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IFF and Amyris Advance to collaborate on renewable fragrance ingredients

By Simon Pitman+

Last updated on 03-Mar-2014 at 16:55 GMT2014-03-03T16:55:32Z

IFF and Amyris Advance to collaborate on renewable fragrance ingredients

Fragrance and flavors giant IFF has announced a collaborative venture with Amyris Advance to bring a new generation of renewable fragrance ingredients to the market.

The two companies confirmed that they have announced the completion of the first phase of the development project, and will now be going ahead with the second phase of the development.

The move taps into growing demand for more sustainably sourced ingredients, specifically avoiding the use of materials that are not derived from renewable resources.

Long-term strategy for innovation

"This arrangement supports our long-term strategy, which focuses on both innovation and portfolio maximization,” said Nicolas Mirzayantz, IFF Group President, Fragrances.

“We believe that the creation of cost-effective molecules will have a positive impact on our Fragrance Ingredients business as well as the creative capabilities of our Fragrance compounds business."

The agreement will give IFF exclusive rights to the to the fragrance ingredients developed as a result of the collaborative project, which in turn will be used for fragrance applications in both the flavors and fragrance arenas.

Amyris also working with Firmenich

Back in 2011 Amyris and Swiss fragrance and flavors player Firmenich announced that they would be expand their co-operation by jointly working on the development of two sustainable and cost-efficient fragrance ingredients.

Biotech company Amyris has been pioneers in the development of sustainable solutions as alternatives to petroleum-sourced products.

The company’s technology is based on it industrial synthetic biology platform which converts plant sugars into a variety of molecules that provide flexible building blocks which can be used in a wide range of products.


Amyris is developing its technology under the No Compromise brand, which will be used in the development of ingredients for cosmetics and fragrances, as well as range of other consumer goods, as well as in lubricants and polymers.

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