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Botaneco opens US innovation facility

By Simon Pitman+

Last updated on 10-Aug-2017 at 18:34 GMT2017-08-10T18:34:47Z

Botaneco opens US innovation facility

Canada-based seed oils specialist Botaneco has unveiled its newly opened innovation facility dedicated to skin, hair and sun care, in Lambertville, New Jersey.

The lab and office will support the company’s growing customer base in the US and worldwide and taps into the ever-expanding market for sustainably produced natural-based ingredients.

The lab itself will support formulators who require oleosomes and other oilseed derivatives to create and improve on developing hair and skin care products with product enhancing benefits for consumers.

All about the safflowers

Botaneco lab

Botaneco has built its name as an ingredients suppliers around the oilseeds of the thistle-like safflower, which are extracted and processed at its facility and headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.

“As personal care product innovators move to advance the capabilities of personal care formulas, and at the same time improve the sustainability profile of products, they may now call on the formulation experts at Botaneco in the Garden State,” said James Szarko, President & CEO, Botaneco.

“Our team at the New Jersey Sustainability Center of Excellence offers high-performing prototypes made possible by a single, multifunctional, sustainable technology, such as oleosomes.”

Natural delivery systems

The development team at Botaneco has created an oleosome natural delivery system from the specialized organelle in the seed plants. The inure structure of the oleosome acts as a reservoir of triglycerides and vitamins, which the company research has shown to be surrounded by a phospholipid bilayer and encapsulated by proteins. 

“Through a sustainable process, we isolate natural, multifunctional ingredients from oilseeds that enhance the performance of your personal care products,” said Szarko.

The facility itself has been strategically located to tap into the significant number of cosmetic and personal care players located in the Tri-state/New York metropolitan area, where it is estimated that 70% of the US industry is located.

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