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British brand Bulldog expands US range

Last updated on 10-Mar-2014 at 18:34 GMT

British brand Bulldog expands US range

Bulldog, a personal care brand aimed specifically at men, has announced it is expanding its American range with three new products this month; an eye roll-on, a body lotion and a sensitive face wash. 

The company was keen to stress the natural ingredients included in the range.

We’ve delved deep into our natural ingredients vaults to create these new products, so the skincare benefits of avocado, green tea, cocoa butter, Brazilian ginseng, patchouli oil (amongst others) are all present in the new products,” brand representatives told USA.

The company started up in the UK in 2006, responding to a demand ‘natural options’ within the personal care sector for men, the company states.

The male grooming brand launched with an ethical line in the US in 2010 and has since expanded its range to 12 products, including this latest launch. 

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