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willa skin care acquired

By Deanna Utroske

Last updated on 11-Oct-2016 at 16:52 GMT2016-10-11T16:52:05Z

willa skin care acquired

Origami Owl bought the tween, teen, and young women’s brand late last month to extend the company’s social selling business into personal care and cosmetics.

Willa Doss and Christy Prunier founded willa “to produce healthy skincare products…that girls would love and moms could trust,” according to a press release about the acquisition.

Explaining why this brand was fit for Origami Owl, co-founder Chrissy Weems tells the press, “We've been so impressed by willa's team, mission and quality of products. Origami Owl has benefited from more than six years of experience, growth and learning in the social selling arena. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to share our momentum with a like-minded company like willa.”

Accessories business

Origami Owl launched 6 years ago as a custom jewelry brand. The Chandler, Arizona – based direct-sales company now employs more than 300 people and has a roster of 40,000+ independent consultants, according to the release.

Through at-home selling events called Jewelry Bars the company’s consultants, or Designers, sell product across the US and Canada. It’s that wide reaching network willa is keen to take advantage of.  

"All of us at willa are thrilled to be joining the Origami Owl Family of Brands," says Annette McEvoy,who joined the company as CEO in April of this year.

"We have complementary visions and goals. We're led by two mother-daughter teams with authentic, beautiful stories. We both believe in high-performing better-for-you beauty for women of all ages who share our mission. This partnership will enable willa to reach a larger social selling audience and share willa's inherent goodness with even more people."

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