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Vivant Skin Care develops product that increases lip volume

Last updated on 12-Dec-2012 at 17:14 GMT2012-12-12T17:14:53Z

The US cosmetics company has recently developed a lip plumper that increases volume by up to 40 percent, as an alternative to lip augmentation surgery.

"We’re excited about the possibilities this offers those who are seeking the ‘Parisian curl’ look without having to resort to invasive injections or expensive treatments. The semi-permanent effect puffs out the surface folds and increases the build-up of oxygen in the lips and lasts as long as one keeps applying it," says CEO Kelly Kendrick.

Of a 29-day clinical study carried out on women aged 22-40 with fine and dry lips, an average of a 40 percent increase in lip volume, a near 30 percent reduction of surface folds, 60 percent improvement of hydration and a 70 percent increase of protection and softness were revealed in its findings.

A spokesperson told USA that the 40 percent figure represents a mean percentage of increase as measured by the 3D morphometry captured by a Toposkin 3D stereogrammometric device, and obtained by computer processing of the digital imagery.

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