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Sirona enters environmental collaboration to develop anti-aging compounds for the future

By Andrew McDougall+

Last updated on 16-Jan-2014 at 17:12 GMT2014-01-16T17:12:38Z

Sirona enters environmental collaboration to develop anti-aging compounds for the future

On the back of its work on anti-aging glycoproteins from Antarctic fish which attracted attention from L’Oréal, Sirona Biochem has now teamed up with Explore Green and environmentalists Jean-Michel and Fabien Cousteau to advance its work.

Jean-Michel Cousteau and Fabien Cousteau are the respective son and grandson of Jacques Cousteau, and will become brand ambassadors for Sirona Biochem. Explore Green will leverage its media, scientific and commercial contacts to broadcast our partnership's alliance and goals.

On top of that, Sirona will contribute its cosmetic and scientific expertise and will become a primary scientific resource for the potential commercialization of new technologies discovered by the Cousteaus, Explore Green and their network.

Future solutions

"Our oceans cover more than 70% of the surface of Earth, yet we have explored less than 5% of it," said Jean-Michel Cousteau.

"The future solutions to human health and our quality of life still remain to be discovered. Sirona Biochem is working to investigate the great resources of our ocean for all mankind. I applaud their effort to learn from the ocean without taking from the ocean."

Goals of the collaboration also include establishing the criteria for an environmentally-friendly product accreditation by Jean-Michel and Fabien Cousteau.

Another goal is to educate multi-national corporations, global consumers and academia that sensitive environments such as oceans and rainforests may be the greatest source of healthcare and therapeutic solutions available to the world; but the challenge is to learn from these sensitive environments without depleting their natural resources.

Anti-aging glycoproteins

Interest in Sirona by the Cousteaus began with a glycoprotein isolated from Antarctic fish that acts as a natural "anti-freeze"; a project that attracted attention from L’Oréal, who filed a field of use patent on the first generation of the compound.

This compound, successfully synthesized by Sirona, has widespread potential use in cosmetics and does not require harvesting any fish - a critical distinction due to rapid fish species depletion caused by over-fishing and other human induced problems.

Sirona's anti-aging glycoprotein will be the first compound assessed using the newly developed criteria in the hopes that it will become the first Cousteau accredited-cosmetic compound in the world.

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