

26-Mar-2014 - Presenting its latest innovation at the recent annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatologists, consumer goods multinational P&G revealed that convenience was a key factor in consumer choice of...

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Beiersdorf R&D head says it’s OK to appreciate external innovations

21-Mar-2014 - Traditionally cosmetics companies have adopted a ‘not invented here’ attitude, but big benefits can be gained from changing to a ‘proudly found elsewhere’ mindset and being open with external partners,...

Fresh-faced: the latest skin care trends in Canada

13-Mar-2014 - Recent analysis by market research firm Euromonitor reveals that the anti-aging and skin-whitening sectors are currently big business in Canada’s skin care sector.

Agave shortage to hit cosmetics

12-Mar-2014 - The price of agave, a Mexican plant which provides various active ingredients in cosmetics products from hair oils to anti-aging, is set to rise due to increasing demand outstripping the...

Never too old for technology: anti-aging driving US beauty devices

04-Mar-2014 - According to market researcher Mintel’s ‘Global Annual Review of skin care’, the US is following Asia’s lead with personal care device demand, with consumers keen for anti-aging devices at home....

Beauty consequence not cancer risk motivates sunscreen use best in teens

20-Feb-2014 - Scientists have found that youngsters are more likely to address sun protection behaviour if skin appearance and beauty effects are highlighted as opposed to messages displaying a skin cancer risk.

Nuritas founder develops method to create skin care peptides

19-Feb-2014 - Biotech firm Nuritas’ founder, Dr Nora Khaldi, has come up with a methodology utilizing computational biology to create peptides to be used in skin care.

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Mibelle Biochemistry unveils anti-ageing snow algae extract

19-Feb-2014 - An extract of snow algae can protect the skin against environmental stress factors and improve the barrier function and has been developed by Mibelle Biochemistry. Here, Dr Fred Zülli gives...

Anti-glycation treatment needed to fight skin aging effects of sugar

10-Feb-2014 - Anti-glycation topical solutions are the next level of skin treatments to treat, prevent or reverse skin damage caused by releasing the sugar molecule’s bond with protein, allowing the cell to...

Anti-aging set to become even bigger business thanks to baby boomers

03-Feb-2014 - The anti-aging sector powered through the recession relatively unscathed, and according to a new market report by Transparency Market Research, its growth looks set to continue thanks to the baby...

U.S. leads the way for marine biotechnology

23-Jan-2014 - Marine biotechnology is in growing demand in the cosmetics industry among others and it turns out the U.S. market has the largest share.

Sirona enters environmental collaboration to develop anti-aging compounds for the future

16-Jan-2014 - On the back of its work on anti-aging glycoproteins from Antarctic fish which attracted attention from L’Oréal, Sirona Biochem has now teamed up with Explore Green and environmentalists Jean-Michel and...

Chanel skin science investment driving its portfolio

09-Jan-2014 - Despite Chanel’s vast portfolio of luxury goods, it’s the brand’s investment in the cosmetics sector that is coming up trumps, currently accounting for 55% of its annual revenue.

Stem cell answer to beat the bald

06-Jan-2014 - A trio of studies have delved into the regeneration of hair follicles and described some of the factors that determine when hair grows, when it stops growing and when it...

Study shows effectiveness of thymus peptides in preventing hair loss

19-Dec-2013 - Time to ditch the toupee: a study published in the Journal of Plastic Dermatology suggests that thymus peptides may be effective in treating male and female pattern baldness.

Hair loss development as pathway found that can prompt or limit growth

18-Dec-2013 - The hair loss world has witnessed a new development after scientists identified a molecular pathway that can be activated to prompt hair growth of dormant hair follicles, or blocked to prevent...


BASF to offer ‘Everlasting Beauty’ program following extensive research

17-Dec-2013 - Chemicals company BASF has launched its latest program focusing on the three anti-ageing actions of prevention, maintenance and correction having used its vast consumer research to identify what the market...

Facial masks creep on to the radar for U.S. beauty consumers

04-Dec-2013 - They have long been on the beauty shopping list for Asian consumers, but U.S. consumers are now also starting to pick up facial masks, claims major manufacturer Taiki.

Active ingredient dosage so important in anti-aging says biotech firm

02-Dec-2013 - You can have the most revolutionary ingredient on the market but it is the dosage that can be the most crucial thing, according to a skin care expert.

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