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JiMari plans stone fruit cosmetics ingredient line

By Deanna Utroske

Last updated on 13-Jul-2017 at 18:59 GMT2017-07-13T18:59:13Z

JiMari plans stone fruit cosmetics ingredient line

The company, which incorporated in March, bought Blenheim apricot producer B & R Farms in April and is moving swiftly forward to consolidate stone fruit farming and commercialize the fruits, oils, extracts, pits, etc. for a full spectrum of industries.

According to the company’s profile on, “JiMari Incorporated is a privately held corporation that intends to capitalize on an underserved opportunity in the California stone fruit market by acquiring and managing specialty orchards and strategic farm packers in the stone fruit sector.”

Natural progression

The executives behind JiMari, Jim Rossi, Mari Rossi,and Jim White, see a clear business opportunity in the natural, unprocessed food and ingredient market. “Natural, unprocessed products are becoming more and more important to consumers,” notes the team on “From soaps and other personal care items to food ingredients and even home construction and decorating materials, consumers are increasingly demanding of eco-friendly, non-synthetic goods.”

They believe that by consolidating the stone fruit business--acquiring farms and providing them with HR, management, and related support--is the best way to meet market demand.

As White explains it in a press release, “we strive for excellence in everything we do, from acquiring orchards to delivering the final product to customers. Through acquisitions, we'll be able to gain control over the demand and supply of apricot goods and provide health-conscious consumers with the products they desire.”

Beauty obsession

JiMari has plans to supply the cosmetics and personal care industry with ingredients derived from apricot pits and seeds. The company is “taking innovation to the next level by using the apricot pit and kernel to produce new product lines for anti-aging, cosmetics, and healing industries,” according to the release.

So far the company intends to sell cosmetic kernel oil, which it describes as a “moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antiseptic, antioxidant, antimicrobial finish, contains fatty acids.” And the shell granulates and powders will be available as an “organic cosmetic additive [for] soaps and scrubs.”

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