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Lucas Meyer readies two new active ingredients for in-cosmetics

By Simon Pitman , 19-Feb-2013
Last updated on 20-Feb-2013 at 14:28 GMT2013-02-20T14:28:54Z

Canada-based Lucas Meyer is preparing to unveil two brand new active ingredients at the Paris in-cosmetics show, one being a natural ingredient that targets infrared-induced skin damage.

The company will be profiling its Elix-IR and Phytenso ingredients and is hoping to repeat the success that last year’s ingredient launch enjoyed at the in-cosmetics event in Barcelona, when the company was a prize winner.

Elix-IR is claimed to be the first botanical active ingredient designed to fight what the company has specifically termed as Infra’aging, which is also known as infrared-induced skin ageing from infrared radiation and known to be the cause of photoageing.

Targeting infrared-induced skin damage

Lucas Meyer says the development of this ingredient worked on the principle that, although infrared-induces skin ageing has been known about for many years, few cosmetic ingredients or formulations have targeted this area.

Infrared and the generated heat from the rays are believed to be responsible for the degeneration of skin cells, leading to loss of firmness and elasticity that can lead to premature ageing of the skin and ultimately wrinkling.

“Through its inhibitory action on cathepsin G enzyme, Elix-IR reduces IR-, UV-, heat-induced MMPs production and fibre degradation. With outstanding clinical results on sun-damaged skin, Elix-IR provides a new strategy for a global action against photoaging and is complementary to classical UV protection,” a company statement about the agreement said.

Phytotenso ingredient targets hair relaxing

The Phytenso ingredient is a natural soft hair straightener that is being touted at as an alternative to aggressive chemical relaxers, a number of which were in the news last year for the undesirable effect of harsh ingredients such as ammonia.

The company says that the ingredients targets frizz, while also locking out humidity and ultimately improving the manageability of the hair.

Lucas Meyer will be presenting the two new ingredients, together with the four new textures for its So’ Buttery range of vegetable butters at booth J41, during the in-cosmetics event at Port De Versailles Expo centre, April 15 - 18.

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