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OZNaturals features ingredient processing info on the label

By Deanna Utroske

Last updated on 17-Mar-2017 at 15:45 GMT2017-03-17T15:45:10Z

OZNaturals skin care features ingredient cold processing on label

So confident in the value, originality, and novelty of its cold-processed skin care formulations, OZNaturals has created a logo to highlight this feature of its products—a move that puts the indie brand on the leading edge of a transparent manufacturing trend.

While cold processing is used to produce many single ingredients as well as finished products, OZNaturals is making its full portfolio cold process and believes it may be the first personal care company of its kind to do so: “We are excited to be the first skincare brand to bring this safe and highly efficacious process to our products,” Angela Irish, co-founder and president of OZNaturals says in a recent media release.

“My vision for OZNaturals was to create a skincare line which would surpass all traditional brands currently on the market, with completely non-toxic, natural formulas that were affordable. With our new cold process formulations and our Biopreserve Complex, we achieve that vision and offer consumers the most natural and safe skincare that truly works for all types of skin.”

The merchandise

The OZNaturals product portfolio spans skin care, body care, and sun care. There are 19 products in the collection, ranging from serums to toners, and from exfoliants to masks and moisturizers.

Cleansers, eye treatments, sunscreens, and body products are also part of the collection. The company prides itself on being a so-called clean and natural brand; so none of the formulations contain gluten, fragrance, parabens, GMO ingredients, petrochemicals, phthalates, or sulfates.  

It’s all part of the brand ethos, one that’s focused on what’s healthful over what’s harmful, as Craig Romero, co-founder and CEO, tells Cosmetics Design.

The method

Cold processing was chosen because it ensures that “the active ingredients...remain fresh and highly potent as intended with less skin irritation,” according to the OZNaturals media release.

And making it possible to create the full product collection using cold processes took some doing, according to Romero. He tells Cosmetics Design that before the company could move ahead with its plan, the company and its manufacturing partner had to convert a full lab to be cold-process capable.

In fact, the company, which launched in 2013, has only just this week begun rolling out the new all cold-processed collection. These new formulations also feature the “patent-pending Biopreserve Complex, a natural mineral complex system developed by OZNaturals scientists which supports the skin’s natural processes, and eliminates the need for traditional, harmful preservatives,” according to the media release. Overall, Romero says, the products are 97% - 98% natural.

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