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Cosmetic chemist sets up online training resource

By Guy Montague-Jones , 02-Apr-2009
Last updated on 02-Apr-2009 at 19:12 GMT2009-04-02T19:12:48Z

Cosmetic chemist and writer Perry Romanowski has launched a training website to inspire innovation in a “stagnant” industry.

The co-author of Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry said the website would be a training resource for both aspiring and working cosmetic chemists as well as scientists with beauty business ideas.

Drawing on 16 years of experience as a cosmetic scientist, Romanowski is developing content for

Encouraging innovation

One of the main aims of the site is to inspire genuine science driven innovation in the cosmetics industry.

Romanowski said: “The cosmetic industry is stagnant. New products are based more on stories than on real innovations.

“It’s up to the scientists in our industry to start embracing true innovation and stop relying so heavily on marketing to set the industry direction.”

Basic training and career help

Romanowski, who runs a basic training course for cosmetics scientists through the SCC, has also identified a real need for introductory training information. will work on filling this basic training gap.

The site will also provide career advice and guidance. Romanowski said scientists were often much better at doing science than building careers and helps give them a helping hand.

It also aims to give college chemistry and biology majors interested in cosmetics a better idea of what working in the industry involves.

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