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P&G comes out as one of the world's best multinational companies to work for

By Simon Pitman , 18-Oct-2012
Last updated on 18-Oct-2012 at 11:43 GMT2012-10-18T11:43:25Z

Sweden-based research group Universum has published its list of the most attractive global companies to work for, and it’s Procter & Gamble that comes out as the top rated cosmetic and personal care player.

The Cincinnati-based consumer goods giant came out third in Universum’s recently published global top 50 best businesses to work for, behind Google in the top position and KPMG in the third position.

The market researcher points out that Google has maintained for the top position for the fourth consecutive year, but that P&G reaches the top three for the first time, underlining the fact that multifaceted business careers are becoming increasingly popular.

The report also points out that the fragile global economy has led to increased competition for graduates, which means that the number of career starters vying for a position with the more popular companies on the list is more intense than ever.

Six cosmetic and personal care players make the list

Five other multinationals involved in the cosmetics and personal care arena were also included in the list, which put L’Oréal in 12th position, Johnson & Johnson in 20th, luxury goods specialist LVMH in 25th position, Unilever at number 27 and Pfizer in 47th position.

Universum publishes the list every year, said to be the only global index that indicated employer attractiveness in the world.

The ratings are based on the preferences of over 144,000 career seekers, with either a business or engineering background, from the 12 countries in the world with the strongest economy, which include the US, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, japan, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Canada and Spain.

Shifting demographics lead to big variations in workforce

This year the market researcher says that the shift in demographics in certain countries has been more pronounced than ever, with developing nations such as Brazil, China and India representing a fast growing generation of young professionals.

In other more developed countries, this trend is reversed, with European and North American nations in particular showing a marked trend towards an aging population, likely giving rise to more career opportunities for older workers in the future.

“In a world where top performing employees are becoming a scarce commodity, finding the right people is critical for business success,” said Universum CEO Petter Nylander.

“At a time when low birth and death rates are significantly shifting world demographics, the dilemmas of the 21st century are not only ‘Who will make up the workforce?’, yet more importantly ‘Who will own it?”

For the full list of most attractive global businesses to work for, please click here .

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