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Enfucell electronic cosmetics patch to increase skin permeability

By Michelle Yeomans+

Last updated on 01-Jul-2014 at 12:34 GMT2014-07-01T12:34:05Z

Enfucell electronic cosmetics patch to increase skin permeability

Customized battery supplier Enfucell has teamed up with Spanish start-up, 'The Ionto team' to develop an iontophoretic cosmetics patch they claim will increase skin permeability.

To demonstrate the potential of SoftBattery-assisted products and printed electronics in skin related applications, Enfucell has created a wearable demonstrator with a Finnish manufacturing company Screentec.

According to the creators, the patch is a non-invasive technique based on the application of micro-currents on a localized skin area.

"An incorporated printed SoftBattery and an ionizable gel leads to an increase in skin permeability and faster and more intense absorption of active substances into the skin," Enfucell reps claims.

Enfucell has made a concious effort of late to target the pharmaceutical & cosmetics industries, RFID & microsensors, and 'functional packaging', with a focus in Europe, Australia and South America.

The trend of novel cosmetic delivery systems

The trend for multifunctional products that supply multiple benefits with minimal effort is driving the innovation of a new generation of cosmetic delivery systems.

Cosmetic patches and sophisticated encapsulation systems may provide the answer for future formulation challenges, hosting a new generation of active ingredients.

Liposomes are used to encapsulate ingredients and facilitate their transfer across the skin barrier thereby solving some of the stability challenges experienced when using certain actives.

Furthermore, multiple ingredients can be encapsulated and included in the same formulation without danger of reactions between the ingredients.

New encapsulation technologies will also play a role in one of the most important future delivery trends, namely the controlled release of actives.

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