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Men’s personal care provider features Provital moisturizing ingredient

By Michelle Yeomans , 26-Jan-2012
Last updated on 26-Jan-2012 at 17:46 GMT2012-01-26T17:46:01Z

Men’s personal care provider features Provital moisturizing ingredient

Jack Black has incorporated Provital’s Hydromanil to its skincare line, an active moisturizing compound that’s innovative structure acts as a sequential delivery system of small molecules, increasing the skin’s moisture level.

The exclusive formula mimics the structure of natural skin lipids by trapping essential moisture and aiding in the repair and replenishment of the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Its cumulative and long-lasting moisturizing effects are said to be suitable for specific products to treat dry, damaged or aged skin.


In their search for the perfect molecule, Provital found that Hydromanil’s three-dimensional matrix of ‘galactomannans’ released ‘galacto-manno-oligosaccharides’ into the outer most part of the skin on a continuous basis which claimed to provide immediate and long lasting hydration.

Extracted from the Caesalpinia spinosa plant, native to Peru and growing in the Andes, the active contains a total of 5.0 -7.5 percent oligosaccharides. The most representative ones are trisaccharide GM2, tetrasaccharide GM3 and the disaccharide M2.

Tried and tested

Hydromanil is a regulatory action of the cutaneous desquamative process that eliminates the layers of swollen cells and leaves the stratum corneum cohesive and flexible thus improving the appearance and feel of the skin”, say Provital.

The moisturizing kinetics was studied by Chronometry in order to measure the moisture level at time 0 (T0), 30 min, 2 h and 4 h after a single application of the product formulated with 2 percent, 5 percent and 10 percent doses in aqueous gel.

According to Provital, “the concentration of active compounds was high enough to temporarily retain a part of the water contained into the cosmetic formulation. A maximum 30.8 percent increase in moisturizing was recorded after 30 min.”

Also revealing that “with medium and low concentrations- 5 percent and 2 percent- the instantaneous effect at 30 min is not so marked, which reinforces the importance of the transepidermal water retention that results from the filmogenic effect of Hydromanil.”

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